MMA Roundtable: 1/23 Edition


Welcome to the MMA roundtable! Today Roni and David talk UFC 182 Fallout and The UFC on FOX card!

1. Benson/Cowboy – Who did you have?Benson vs Cerrone

Roni: Bendo got it. Clearly!
Even if you mute Rogan’s biased comments, Bendo was much more active than cowboy. I do not think that two takedowns (with no damage done on the ground) should count for much. It was not that close.
It amazes me that in this day and age, judges do not know how to do their jobs (and there’s no repercussion for those terrible decisions). And this was not the only robbery of the night!

David: I had Bendo, like most did, but I don’t think it was the huge mistake everyone else did. Bendo fought Cerrone’s fight, and even though he didn’t do much damage- 2 takedowns is better than 0 takedowns.

2. Excitement level for Aldo/Conor?Aldo vs Conor

Roni: I am very excited to see this fight. Even though I disagree Conor deserves a title shot.
I would be even more excited if he fought Frankie first. Then he would have a legit plea for the title shot.
After all, this is a sport, not entertainment.
People being a draw should not help (or hinder) their path to a title shot.

David: Its up there, true Frankie is the deserved contender, but you can’t take the chance of Conor losing, this is too much of a money fight. The problem with this fight, is if Aldo can get inside- he wins, if he can’t he will go to sleep. MMA has had dozens of tall, rangy guys, from Kendall Grove to Bigfoot Silva, but few, if ay- actually uses that range.

3. Should this fight be in Vegas? Vegas

Roni: I’d say either in Vegas (neutral) or Brazil (Champion’s backyard).
If Connor becomes the champion, then there will be plenty of opportunities to fill in stadiums in Ireland.

David: No. Brazillians will travel, as do the Irish, and in all fairness to Vegas- they give out more comps there than anywhere else in the world. This fight should be in the biggest stadium they can find in South America. Brazil is 3 hours ahead of New York, so you could have an outdoor fight in a soccer stadium, and it would be much like some of the older Wrestlemanias where the sun would go down as the card progressed. I do NOT think that challengers should have home field – unless the champ is from Alaska or Montana.

4. Guffy vs Rumble: Who you got?Guffy vs Rumble

Roni: I think Gus takes it. He is faster and got the more technical boxing and better gas tank. But he needs to avoid the power of AJ.
I don’t think either fighter will go for takedowns.
IMO Gus will stay outside, hitting AJ with Jabs and circling AJ. Probably will take over and dominate on championship rounds, if/when AJ tires. But I think this will go the distance… unless AJ connects with a power shot 🙂

David: Well, assuming Johnson makes weight, this could be a great one. I don’ t think Johnson can get inside and do much damage, and I don’t think he has the clinchwork to extend the fight. I think Guffy picks him apart, and eventually Rumble is going to go for broke in desperation, and get caught.

5. Excitement level for UFC on FOX?Fight night Guffy vs Rumble

Roni: I like this card! To me, this is a solid 8!
I like the fighters and the implications of most fights of the main card, even though every fight might go to a decision.

And while everyone wants to see Gus & AJ fight, I would rather save both fighters for Jon.
Because Gus earned his fight after their controversial decision, and AJ had just reborn as a monster!

Now, Hendo & Mou fight! With a loss, will Hendo retire? Or will him become one more powerhouse at MW, muddling even more the quest for Weidman’s belt? But if he wins, what happens with Mousasi? So much potential, never to pan up!
As for Davis & Bader, both guys are trying to stay relevant. And this fight is pivotal for them. Because I don’t think that, with a loss, either can get back to title contention.

The only fight with no impact (besides for the fighters themselves) are Akira & Sam. But both are coming off losses, so I do think they will both bring it.

David: I should be more excited for this one than I am. Guffy should already have gotten his rematch with Jones, Johnson is still not ready for Prime Time, Hendo isn’t deflating as quickly as Belfort, but he’s got his own problems, and Mousasi has a tendency to suck at the worst possible moments. Phil Davis has not improved in 2 years and Ryan Bader is a main card fighter only because every 205er than can is fleeing to 185. Finally, Sam Sicilla is on a 2-4 streak, fighting Akira who is on a two fight losing streak.

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