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Welcome to the Super Bowl picks! I’m going to do this one a bit differently, and I’ll put whom the panel said would win, along with their records in both the regular season and playoffs. If you are interested, Steve, Bill and David had the best playoff record of those that picked every game, going 7-3, but Archie went 5-1- missing a round.

sea-seahawks-helmetPicking the Seahawks

Joe: ( Season 166-87-1, 4th Place, Playoffs 5-5) I think Seattle is going to do a “Giants” on the Patriots… be able to bother Brady just enough to throw him off his game, and, Seattle will score just enough to win the game… just like the Giants did to the Patriots twice already. I, also, expect to see at least one, and, maybe, two scores by the Seattle defense.

Earl: (Season 164-89-1, 5th Place) Read his pick here

DJ: ( Season 154-99-1 6th Place, Playoffs 5-5) The Patriots DeFlategate will affect them and in a bad way, Seattle wins the game and repeats.

ne-patriots-helmetPicking the Patriots

Archie: ( Season 169-84-1 3rd Place, Playoffs 5-1) I am going out on a short limb and go with the underdogs in the Patriots.

I started my paragraph beginning with taking the Seahawks and everything I kept coming up with as to why they would win I readily rebutted looking at the Patriots.

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense will put up enough points to win. Why? I think that the Patriots Defense will make enough plays on 3rd down to keep giving Tom the ball back.

The Patriots defense shut down a pretty good Colts offense while the Seahawks have not shut down anyone in the playoffs this postseason.

I know that deflate-gate is a distraction but it might just be the one difference or edge that makes a difference. The Patriots will come out firing with a chip on their shoulder and we all know just a slight edge is all Belichick and Brady need in a game.

Patriots 31 Seahawks 27

Bill: ( Season 170-83-1 T1st place, Playoffs 7-3) Why? “Deflate-gate” or not, they’ve been solid and winning in regular fashion all season against quality opponents. Their defense has also been very good and is far better than that of Indy. Tom Brady is clutch and Seattle’s defense isn’t going to be able to contain his efficiency or accuracy no matter who’s on the field. Russell Wilson struggled mightily against Green Bay and it took some late game heroics and a lot of luck for them to be playing in this game. New England earned their trip outright. This will likely turn out to be a good game but I still expect the Patriots to come out on top.

Steve: ( Playoffs 7-3)  With all the controversy surrounding the Patriots with the “Defategate” New England’s head may not be completely focused on the game. That is what some experts will say. However, this is Tom Brady we are talking about who has more experience in a Super Bowl than anyone that I can think of off the top of my head. Seattle has not looked great and really should not even be in this game. New England can run, and have the guys on the front line to contain Lynch. This will be close, but I like the Patriots 30-27.

Jim: ( Season 147-90-1 7th Place, Playoffs 6-4) New England.  Big.  Seattle is happy to get back.  The Patriots are on an absolute mission. Brady has a monster chip on his shoulder about early in the season when ALL the experts called him washed up. He will punish Seattle all game.  The air pressure controversy only inspires him more.  This game is over before it even begins.

Jane ( Playoffs 7-3)  Also takes the Pats

David: ( Season 170-83-1 T1st place, Playoffs 7-3)  Quite often a game like this comes down to who is playing the best game. Lets look at the Pats. Had 2 dramatic comebacks vs the Ravens, but we left that game knowing that the Patriots were the better team. They smashed the Colts- deflategate or no deflategate, and look like a steamroller. Now the Seahawks. The beat the Panthers, who were only missing their best pass rusher (all season) but also lost their best run stopper the week before to a broken foot. They still outgained the Seahawks and that vaunted defense, and until the TAINT, was still in that game. Then the next week, you can’t convince me that the Seahawks were the best team that day- the Packers just couldn’t beat the three-headed monster of the clock, luck and cowardice. 4 times you have 4th and 1 and you don’t go for it, you have the ball twice under 4 minutes and a lead and do nothing, and you almost have as many takeaway as points at one time. Thats a dominant run? I’m taking the Pats, 35-19


super bowl 49

The Panel takes the Patriots 6-3

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