Musings From the Bench 1/19 Edition

musings from the bench-2There’s a scene in the movie “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” in which an aged Miss Jane looks at an infant and asks, “Is you the one?” She’s referring to the one that will lead the people to equality and freedom. In the case of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, had he been able to speak when the question was asked of him would have said, “Yes.” Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. May your people, all people, live up to your standards on this MLK Day of Service 2015.MLK-quote

2015.  Many people are making the point that in 2015 there should be Marty McFly hoverboards and holomax movies, Garden Center Fruit Dispensers and auto lace-up shoes.  All of these things would be nice to have….in fact, Nike is actually working on the shoes.  What I’m afraid is happening in 2015 is a return to the brutality of the distant past….medieval in some ways.

First up is a Memphis, TN man named Anthony Gulledge age 30. It seems Anthony spent all day at work thinking about the last piece of cheesecake that he was going to enjoy when he got home.  What actually happened when he got home was finding out that his girlfriend’s 3-year old son had eaten that last piece of cheescake and instead of accepting that huge disappointment like a grown ass man, Anthony grabbed the boy by the ankles, carried him to the living room where he whipped the 3-year old. According to the boy’s mother, her son was whipped again later that night.

It’s unclear just how the authorities were contacted but they arrived at the home, took the boy to the hospital and Gulledge into custody.

The boy suffered a broken femur, dislocated vertebrae in his back,  bruised lungs and multiple other bruises.

Anthony Gulledge denies the allegations and was charged with aggravated assault, and domestic assault. He is in jail facing a $271,000 bond.

Police have been called to that same address many times in the past but say it was his girlfriend of ten years that was domestically assaulted. He also has a criminal record for robbery in Arkansas. Oh, yeah….this guy’s a keeper, all right.


When the mother of a 2-year old boy had to go to work, she asked Mirsad Hamidovec to stay with him and take care of his needs. She figured her son would be in good hands since the 23-year old had 3 kids of his own. She left the apartment in time to start her shift at 4pm on Thursday. But at 3am Friday, Hamidovec with the little boy in his arms knocked on the door of Gena Gutierrez’s apartment and in a panic said, “Help me! Help me! Do something . You gotta help him!”

According to Ms Gutierrez the little boy named Lorenzo was stone cold, turning blue and unresponsive. Still, she laid him on the floor and started doing CPR. Another neighbor hearing the commotion came out, took stock of the situation and called 911. An ambulance came and took Lorenzo to the hospital, the cops came and took Hamidovec to the police station. After telling the cops one story after another of how Lorenzo got injured, Hamidovec finally told one closer to the truth.  The police report states:

“The suspect jumped up in the air and came down on the victim’s chest and the victim’s head may have hit the window sill,” according to court documents. “The suspect said the victim was on his back on the ground when the suspect jumped off the bed up in the air and came down on the victim’s chest with his forearms in front of him. He did this twice. The suspect stated the victim was coughing up blood and he cleaned the blood off the victim’s mouth in a panic.”

Hamidovic said the boy lost consciousness and he violently shook the boy, sending his head and arms flailing about. He also tried reviving the boy by putting him in a cold shower to wake him. A few hours after Lorenzo was admitted to the hospital he died. His injuries? Head and brain injuries, a lacerated liver and brain bruising.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office charged Mirsad Hamidovic of Kansas City with two counts of felony child abuse and two counts of first-degree domestic assault. Prosecutors are asking that he be held on $500,000 bond.

Can you say depraved indifference to human life? Do you think Hamidovec was practicing for the WWE? Do you think this demon should be spared the death penalty? Medieval punishment for this mook is sounding good right about now.
Sometimes when you try to do the right thing it turns out to be anything but right.  A Framingham, Ma. man left his three kids-ages 5, 3, and 9 months- in the car while he made a court appearance that he suspected would take no more than 5 minutes and the kids would be fine while he was away. What happened was he was gone for about an hour, the kids were in the car in sub-freezing temperatures (23) and a passer-by notified police of the situation. He  now has a new reason for going to court. Hopefully, he’ll find a reputable sitter for his kids.
Okay. The NFC and AFC Championship games are over and the winners will play next on February 1st at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.
The Green Bay Packers almost had it but the Seattle Seahawks performed some miracles and beat them in overtime.  The New England Patriots win was never in doubt. As for the Pro Bowl, let me just say In my opinion players elected to the Pro Bowl should be given a plaque of some kind with our congratulations and not even play the game. It’s useless. Players on the Super Bowl teams voted to the Pro Bowl never show up for the game anyway. It’s just an opportunity to go to Hawaii and play in the sun for guys whose seasons ended when the playoffs started. Anyway, GO PATS!! The NY Giants won’t be there with their kryptonite so the sky’s the limit. let's party
Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench 1/19 Edition.  Until next time.

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  1. Damn shame that somehow the system doesn’t view child abuse as what it actually is. If Mirsad Hamidovicif were charged with murder, maybe we could put him to sleep. Instead, he’ll get out of prison one day, and be highlighted in your Musings from the Bench, January 19, 2018 edition.

  2. Seems once the crime is committed it’s the criminal that has all the rights. This was just one story I found on the local news website. There must be at least another 100 of them. So depressing, it takes me about a week to get over it.
    Remember that story about the woman needing a kidney transplant and the guy from California who wanted to be a donor? Passed all the California tests but had to come to MA for a more thorough exam and it was discovered he had a problem that wasn’t picked up on standard testing but would have meant he’d be looking for a donor kidney for himself in a few years? Remember that story and how wonderful everything turned out? Guy had his kidney fixed, the woman’s best friend seeing how devastated she was about not getting the transplant decided to donate one of hers and it took. Everyone was so happy.
    Wish I could find another story like that.

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