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Its time to debate the latest ongoings of the WWE and Professional Wrestling. With the Fallout of the Royal Rumble, What does the panel have to say about Roman Reigns winning the Rumble, and what do you do with Daniel Bryan?

Here is this weeks Power 5 Rankings. 

1. Brock Lesner- After an incredible performance in the Triple Threat Championship match. How can you not put Brock at the top of the rankings. After suffering a broken rib, he comes back and takes the victory.

2. Roman Reigns- Lets hear you Philly fans. Despite the controversy, Roman Reigns is your Royal Rumble winner, and deserves to be at the #2 spot. Is he ready for Wrestlemania?

3. Seth Rollins- After a lengthy stay at #1, Seth falls two spots, but he still had a great performance in the championship match. We have not seen the last of Seth Rollins in the main event picture.

4. Bray Wyatt- This years holder for longest time in the Royal Rumble, the way he was eliminated still makes me sick. Bray may be ready for a big push in the WWE.

5. Rusev- Also had a great performance in the Royal Rumble match, finishing as the runner-up. His feud with Cena may be the make or break for the big Russian’s career.

This week in professional wrestling:

Hulkamania was born in 1984 when Hogan defeated the Iron Shiek at Madison Square Garden. 

In 1997, the NWO had their first Pay Per View called Sould Out. 

Shawn Michaels became the second person ever to win back to back Royal Rumbles in 1996. 


Now on to the questions for this week. 



Buy or Sell: Roman Reigns as the Royal Rumble winner,  and main eventing Wrestlemanina XXXI

Steve: I am buying this, and I am probably in the minority. I was anxious to see how Roman Reigns would fair the day after the Rumble. I was convinced that he is ready for the big time. He has everything on his side, except maybe the fans. Let’s be realistic here. This was the plan all along for the past six or seven months to give Reigns a chance to be the top guy. He matches up well against Lesnar, and I think we are going to see a great match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. The stand-off to end Raw is Stamford on Monday really got me intrigued on this match at Wrestlemania, just so long as they continue to book it right.

Josh: Sell – The guy is not ready.  He took a step forward on RAW, confronting Brock Lesnar, but overall, I have just not seen enough good out of him to really buy in yet.  There are guys out there who are more than ready for this opportunity, Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Wade Barrett, Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, just to name a few.  Reigns is far behind that list of talent as far as development goes.  He needs loads of polishing in the ring, and HAS to get better on the mic.  Things could change between now and WM, but unless they do change, and drastically, I do not see Reigns holding the title for very long, if he even wins it at all.

Eric: At first I would have said Sell Roman Regins as winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing Wrestlemania,  but after watching RAW on Monday night I’m kinda interested to see where this feud between him and Lesnar is going to go. I think with the right build, I think those two could have a decent match for the main event of wrestlemania.  So I still stick by my choice of sell Roman Regins as the winner of the Royal Rumble due to I didn’t want him to win but I’ll buy him in the main event of Wrestlemania against Lesnar because let’s face it wrestling fans it could be a lot worse.

Chad: Sell, Sell, Sell… It’s amazing what can change in a year; last year everyone was upset when Batista eliminated Reigns to win and now that Reigns wins people are still upset and so am I. I would not be so disappointed if WWE had not gone out of its’ way to hype the return of Daniel Bryan to the rumble I don’t think the backlash would have been as bad. Personally having held Bryan back until after the rumble would have made Reigns’ win more acceptable. I am not looking forward to a Reigns vs Lesnar main event I feel like that a big man vs big man main event would slow Wrestlemania pace down. It just feels like a Lesnar vs Goldberg build up all over again


Buy or Sell: The Philadelphia fans reacting to the Rumble event.

Steve: I am going to sell this. Now I get it, fans pay their hard earned money to attend an event, and they have every right to boo or cheer anyone that they would like. Here is the deal though, the fans in Philadelphia are nothing but Hippocrates. When Roman Reigns came out of the crowd, everyone went absolutely nuts. They were really excited to see Reigns in this match. Then they began to turn on him throughout the match and when he won the Rumble, the reaction was pathetic. The real crime here was how the WWE booked this match by having Daniel Bryan compete in the Rumble match. After he announced he would be in the match, he was highly expected to win the match and go on to Wrestlemania for the championship. Nothing against Daniel Bryan, I respect him a lot, but Reigns deserves this shot, and Vince, along with the writers want to see what he can do. This in no way says that D-Bryan is out of the title picture. So Philly fans should just shut up and let the story play out.

