The Bills hire Rex Ryan, what now?


rexryanThe Buffalo Bills hired former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan on Monday to replace Doug Marrone who suddenly decided to quit on December 31st.

Marrone wasn’t the only one to quit after a surprisingly solid year for the Bills, quarterback Kyle Orton decided to retire in order to spend more time with his family so now Buffalo has a new head coach, but no QB to lead the offense. Do they roll the dice with EJ Manuel and possibly waste an excellent defense with a young QB who will be learning on the job?


They should call up the Chicago Bears as soon as possible since rumors out of Chicago are that Jay Cutler is all but finished in the Windy City and that his time is up there.

Ryan was saddled with Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, and Michael Vick during his tenure in New York. Cutler would give him the best QB he has ever had to work with. Cutler would be an upgrade over Orton, much less Manuel. Cutler had a horrible defense this past season with the Bears (they allowed 27.6 points per game, 31st in the NFL) and was forced to win shootouts in order to win a game. Buffalo had the fourth best scoring defense in the league (allowing just 18.1ppg) and Cutler wouldn’t have to try and do too much, he’s never had a defense as good as the current Bills unit. Ever.

Watkins has to improve to be worth the price the Bills paid.
Watkins has to improve to be worth the price the Bills paid.

Cutler would also have some very nice weapons on offense to play around with in wide receivers Sammy Watkins (65 catches, 15.1 yards per catch, 14 plays of at least 20 yards, and six touchdowns) and Robert Woods (65 ctaches, 11 plays of at least 20 yards, and five TD’s), and tight end Scott Chandler.

The running game is good when healthy, but may need a change since CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson both were injury prone this past season and seem to be constantly battling assorted injuries.

Ryan had too many QB issues during his time with the Jets to go into his first season with an untested QB or question marks at the position. He needs to tell management to do whatever it takes to get a QB, specifically Cutler since he seems to be available.

Make it happen!!!

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  1. DJ,

    I get your point–that Cutler could do things with the Bills’ offense that were beyond his ability with the Bears’ offense. That makes sense to me. But how about the rumors of his quarreling with his teammates and coaches in Chicago. If these are not true, how do we know that they are not? If they are true, do you really think this leopard . . . er, bear . . . can change its spots?

  2. Don’t bother Appleseed. DJ has long had a man crush on Cutler that defies logic. I’m sure Rex Ryan is just waiting to acquire a coach killer, who can be a turnover machine, rarely plays a whole season, and has been a raging douche bag his whole NFL career. I’m sure Rex can’t wait to tell his G.M. that’s the guy he wants to tie what could be his last head coaching opportunity to. Sure of it.

    Especially since the great DJ, he who so boldly declared the return of the “Sanchize” (after one game!) says so.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, EJ. I can see that I have firmly placed my foot in the center of “it” and then in my mouth. But perhaps the difference here can be explained by seeing Cutler as one who’s odd behavior is justified by his great talent? (cf. Ty Cobb in baseball, Bob Probert in hockey, and Denis Rodman in basketball)?

    Or am I just making molehills out of mountains here?

  4. No I don’t think you’re making mountain out of molehills. The thing with the guys you named is (in my opinion anyway) is you can deal with the negatives if they help you win. Like Rodman for example. He was a menace but he was an integral part of several title winning teams.

    Cutler isn’t worth the trouble to me. He hasn’t won anything and it can’t all be everyone else’s fault but his. I’m sorry but a few playoff appearances wouldn’t be enough for me. However people like him so he will get another chance. It is what it is.

  5. Thanks for the observations, EJ. I have never thought of Cutler as all that great, but thought I was missing something when I read DJ’s post. But then again I have frequently held a minority opinion, such as my skepticism of the Lion’s Pride: Matt Stafford. (I do feel that Stafford is better than Cutler, but is not equal to most of the NFL’s winning QB’s.

    Also, you may notice that the three examples I gave of “outside the lines” athletes were all on Motown teams. It might be interesting to come up with comparable professional athletes from other cities.

  6. Stafford and Cutler’s numbers are pretty similar at first glance. I’d lean towards Stafford too, although I don’t think either QB will ever put their team in a position to even make it to a Super Bowl.

  7. Just to add a little fuel to the fire… Ya don’t need a good QB to win the SB… for example to name just a few… Jets & Joe Namath (sorry, Namath, I just am not impressed with him…career-wise, he really sucked IMO); Steelers & Terry Bradshaw (Yeah, IMO he was not a very good QB… check his lifetime stats – not even 52% completion rate; he had 212 TDs but also had 210 INTS); Dolphins & Bob Griese; Raiders & Jim Plunkett; Bears & Jim McMahon; Giants & Jeff Hostetler and Ravens & Trent Dilfer. It’s sometimes more about having a good overall team, a coach who makes all the right moves and a QB who can minimize mistakes… at least for one or two seasons, anyway.

    Rex Ryan? IMO is not gonna go down as a good head coach when all is said and done. Just like his dad… Buddy. Good DC, but, not so good HC.

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