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Hello again everyone, its time for another round of questions via #ask7pound. As always you can send me your questions by Twitter @StephanHall, or #ask7pound. You can also email me the questions at swhall03@gmail.com, or you can comment below with a question and I will get to your question as quickly as possible.

Its now time for David’s top 10 tag teams. How did you fair last week. I’ll remind you of the #8 tag team.

This tag team is on many peoples GOAT list, and the breakout star of this team was held back by the Singles GOAT when he decided he wasn’t ready yet. In singles, the Younger Brother has been tortured by a crappy WWE Run, while the Older Brother was harassed by a doll.

We are………The Steiner Brothers    steiners

Did you get that one right? C’mon, you remember when Rick Steiner was harassed by Chucky, right? Lets move on to #7 on David’s top ten tag teams.

Chucky WCW

Every team has one member that the powers that be think is going to be a breakout hit. Even though the “other” wrestler was a solid hand. There is no doubt who the star here was. The Major star here was so awesome that most fans today barely recall he was a dominant tag team champion. His final tag title was won with the man that retired him. A “family” tag team and even though one member had plenty of actual blood relatives to choose from, this pairing was not blood related.

Answer below or on Twitter. Good Luck

Now lets get to this weeks questions from the fans.


Jeremy from Tennessee asks about The Ruler of the World.

What was the whole deal regarding Sid Vicious breaking his leg in a match against Scott Steiner, and what is Sid doing now? Did he ever come back to the ring after that injury?


The match you are talking about was a Fatal Four Way for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship between Sid, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Road Warrior Animal. Towards the end of that match, Sid suffered what some consider the worst injury of all time in professional wrestling, when he came off the second rope to hit Steiner with a boot, and landed on his left leg and literally snapped his leg in half. They showed the injury the next night on Nitro, but didn’t show the worst part. The worst part of the injury is that underneath Sid’s boot, a large piece of the bone was sticking out.

Sid did return to the ring in a limited capacity with an independent circuit with World Wrestling All Stars. He also made an appearance on a Monday Night Raw where he quickly disposed of Heath Slater.

Currently, Sid is retired and you may have saw him make some appearances on Big Brother last year as his son, Frank was featured on the show. Sid made a few comments on air during the broadcast of the show.

Casey from Atlanta Georgia asks:

I have heard that many wrestlers have had major fallouts with the company, such as Superstar Billy Graham. Why is this the case?


There have not been too many wrestlers that have had a major fallout. Superstar Billy Graham did not really have a fallout with the WWE, he just claimed that he wanted out of the Hall of Fame because he thought that with the members of the Hall of Fame, specifically Abdullah the Butcher, who had never wrestled in the WWE, should have no place in the WWE Hall of Fame. So his fallout was not really with the WWE, more so the Hall of Fame inductees.

As far as fallouts go, Bruno Sammartino had a fallout with the WWE sort of, because he did not like the way that Vince McMahon took over the company, and the direction that the WWE went, particularly the attitude era, he thought that Vince destroyed what Vince Sr. had created. Since the WWE went PG, Bruno changed his tune and finally accepted a Hall of Fame induction. We love it out people can kiss and make up.

The Ultimate Warrior perhaps had the most hateful things to say about the WWE and Vince McMahon after the way they portrayed his fallout from the WWE. The WWE basically took the Ultimate Warrior character and completely destroyed the legacy. Fitting out last year when Warrior was inducted to the Hall of Fame, the WWE changed their tune and praised everything the Warrior did for the company. Kind of makes you think who is really at fault here.

Finally the biggest fallout has to be Bret Hart with the WWE after the Montreal Screwjob incident against Shawn Michaels. We all know what happened with that. But again, Vince reached out to Bret, and they forgave each other, while I think Bret still holds some resentment, he put it behind him.

Andre from Buffalo would like to know:

How many wrestlers who were in a dominant tag team went on to have very successful singles careers? Obviously Bret Hart would be top of the list, but are there any others?


Kind of hard not to put Bret Hart at the top of this list with the Hart Foundation as he had a lot of success with Jim the Anvil Neidhart, then went on to become Intercontinental Champion, and then World Champion on multiple occasions. Lets take a look as some others.

Shawn Michaels started his career with Marty Jannetty with the Rockers, while they never officially won the WWE Tag Team titles, they still had much success in the tag team ranks, Shawn as you know went on to win every singles championship in the WWE. He and Bret are a close 1-2.bretchamp

Davey Boy Smith had success in the tag team ranks with the Dynamite Kid and held the WWE Tag Team titles with him, then went on to become Intercontinental Champion, and European Champion, and came close on several occasions to being the World Champion. He also won the tag titles again with Owen Hart.

Other notables that were in tag teams and had great singles careers are, Michael PS Hayes as he was NWA tag champion and NWA United States Champion. Steve Austin as he was with the Hollywood Blondes, and went on to be one of the greats of all time.


Michael from Peoria Illinois asks about a tag team from the past.

I remember a team from the early 90’s known as the Patriots. What ever happened to them, and were they ever set for a run as tag champs? I really liked this team.


Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip, they were called the Patriots. Basically these two were put together as a way to show support to the troops who were fighting in Desert Storm in 1991. They had a little success as they defeated the Fabulous Freebirds to win the WCW United States Tag Team Championship. However, once the war was over and we kicked Saddam’s ass, WCW separated the two and they both went on to have singles careers where they did not amount to much. Chip stuck around for another year and they tried to put him in a variety of tag teams, but to no avail. But I agree with you Michael, I liked this team as well and they were in the position at the right time.


Lou from Hawaii asks about some wrestlers turned manager.

Were there any managers that had a successful wrestling career before they were managers?


Oh sure, Classy Freddy Blassie may be top of the list, he enjoyed singles success back in the 50’s and 60’s and held numerous championships before he was one of the greatest managers ever in wrestling.

Mr. Fuji was another wrestler who had success as a tag team wrestler with Mr. Saito and held the WWE Tag Team Championship on several occasions. He then went on to manage the tag team champions in Demolition.fredblass


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