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Welcome to another episode of the Wrestling Round Table. In this weeks episode find out what is our favorite Royal Rumble moment and what about the first inductee into the years Hall of Fame and much much more. Also joining the round table this week is Chad Brennan who claims to be related to Haku.

This weeks Power Rankings

1. Seth Rollins– This kid is on a huge roll, first gets into the title match at the Royal Rumble, then gets a pin over John Cena. Is Rollins primed to take the championship?

2. Rusev– Still holding strong after an impressive match and win over Dean Ambrose.

3. Daniel Bryan– Heading into the Royal Rumble with some momentum. Can DB make history and repeat at Wrestlemania?

4. Dean Ambrose– Got one over on the Authority, and had an impressive showing against the undefeated Rusev. Ambrose seems ready for the Rumble.

5. Randy Savage– Okay, so not an active wrestler, hell not even alive. But Savage’ long overdue induction in the HOF earns him a one week spot in our Power Rankings..OOOOOOOH YEEEEAH.

This week in professional wrestling:

The Royal Rumble debuted on Pay Per View for the first time in 1989. The event was won by Big John Studd.



Now on to the questions:


1. What is your opinion of Jerry the King Lawler being moved to Smack down and no longer announcing on RAW?

Steve: My opinion is that it “Royally” (if I can use that term) pisses me off. I watch Raw mainly in part of the commentary of Lawler. Let’s face it, the commentary on Raw has needed work for quite some time, but it is not Lawler that made it this way. Then you put in Booker T? Who has a hard time putting two sentences that make sense together? Horrible move WWE, just horrible.

Eric:  Wow, no more King on Monday Night RAW. That is gunna take some time to get used to. King has been the voice of RAW for many years. Always entertaining, always there with a joke. I will say him and JR together were one of the two best announcer pairs ever(only other pair as good would be Monsoon and Heenan). Although it’s going to different not having the King on RAW every week, this is the business we all love professional wrestling and the show will go on. Like the old expression says all good things must come to an end but life goes on. King will be missed on RAW but at least we still get him on the PPVs.

Chad: Hmmm… Jerry Lawler going to Smackdown. I wlll definitely admit that is going to be a little bit of change not having the King doing commentary on Raw since he has been part of the Raw brand for a long time minus the time in 2001 Paul Heyman was in that spot. I have enjoyed Booker and JBL’s brand of commentary as the third member of the broadcast trio with Michael Cole. It’ll be interesting to see how Booker, JBL, and Cole work together and how Cole and Lawler work with Byron Saxton. This maybe a way of getting Saxton experience as a broadcaster on the main roster w/o exposing him to a live Raw environment which should him out.

Josh: The announce teams have long needed a shake up.  I have no issues moving Lawler to Smackdown, as long as they replaced him with someone new, a fresh face…but what do we get?  Booker T…. The Book, while a fantastic in ring performer, is NOT a good announcer.  Sometimes I can barely understand what he says.  Couple that with the ramblings of JBL, and we get the RAW announce team from hell.  Seriously, give us someone new.  Give us Renee Young, or as a color commentator, Alex Riley….someone, anyone new, just just switching around 2 tired announcers.



2. With the Royal Rumble being under 2 weeks away, what is your favorite memory of the Royal Rumble?

Steve: My favorite memory of the Royal Rumble is when Shawn Michaels returns to his hometown of San Antonio Texas and not only defeats Sid, but gets some retribution on Sid after Sid hit Jose Latherio with a camera at Survivor Series. It was the perfect scenario. Shawn coming off a defeat from his former bodyguard. He comes in to the Alamodome as an underdog, and comes in and beats Sid with the use of the camera and some sweet chin music.

Eric: 28 years of memories.  The Royal Rumble. This is my favorite event of the year. The WWE answer to the all star game. 30 superstars, one ring, one winner.  This kicks us off on the road to Wrestlemania.  So much history, so many great memories, it’s definitely hard to pick one. From Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit going the distance to triple H coming back after tearing his quad to Roman Regins setting the record for most eliminations. There is one memory tho that stands out as my favorite. 1992 the only time the WWF (at the time) heavyweight champion was awarded to the winner of the Royal Rumble match.  Ric Flair put on one of the best performance of his career.  The amount of talent and superstars in the match that year was incredible.  It was in my book the greatest royal rumble of all time.

Chad: Speaking purely as a fan of the business when I first read the question the answer the immediately popped into my head was Maven eliminating the Undertaker in 2002. Only being a fan for a couple of years up to that point that was the moment that said to me that the Rumble match can be unpredictable and lead to the rookie getting a title shot against then champ Chris Jericho “since he was never actually elimanated” and produced a decent world title match on Raw; which I feel is something that has been seriously lacking from the WWE product because there was nothing better in the past than a built up title match for either Raw or Smackdown.

