NBA Roundtable 1/13

The panel is back this week and we will go with a little Buy or Sell NBA Roundtable about some current events in the NBA. This week, we discuss Carmelo Anthony, the Detroit Pistons run, and the Atlanta Hawks.


1) Buy or Sell: Carmelo Anthony claims “I have to trust in Phil’s plan”?
David: Carmelo has got to be hating life. Phil has done squat, and hired a bad coach to boot. Melo took the money, now has to deal with it. Exactly what choice does he have?
EJ: Buy, reluctantly. The Knicks suck. I’ve never been a fan of my hometown team, and the Knicks have been a bit woeful since their last NBA Finals appearance in 1999, but I’ve never seen them this bad. This Knicks team looks like they’ll have a difficult time getting to 10 wins, but this is the franchise Carmelo Anthony has tied his lot to. Since the All-Star Game is in New York City, I expect Carmelo will try to play just before the break so that he can be in the game, but after that he has to shut it down for the season for the sake of his future health. For that reason alone he has no choice but to hope Phil can nail the upcoming draft and lure another big player or two to come to Madison Square Garden.
2) Buy or Sell: With the recent run by the Detroit Pistons. They are playoff contenders in the East?
David: They are what? 3 games back? In the East? Of course. You know who is going to look horrid if Stan makes the playoffs? Dwight Howard.
EJ: Got to sell. Currently the Pistons are three and a half games out of the 8th seed that is being occupied by the Miami Heat. Now, the Heat have been struggling but the Pacers, Hornets, and Celtics all have better records than the Pistons and are closer to the Heat than they are. I’d think it’s far more likely to see the Pacers or Hornets make a run at the 8th seed and not this Pistons team.
3) Buy or Sell: The Atlanta Hawks will remain one of the top two teams in the East by the end of the season?
David: No. Chicago should be number 1, with or without Rose. Next up, I’m looking at Toronto. Washington should be there by the end.
EJ: Sell. I like the Hawks, I do, but I think the Bulls will take the top spot in the East, and the Wizards take the Southeast Division crown ahead of the Hawks. The Hawks are playing great ball, and Mike Budenholzer has brought San Antonio Spurs ball to Atlanta, but I can’t see the Hawks maintaining their hot start. Although, they’ve beaten some good squads, and some of the best teams in the West, I just don’t think they have enough to keep this up over an 82 game season.
4) Buy or Sell: The J.R. Smith trade to the Cavs was a good move for Cleveland?
David: No. but neither is Mosgov. Philbo is 0-3 in moves as Knicks GM.
Lebron so far is doing almost as bad as Cleveland GM. JR Smith has a place in the NBA, but coming off the bench on a contender isn’t that place. I think the interesting guy coming over is Iman Shumpert. If we can get the defensive Shumpert that he can be, then thats the important thing that the Cavs need. LeBron needs help on defense.
EJ: Buy. When the deal went down, I couldn’t figure out why the Cavs added J.R. Smith but I get it now. I’m not a big Iman Shumpert fan. He’s a decent player that was far too overrated by Knicks fans but he does add a wing defender to the Cavs, and they needed that. Getting Shumpert in a deal that added Smith isn’t too bad. Also in that deal the Cavs added another first round pick which they flipped in part of a package for Timofey Mozgov. That got them a big man, which they needed. Adding J.R. could be a mistake but he does provide bench scoring, and for a team that was expected to contend, that isn’t a bad thing.
Deng                                                     jeff
5) Buy or Sell: The Memphis Grizzlies will get either Luo Deng or Jeff Green?
David: Deng? No. Green? Yes.
I don’t quite get why, Green is putting up good stats on a bad team, and he is going to hurt their defense, putting even more on Marc’s shoulders. Deng would be a better option, but I don’t think he’s getting out of Miami.
EJ: Buy. Jeff Green is already on the trade block, and despite signing a two year deal with the Heat this past offseason, Miami is fading in the East and could deal Deng to recoup some of the assets they lost when they built the big three of James, Bosh, and Wade. While I commended the Heat for trying to stay relevant when they signed Deng, after James went home to Cleveland, the Heat really could use a rebuilding process. So, I expect Memphis to get one of the two. If I had to guess, I’d say Green because Boston wants to deal him, while at this time I’d expect Pat Riley to hold onto Deng and just try to make the playoffs.

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