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As always I leave the questions up to you fans, and I will do the best I can to find the answer. I will try and open it up a little bit and extend to TNA, Ring of Honor, and so forth. So anything that you have, feel free to ask away. You can ask on Twitter @StephanHall or #ask7pound. You can comment below, or you can email me directly at swhall03@gmail.com.

This week we ask about the Briscoes in Ring of Honor. We ask about giving Hacksaw Jim Duggan a push, and we discuss the WWE Hall of Fame.

But first, I know you have been waiting all wee for this. It is time for David’s Top 10 Tag teams. This is one of my favorite segments, as even I don’t know the answer always, so it makes my brain work. Lets go back to last weeks question.

# 6. How great was this team? One member has a major tag team “strategy” named after him.

Who are we? We are…………………………….

Rock and Roll ExpressThe Rock and Roll Express

The role of “playing Ricky Morton” damn near is part of every tag team match the past 30+ years . . .and counting.

Now here is the #5 tag team as far as David is concerned.

My highest ranked team where a member won a major world title- in fact both men ended up winning a world title. Both men also won tag gold with other partners that were better than they were, but they were never better than when they were together. They started out talking about visiting a monster PPV when they were kids, and one man won the tag title with the main event of that event.

Answer below fans. I think I may have an idea on this one.

On to the questions this week.

Jack from Indiana asks a little Ring of Honor:

Why have the Briscoes never been involved with the WWE and stuck in ROH?



A few years ago it was announced that the Brisco brothers were going to receive a try out match with the WWE. This was going to be a big step in the carrer and possibly cemented their legacy as a top tag team in professional wrestling,  however due to Jay going on twitter and making homophobic comments the WWE didn’t want anything to do with that. So they had decided to retract their offer to the Brisco brothers and the rest is history bit it makes you wonder if Jay hadn’t open his mouth, what would have happened with the Briscos?

Jesse from the Lonestar state asks about the tough guy:

Was there ever a plan to push Hacksaw Jim Duggan to a championship reign after winning the Royal Rumble in 1988?


Not so much a push as far as being a main event star or anything. Hacksaw takes pride in being the first ever Royal Rumble match winner after he threw the One Man Gang over the top rope to claim the victory. The problem lies simply with this; The WWE really did not have the idea to run with the Royal Rumble for as long as it has gone one. When it debuted in 1988, it was really supposed to be a one time event. So the idea that the Royal Rumble winner would go on to bigger and better things really was not in the cards. If you recall, the original Royal Rumble was just a simple Battle Royal, they had many of those in the 80’s won by numerous wrestlers. The first Rumble only consisted of twenty men. The decided that the popularity of the event later on in the year that they should give it its own pay per view, which they did in 1989. Big John Studd won the match and they had planned on Studd to actually go on and start a main event feud with Hulk Hogan after Wrestlemania. However, Studd’s back was acting up, and he was not able to fulfull that obligation.

As far as Hacksaw goes, there were no plans to put a title on him after the Royal Rumble, but just keep him as a top mid-carder.

David (yes tag team David) from Louisiana has an opinion based question for me:

Should Wrestlers who are not doing well (health wise) be given first priority into the Hall of Fame?


That really depends on who we are talking about. One can only assume that the Warrior was not in very good shape, and made a mends with the WWE before his untimely death just three days after accepting the Hall of Fame induction. I would agree with that because I simply feel that the Ultimate Warrior was a Hall of Fame worthy candidate. Now, if someone is on the decline health wise, and was not really a top tier wrestler, then no I don’t give them special consideration in the Hall of Fame. Let’s say for example a wrestler like Christian came out and said that he was really sick. Now granted, an argument can be made for Christian to be in the Hall of Fame based on his accomplishments in the ring throughout his career. I personally do not put him on my ballot, because I never saw him as a Hall of Famer, like his partner Edge. So the question would rise, should he be given first priority? I vote No, but I would bet the farm that the WWE would say otherwise.

All in all, it would really just depend on who we were talking about. The Hall of Fame needs to be reserved for those actually deserving to be there, not a pity party. Which is why I personally would get rid of the celebrity wing, as it has no place in the Hall of Fame.

Aaron from “somewhere around Chicago” asks about the Total Package:

Why did Lex Luger leave WWE for WCW after having some success for three years in the WWE?


It is pretty simple really. Luger basically said F You to the WWE and Vince McMahon. It has been said by Luger that Vince had promised him a chance to hold the WWF title, presumably winning it at Wrestlemania X. He was also promised that he alone would face Yokozuna at Wrestlemania X, instead of having co-winners of the Royal Rumble in 1994. So alot of false promises led Luger to go back to his roots and back to WCW, where Im sure at that point in time in 1995, Ted Turner, and Eric Bischoff were able to pay and likely promise Luger the farm to jump ship from the WWE, and really stick it to Vince McMahon. That is exactly what he did. He actually told Vince that he was going to resign with the WWF a mere week before he left, so this left a sour taste in the mouth of Vince and that is probably why you have not seen Luger’s name even mentioned for the Hall of Fame.

Jonathan from Madison Wisconsin asks a great interpromotional question:

Has there ever been a match between the WWE champion vs the WCW Champion Pre Invasion era? Like back in the day?


Yes, it has happened a few times. Harley Race faced Bob Backlund in a champion vs champion match, and also Backlund faced Flair when he was NWA champion. Back in the day when there were territories, they frequently had cross promotional matches. Vince McMahon Sr, was actually on the board of directors for the NWA, as were many other promoters in the industry. WWE was not the giant back then as they are now. You will never see a match between the WWE champion and TNA champion or ROH champion. It just would not happen that way. But yes, this occurred fairly frequently and on television.




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