Josh: I love the Rumble match itsself.  I like seeing 30 different superstars all in the ring, interacting at the same time.  My personal favorite moment, was Bret Hart and Lex Luger being the last 2 men, and eliminating each other at the exact same time.  That brought controversy and interest into the match.  Who is going to headline Wrestlemania?  Bret?  Lex?  The answer:  Both.  A great moment, and an overall, really great PPV.  The 1994 Royal Rumble….We also got to see Yokozuna vs. the Undertaker in a Casket match for the WWE championship.  A match that Yokozuna would win after I think the entire heel roster in WWE ganging up on the ‘Taker to put him into the casket.


3. WWE Smackdown has moved to back Thursday nights: Good, bad, or it doesn’t matter to me?

Steve: Considering I hardly ever watch Smackdown anymore, I could care less what channel it is on. Until it goes LIVE again, I usually get the results on Tuesday night.

Eric: Smackdown is back on Thursday night. This doesn’t really matter to me in all honestly. I catch Smackdown when I can but usually don’t really get a chance to watch it. Raw is the show I never miss. Maybe it’s the fact that Raw is live every week and Smackdown is taped but I just enjoy watching Raw more than Smackdown.  So it don’t really matter to me which night of the week Smackdown is on, I’ll still try and catch it when I can.

Chad: Honestly it doesn’t matter to me Smackdown is a show that right now to me has some good matches here and there but really doesn’t have anything to draw me in and see and certainly nothing that I can’t read about online before the airing of the show. When there were 2 brands and seperate titles and matches; Smackdown would have must see things (i.e. TLC III) but with one title and a barely present champ; the change has no effect for me. It may in the future if wwe brings back two world titles and seperates the brands again.

Josh: It doesn’t matter.  Smackdown is the little brother of Raw.  Nothing much of importance ever really happens on Smackdown anymore.


4. Now that Randy Savage is hall of Fame bound, how do you feel about that?

Steve: Love it, and it is long overdue. Savage is one of the greatest talents to ever set foot in the ring. He greatly deserves this honor. However, is Hogan really the right guy to induct Savage? All of the bad blood between those two, and from what I understand, they really never buried the hatchet. They are going to try to play this out like he and Hogan made up just like he and the Warrior did. When after the HOF ceremony, the Warrior’s wife came out and basically said that Warrior still despised Hogan. I think this is much of the same thing between Hogan and Savage. Right person in, Wrong person to induct.

Eric:  Macho Man is going into the hall of fame. This is long overdue for. He was one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. An amazing performer. I’m glad to see him finally going in. I understand everyone can’t get into the hall of fame, but there are some guys who deserve it and Macho Man is one of those guys. He had a great career and I’m glad to see him finally getting into the hall of fame.

Chad: Wow, Macho Man is finally getting into the hall. To me I have mixed emotions about it. While I am excited and happy for his family that the deal got done and Savage is going into the hall of fame because he was certainly a top talent and this honor is long overdue. I am at the same time a little upset that it took so long after his career his past because certainly Savage was a talent that left a tremendous on wrestling in the 80’s and the 90’s  and the fact that  Macho Man is no longer with us to be able to give what I believe would have been one of the most anticipated speeches since the rebirth of the Hall of Fame in 2005.

Josh: He deserves it.  He should have been inducted long ago.  I am glad that the Poffos decided to let him have his place, where he belongs.


5. If you could pair up any two wrestlers from any era and make a tag team, who would it be and why?


Steve: This is going to sound a little odd, because first of all it has happened, but second, it is not a wow moment. I would say Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. The reason I say this is because these are two of the most entertaining superstars that have entered the ring. They remind me of an independent wrestling team called Zero Gravity of Dreamwave Wrestling in LaSalle Illinois. This team is made up of two guys Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza. They literally defy gravity and really entertain a crowd. Sin Cara and Rey would do much of the same. We know what they can do on their own, just think what they can do as a team, and some of the moves that they could pull off in the double team atmosphere.


Eric:  My dream tag team? Well most people may not agree with this choice but I would choose Daniel Bryan and Chris Benoit.  (yes once again he who shall remain nameless is brought back up)I think these two guys would make an outstanding tag team. Both have similar styles in the ring, both are great mat wrestlers and can have great matches without needing a gimmick added to the mix. I believe that these two could tear up the tag team division and take down any team you would put in front of them. They could also play faces or even heels if needed be. They would have the potential to be the greatest tag team of all time.


Chad: For me from a pure wrestling and entertainment vantage point I would have to put CM Punk and Randy Savage together as a tag team. I believe that the promos that these could have delivered would incredibly entertaining and that the in ring work based on their individual careers would be top notch. The overall chemistry that these two would have in and out of the ring would have allowed them to be a great tag team if they ever had the chance to team. I also believe that them not being the guy in their eras (Hogan for Savage and Cena for Punk) would give them the extra motivation to succeed .


Josh: I would go for a really odd pairing, because those usually make the most entertaining teams, i.e Kane & Daniel Bryan.  I would pair Mankind and Bob Backlund.  I can barely even imagine the ridiculousness of the promos….But they would sure be entertaining.  Plus on the ringwork side, you have a true tactician like Backlund, paired with the brawling and hardcore nature of Mankind….I could see those two guys getting a LONG run with the tag titles.

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