MMA Roundtable: 1/31 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! Forgive my tardiness, but lets get to talking about UFC 183, and the UFC on Fox Fallout!

1. Did UFC on Fox 14 deliver?Fight night Guffy vs Rumble

Roni: It depends if you were there or not.
It must have sucked that every home fighter lost that night (plus Hendo).
But I can’t say that the fights were bad. There were some terrible early/late stoppages, but these are not the fighter’s fault.

David: I would say so. We got a solid KO from Rumble, possibly the end of the Hendo Era, and Phil Davis being Phil Davis. The home crowd might not have been happy, but have we ever had half the main card losers retire?

2. Are you more excited for Johnson/Jones than you would have been for Guffy/Jones 2?

Roni: Not really, no.
I think the only one excited that it was not Gus was Jon.
That doesn’t mean i am not excited to see AJ get the title shot, but I do think Gus should have fought for the belt instead of getting AJ. Now look what happened!
Jon’s biggest challenger is not out of the picture…

David: Not even close. Rumble has a solid striking game, but little to no ground game. Jones is hard to hit, and Rumble is not going to get Jones off him once they hit the ground. Guffy has the reach, the standup defense to push Jones, I don’t think Rumble has any of that, other than getting that solid shot to Jones’ chin. I’m trying to remember the last guy to drop Jon on his ass.

3. What’s wrong with Phil Davis?phil davis

Roni: He does not have a standup game. If he can’t take you down, he loses the fight. Plain and simple.

David: Go back and watch Phil vs Guffy, or any of his earlier fights. Its the SAME GUY.

4. Silva vs Diaz, who you got?

Roni: Silva. All the way.
But I don’t want to see a title shot right away. That I don’t like!!!
First of all because Jacare or Machida & Luke winner deserves more.
Second because I think SIlva need to grow his confidence back. And beating a WW in Diaz, who’s coming of two losses should not be your confidence boost!

David: I don’t think Diaz has one punch stopping power, not even close to the power that Anderson has shrugged off repeatedly. I don’t think the ground game matters unless Anderson wants it to get there.

5.  Excitement level for UFC 183?UFC 183

Roni: I give it a 7!
This is a very solid card, but nothing truly extraordinary, apart from Silva’s comeback.
This card though, is the type of card that even if they lose any fight of the main card, it remains a solid card.
That’s how good I think it is.

David: I want to see Sara McMann come back. I want to see Uncle Creepy. But the Al Iaquinta bout should be fun against the Bonus Machine himself, Joe Lauzon. Kelvin vs Tyron is going to be a fun fight, and I can’t wait to see if Kelvin is still jumping up by leaps and bounds. Plus, I have said that I never thought this bout was going to come to pass, I don’t think Diaz has a chance, but the thought of seeing Diaz facedown on the canvas just will make me happy.

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