Josh: Buy – The crowd reaction was palpable.  I could actually feel the vitriol the crowd was throwing through my television.  If WWE was not going to have Daniel Bryan win, why bring him back at all?  You don’t.  Whoever booked the rumble this year should be fired.  If you don’t bring back Bryan, then the fans don’t bat an eye when Reigns wins.  And the way that Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt were eliminated were like Vince McMahon just gave the WWE Universe the big double middle fingers.  Seriously, it is like he said to the universe, “Look at your heroes, I will just dump them out like trash.”  WWE Creative needs to get past what VInce wants, and needs to focus on what the fans want.  I mentioned this in a previous Roundtable.  It isn’t that the faces have to win every match, but you cannot just bury them like that, constantly, over and over and over again. You are asking for rebellion every single time you do that.  The Philly crowd is just going to inspire more rowdy crowds.  Just imagine the next time WWE hits Chicago, or Madison Square Garden….None of the major markets are going to take Vince’s BS.  I expect much more of the same.


Eric:  Buy, the Philly crowd on Sunday at the rumble was hot all night.  From the opening bell to the end of the show. There were times where they cheered who the liked and booed who they hated. That’s what being a wrestling fan is all about. You cheer for the ones you like and the ones you hate, you boo them like crazy. I think the crowd was very pumped up and they were ready for a show. So no matter how they reacted, they paid their hard earned money to cheer and boo who ever they wanted. I think they were a great crowd on Sunday.

Chad: I will definitely buy the crowd’s reaction to the Rumble event. I definitely feel like to have a rumble outcome that is not wanted for the second year in a row gave the Philly crowd to react the way that they did. I believe are just some cities where this year’s outcome should not have pulled in addition to Philly; Namely Chicago and New York. Had the Rumble been somewhere like Des Moines, Iowa or Phoenix, Arizona there would have been some outcry; But not to the extent of the ECW style Philly Crowd; Daniel Bryan maybe even Dolph Ziggler would have been more along the style of wrestler that crowd would want to win the Royal Rumble

Buy or Sell: The Ascension

Steve: I sell the Ascension, they have not proven anything to me in their short tenure in the WWE. They have not even impressed me one bit. They have victories over sub-par teams, and a team that is probably pushing 50 years old. Then they were completely embarrassed on Raw two weeks ago by a few legends. I don’t anticipate much from these guys, and they are proving so far to be not up to the hype.

Josh: I still have to wait and see – I soo want to be able to Buy here, but they have not shown us ANYTHING worth any value.  They had a golden opportunity to shine at the Royal Rumble, against one of the best working tag teams of any era, and they squandered it.  I think the Ascension is marked for a title shot soon, but unless they step up their game, they are going to be a flash in the pan, gone before you know it, coulda, shoulda, woulda, has-been team.

Eric: Sell, at first I was kinda excited to see the Ascension coming up to the main roster.  I thought ok here we go another tag team and more tag team action but ever since they have been brought up they haven’t shown me that they can go. All they have done is destroy basically no names with the exception of the New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble (which that is what they were set out to do). I wanna see how these guys could do in a match against an actual established tag team and have a tag team match and not just a 30 second beat down and pin. I may change my opinion after seeing how they do against like the USOs or even the Dust brothers but for now my answer is Sell.

Chad: I’m going to say buy because I feel like there is something there to lead into Mania with even though that their competition has been jobbers and a tag team 10 years past their prime. I am buying on their success in NXT with their reign but they will have to prove something in the future against something of a established WWE tag team

With Daniel Bryan not winning the Royal Rumble, how do you book him at Wrestlemania?

Steve: First and foremost, you DO NOT insert him into the championship match with Brock and Roman. Daniel Bryan should be booked against Seth Rollins and that could start an amazing feud between the two. Keep in mind, Rollins still holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, and has become a main eventer. A feud with Bryan and Rollins would keep both in the main event picture and could have a match that would steal the show at Wrestlemania, and quite possibly set up matches for the WWE Championship down the road.

