NBA Roundtable 1/27 Edition

Its NBA Roundtable time. This week we discuss the trade deadline, All Star Snubs, and of course it would not be a discussion without throwing Kobe Bryant in the mix.

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Do you expect this to be a busy trade deadline?
Bill: I expect there to be some activity seeing as many teams could use a player or two to bolster their team and make a bid at a stretch run into the playoffs. That said, I don’t expect any more movement than usual. A couple of players here and there but no significant moves. I’m hoping my Suns don’t make a stupid move and send Gerald Green elsewhere. If they do, it shows that they don’t have as much value in his ability to score as is believed. He’s a key piece to that team now and they need to show they believe in him even though his contract is expiring this season. If they do make that move, I hope he kills them every chance he gets. He deserves a long term shot and PHX is the perfect place for it. Same goes for Miles Plumlee but to a lesser degree. 
Steve: With the competition so intense in the NBA and so many teams are going to be pushing for a playoff berth. I don’t think this will be a very busy trade deadline. There are going to be a few moves by some major players, but the big boys are already pretty much established, and ready to compete for a championship. I could see Portland making a push for a key player, and could see the Bulls make a trade to try and bolster their offense.
David: I don’t see it, with the cap expecting to jump, and the fact that contracts are shorter, there just isn’t a reason to start a bunch of moves. I can see this going for more quality than quantity.
Will Kobe Bryant hurt his legacy if his career points per game drops too low in his chase for Kareem’s record?
Bill:  No. Bryan’t legacy is firmly planted and chasing Jabbar’s record amounts to a fool’s errand. There’s simply no point beyond ego. Although he should be proud of his accomplishments to this point, Bryant would love nothing more than to upstage every NBA great who came before him by placing his name atop the list. However, seeing the recent developments surrounding his season ending rotator cuff injury, Bryant has bigger and more important things to worry about than his name on the all time scoring list.
Steve: Kobe’s legacy is going to be fine no matter if he breaks the record or not. He is a multiple time champion, and really has nothing to prove. I have never been a big fan of Kobe, but I think he will be just fine, record or no record.
David: I don’t think his legacy has anywhere to go. Second best 2-guard? Top 8 player? I don’t think hanging on for the next 5 years and killing his per-game average matters, nor does getting Kareem’s record.
Do the Minnesota Timberwolves need to move Rubio?
Bill: No. It would appear that their backcourt of the future is already in place, so perhaps it’s time to part with the past/present and get on with rebuilding. Rubio has little appeal beyond his passing skills, but that doesn’t mean a team won’t be willing to jump at a chance to acquire him if the opportunity presents itself. That said, I still believe Rubio is best served by remaining in Minnesota. Besides, one has to truly wonder at what the market would bring for him at this point.
Steve: It really depends on who they would get for him. There are a few teams that would trade for a player like Rubio, but they will not over pay for him, as he has not really proven himself as a star power for any team. He would add something to some team if the price was right.
David: I do think ts time for him to move on. He doesn’t fit well with Wiggins, and its going to hurt his development trying to cover him defensively. You know who would mesh well in Minny? That PG in Cleveland.
With the All Star Game rosters being announced, were there any snubs in your opinion?
Bill: As far as starters go, I think the selection of Kobe Bryant is a laughable and ridiculous choice. It goes to show that fan voting is an absolutely ridiculous idea and will never truly reward the players who genuinely deserve a chance to play on that stage. Kobe Bryant is an exceptional talent, but his time has come and gone. He is no longer the player he once was and thus should be relegated to that of a backup role. The player who SHOULD be starting in his place is, without a doubt, James Harden.
Steve: No way should Kobe Bryant be a starter, let alone a member of the All Star Team. Harden is having an MVP type season so how is he not a starter. In the East, I don’t understand how you leave Jimmy Butler of the Bulls off the All Star roster. Maybe not as a starter, but most definitely should be on this team.
David: You could make a case for Kemba Walker, but Jimmy Bulter is the biggest snub by far.
With LaMarcus Aldridge out for 6-8 weeks with a broken thumb. Can the Trail Blazers recover from this and remain a top team in the West without him?
Bill: I was at the Suns/Blazers game and let me tell you that it was a welcomed sight to not see LaMarcus Aldridge in uniform and cutting up my beloved Suns. With him out, they ran up a 25 point lead before giving it all back in the second half. Had he been in the game, it’s hard to say how it would have gone… but I can’t imagine the Suns finishing with the same end result. Aldridge has developed into quite a force for the Blazers and he will undoubtedly be missed; that said, I still feel that they have a good number of weapons at their disposal to stay near the top tier in the Western Conference. It won’t be easy, but I’m sure it can and will be done. If they end up suffering an injury to another key player, then all bets are off and their standing will end up suffering for it. There are still a lot of games yet to be played, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all ends up.
Steve: Well with the fact that Aldridge appears to be playing through this injury as he will not further injure it, this kind of eliminates this question. However, in the event they lose him for part of the season, the Blazers are in trouble because they are a sub 500 team without him in the game. He seems to be playing well with the injury and so long as he can keep up the pace, Portland is fine.
David: The Blazers need to worry less about the win totals and more about the matchups they are going to have. I don’t think they have the horses to really move to the top of the West, but deciding who is their first round opponent? That they can do.

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  1. Do you expect this to be a busy trade deadline? Only for teams trying to dump salary to contenders looking for upgrades. See: Knicks/Nets

    Will Kobe Bryant hurt his legacy if his career points per game drops too low in his chase for Kareem’s record? Was MJ’s legacy hurt playing far too long in Washington?

    Do the Minnesota Timberwolves need to move Rubio? They need to move him. He can’t stay healthy and is just going to be in the way of developing their young talent. However, I seriously doubt they can get much for him given his limited skillset.

    With the All Star Game rosters being announced, were there any snubs in your opinion? We won’t know until Thursday, when the backups are announced. Jeff Teague better be in there.

    With LaMarcus Aldridge out for 6-8 weeks with a broken thumb. Can the Trail Blazers recover from this and remain a top team in the West without him? I can see them falling to the lower seeds, but I’d find it hard to believe if they fell out entirely.

    Bill: We’re coming for you.

    Sincerely, Anthony Davis.

  2. Yes, I do feel MJ dinged his legacy in Washington. He looked . . . mortal. Even at his early days in Chicago, you just knew as soon as Jordan got the right system/coach/teammate/skill, he would be a monster- then he became one- then he became human for the first time.

  3. Got a potential future NBART question for ya’ll… it’s a two-parter: Has the Russky in Brooklyn done more damage to the Nets than Isiah did to the Knicks? And, who recovers, from the debacle both teams have become, first?

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