Greetings Wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of #ask7pound. Where you can ask me questions about the past, present, and future. I am a little behind schedule this week after a sledding accident and having surgery just yesterday afternoon. But Im ready to answer the questions that you have for me.

Let’s start off with David’s Top Ten Tag teams. I’ll remind you of last weeks riddle as #7 on the list.

Every team has one member that the powers that be think is going to be a breakout hit. Even though the “other” wrestler was a solid hand. There is no doubt who the star here was. The Major star here was so awesome that most fans today barely recall he was a dominant tag team champion. His final tag title was won with the man that retired him.

Who are we? We are…………………The Hart Foundation


So how did you do this week? Let’s move on to #6 on the list.

How great was this team? One member has a major tag team “strategy” named after him.

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Now on to your questions.

Austin asks about the Bella Twins making up:


Why did the WWE put the Bella Twins back together so quickly?

That is a great question because I was wondering the same thing. So after a little research, it really comes down to how they are producing Total Divas. The families are too much a part of it, so having them feud with each other on screen just did not make much sense except for the parts where they were feuding with each other on screen. However, since Nikki obviously is “forgiving” Brie for going behind her back and having a talk with John Cena, they are going to run on air with the Bella’s together. It also makes sense because neither Nikki or Brie are really good in singles competition. They really need each other to be successful.

David asks about tag team wrestling. 


How does it work in tag team wresting? How much to they plan out in advance, and do they all get equal amount of ring time? I am wondering if they just know the outcome and who is going to get the pin? Basically how much of a tag team match is scripted?

It really depends on the promotion. When I was wrestling in the Indies, we pretty much had everything scripted with a little improv depending on the situation, crowd reaction, and so on and so forth. The WWE is much of the same as far and knowing what they are going to do with all of the wrestlers in tag teams. Vince gives his guys pretty much free reign on how they want the match to go, with the exception of the outcome. The wrestlers are pretty much in charge of the match. Some of the more experienced wrestlers can not have a script and work the match and just improvise throughout the match. Arn Anderson was great at this, and he taught many other superstars how to perform at a better pace. So to answer your question, it can really go both ways based on experience.

Steve asks about fans voting in the Hall of Fame?


Should Vince McMahon leave the Hall of Fame inductees up to the fans?

No and I will tell you why. Leaving the Hall of Fame voting up to the fans is not even remotely possible to happen because not all wrestlers are willing to even get inducted into the Hall of Fame. I would not have a problem if each year the HOF committee inducted X amount of stars and then let the fans choose the final spot out of three possible candidates.

What I mean by this is that stars like Owen Hart per say, will likely not get into the Hall of Fame because of his family situation and the numerous lawsuits that were involved after his death. Vince has stated before that he would love to have Owen in the Hall of Fame, but Owen’s widow, Martha, just simply would not allow it. There are a host of other guys that have a legitimate beef with the WWE and would not want to be inducted if asked, now as we talked about last week, things can change and people can forgive, but leaving it up to the fans is not an option.

Jerry asks about the Steiner Brothers’ early singles run:


I sort of remember after the Steiners had a great run with the tag team titles, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner went on a singles run in the early 90’s. How much success did they have as singles wrestlers before both of them won singles titles in the late 90’s?

Sure, Rick Steiner held the NWA World Television title when he won it from Mike Rotunda at Starrcade 88, he held the title for a couple months before dropping it back to Rotunda at Chi Town Rumble after basically pinning himself. Rick also had a feud with WCW Champion Lex Luger and actually pinned Luger in a non sanctioned match, he had a couple shots at the WCW title in 1991.


Scott Steiner also held the WCW World Television championship when he defeated Ricky Steamboat. He held the title, but surrendered the title when he and Rick jumped ship to the WWF.

When they returned of course they had the most success as both won the WCW US and TV titles, and Scott went on to have the most success with the WCW World Heavyweight title.

Brian wants to know why Jake Roberts never had a title:


Why did Jake the Snake Roberts never hold a major title in WWE or WCW?

 He simply did not need it. He was already over with the fans, and the title would not have done anything for his character. That being said, it was actually planned for Jake to take the Intercontinental title off of the Honky Tonk Man in 1987, but the more Honky got over with fans as one of the biggest heels as the Intercontinental champion, they felt that he needed the title on him to stay over as a top heel. Then the plans were scrapped for good when HTM started his feud with Macho Man Randy Savage.

Way back when Jake was in the NWA before coming to WWF, he did have many matches for the NWA Television title as he feuded with Ron Garvin. When he returned to the WCW in 1992, he immediately started a feud with Sting, and never really got the heat that he expected. He left WCW shortly after due to a pay dispute with then WCW Vice President Jim Herd. Apparently he was promised around 3 million a year, and only received 800,000.


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