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I had to work the Super Bowl, no not in Arizona, at my normal job. I got off work right when the half started (CST) ran to the store for supplies, picked up the 5 flavors of Wings I had pre-ordered at lunch and jetted to the house! The wife had recorded the game and avoided any ongoings, so I got to stay up and watch the entire game while avoiding Facebook and Twitter.

1. I was a bit worried when the Hoodie punted on fourth and 1, the Seahawks got a TON of breaks in that game, from the running into the punter saving them a first down at midfield, to again, PUNTING ON FOURTH AND ONE, to the circus catches (plural) including the biggie at the end, not only on the defender, but the other player not swatting the ball out of bounds while bounding over. Say what you will about the final drive, but the Seahawks got their share of breaks.

Fiat2. The Commercials kinda sucked. The only one that was really awesome was the Fiat one with the Viagra. The Doritos commercials were probably the other two on the medal stand. I didn’t have a problem with the Nationwide commercial, It did its job, got people talking about it. Not really something that insurance can help with, but it got people talking. Maybe had they married it with how they have a program to child-proof a house. I do feel that the UFC should have done something with the Fight Like a Girl commercial. As a father of 3 girls, I can see the point, but Rousey should have been involved in that.

1977275_10100386827167672_2881774836775031815_n3. For all the mess that has been made about the decision to pass, lets keep in mind that Brady ran up 2 TDs in the fourth. Brady also completed 8 straight passes on that last drive. Lets also keep in mind had the second and goal pass been thrown a third of a second sooner, he would have caught the ball and scored. For all the deserved shit that Pete Carroll is getting, Wilson still threw a bad ball.

4. I do love how Richard Sherman was calling out Revis- Sherman allowed 1 catch for 6 yards in single coverage. Revis allowed 1 catch for 3. It was for a touchdown on a pick play. I hate that play. If I was a OC, I would chip off the ref on each and every passing down.

5. It was awfully nice of Katy Perry to keep the tradition of not having anyone thats been relevant for the past 10 years during the halftime show.

What? Guess when “Get your Freak on” was a hit- 2001. “Lose control” was . . .2005. Thank you for playing. “American Woman” was 2000 as well. How Lenny Kravitz is a “Rock Legend” I have no idea.

Katy Perry6. Katy Perry had an awesome show.

The only thing I didn’t like is when the director decided he had to show a low angle and reveal how the lion was moving. Kabuki is awesome, but its not exactly SuperBowl halftime acts. But she put on a show that for once, I was not fast forwarding. That stage was damn breathtaking. Its like they took the screen down from JerryWorld, and laid it on the field so Katy could dance on it.

7. I don’t get why you show movie promos, not like we won’t see it a thousand times before the movie hits. Ted 2 looks like its gonna be awesome. T5 looks like its going to save the franchise. The wife can’t wait for Step it Up 2, and is counting down the days for 50 Shades of Grey the same way I’m counting down the days to Avengers 2.

In an unrelated note, I have 5 kids.

8. The refs LET THEM PLAY.

I don’t know if it was on purpose, and I mentioned the running into the punter already, but there was a TON of non-calls in the game. There is always a bunch of missed holdings and downfield contact, but in this game there were guys damn near getting tackled on some plays that never got flagged.

9. On the other hand, I was happy to not see all the begging for flags after every play, well, until Seattle’s last drive, then the constant whining starting coming out, and the sour-fighting started. Stay classy Seattle. I don’t think Seattle is going to have a very good year next year. Plenty of players were tossing Pete Carroll under the bus, and that’s not going to go over well, plus there are a LOT of contracts coming open in the next two years. I think we are really going to see what Wilson is worth without all that extra cap money to pay other players laying around now.

Brady vs MOntana10. A lot was made about Tom Brady catching Joe Montana for TD passes. Less was made about the fact that Brady has been in 7 Super Bowls, and Joe was in only 4. Even less mentioned was the fact that Joe never threw a pick in his 4 super bowl wins. Brady threw 2 in this game alone.
I’m fine with saying Brady is the best QB of the true Free Agent era, but better than Montana? I don’t think so. Top QBs? I never saw Otto Graham play, but might want to check the guys with the most titles. I also hate when people say “Oh he couldn’t play today” then explain Jim Brown to me. He was the size of a defensive lineman of his day. How about Bill Russell? How many low-post centers we got in the NBA that are 6-9, 225 pounds? You know what does mean something? Year after Year after year of Rushing Titles, more rings than you have fingers. Brady is a great QB, but don’t claim he’s the GOAT because he’s the best right now.



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  1. I keep going to the ‘Hawks “last pass” — the one that got picked on the goal line. Yeah, it was a bad play to call at that point even though though if the timing were even a fraction of a second different it would have worked as planned.

    But how did the Patriots “know” that the ‘Hawks were going to pass (as they claimed)? I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories. I am, however, suspicious of extra sensory perception, particularly by those who have previously been fined for stealing opponents signals. I wonder if sufficient attention has been given to the possibility of shenanigans by the Patriots.

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