Josh: I don’t know.  I fear he will be permenantly relegated to the mid-card, which is absolutely way below the place he belongs.  Look for him to possibly be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, or in some other midcard feud, possibly against the likes of Jack Swagger or Tyson Kidd.  Now, if you ask me how he SHOULD be booked, easy – You put him in the main event one on one with Brock Lesnar.  You find some way for Reigns to lose his spot, screw-job by the authority, injury, etc, and it goes to the man that should have gotten it at the Rumble.  As Bryan said on RAW, it would be the ultimate David and Goliath story, and seeing DB be able to tame the Beast would send that Wrestlemania crowd home electrified, no doubt in my mind.

Eric: That is a tough one. I like many other people was hoping to see Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event Wrestlemania but it doesn’t look like that will happen.  So now where does Daniel Bryan go from here?  I personally think that he can still have a match of the night at wrestlemania. I’d like to see him face possibly Dolph Ziggler. First of all, I’d put the IC title back on Ziggler and have D. Bryan come out and say he was robbed of a title match at wrestlemania then Ziggler comes put and says it may not be the world heavyweight title but I’ll give you a title match at wrestlemania.  I think those two could steal the show(no pun intended) and have a classic wrestlemania bout and also that could bring more prestige and honor back to the IC title. I like many other fans would agree those 2 together and you got something special on your hands.

Chad: I am not really sure how you book D-Bry at Wrestlemania a year after he won two matches and walked as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Right now the rumor is him facing Sheamus for a 3rd time at WM (27 and 28). As much as I respect these two competitors they are not Rock/Austin or Taker/HHH as 3-time WM opponents. I would rather see Bryan against Seth Rollins so that he can go after the Authority with possibly the briefcase on the line

Was Raw being cancelled a good thing for the WWE to help recover from the Royal Rumble fallout?

Steve: They got lucky that is for sure. The backlash that they would have sustained with a crazy Connecticut crowd after the Rumble all but disappointed many fans of the WWE. I think mother nature did the WWE a favor, and gave them time to regroup. I think putting Lesnar and Reigns face to face, really gave a little hype to the match at Wrestlemania, so they could save face, and give the fans an idea what they are trying to do with having Brock vs Roman. Like I said before, I think we are in for a great match. Roman had two pretty good interviews, which has been his downfall so far. With a little work, he will develop into a major superstar, and a great WWE Champion presumably at Wrestlemania. This really gave the WWE a head start.

Josh: I think it probably helped a bit, however I think, as stated above, crowd displeasure with creative choices will spread.  Eventually the WWE brass will have to listen and give the crowds what they wanted.  You would have thought they would have learned their lesson last year at the Royal Rumble….but they keep spitting in the fan’s faces, eventually the fans will spit back, and I think we are reaching that point.  With #CancelWWENetwork trending number one on twitter world-wide, the WWE better end up listening.  If even half of the people that tweeted that actually cancel their WWE Network subscriptions, that will be millions of subscribers, and that many more millions of dollars out of Vince’s pocket.  That is the only way for the WWE Universe to eventually get through to McMahon, hit him in his pocket.

Eric: Oh mother nature,  the one thing you can never be a 100 percent sure on when doing something live. This past Monday Night RAW was different that’s for sure. I like many fans were excited as I always am on Mondays for RAW when I got the text message from WWE text service saying RAW was cancelled due to weather but there would still be a show.  I think it did help the WWE recover from the Royal Rumble,  it gave me a chance to rewatch the 2 big matches which big props to everyone in the triple threat match,  was a hell of a match. Also it gave us a chance to hear from D. Bryan, Roman Regins,  Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins.  All good promos. Also we saw WWE start to plant the seed for the main event of Wrestlemania.  At first I wasn’t interested in seeing it at all,  but after watching RAW on Monday I wanna see what the WWE has planned for this feud. It could get good.

Chad: I actually thought it was a nice change of pace for a post-PPV show without a crowd to do a recap and lead into the the company’s biggest PPV Wrestlemania. I found it to be a way to build things up and provide a way to setup a match a Cena vs Rusev match for the Fast Lane even in February and a stare down between Wrestlemania champ and challenger.

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  1. Hey yo, good post guys. Thanks for letting me be a part of it last week. That’s Good insight on booking D-Bry, at Wrestlemania against Seth Rollins. That would be a hell of a match.

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