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Carter ComicI know Peggy Carter. I know Sharon Carter. I know Captain America. If anything happened to Cap from 1941 to 1991, I know about it. You wanna talk Carter, you better know who Dr Faustus is. Cap is my second favorite Hero, and the Mark Grunwald run is to me what Chris Claremont is to X-Men fans or John Byrne is to some and Alan Moore is to others. I say that to say this. I have no clue how you are going to pull this show off. You have a late 1940s woman in pre-SHEILD who also is coming off the loss of Captain America.

There is a ton of places to go here, from Tony Stark’s Dad to the howling Commandos to the Red Scare to what happened to Hydra and how Arnim Zola got in the  AS400 in New Jersey.
Do I expect any of this? No. I think we are going to get a cross between CSI and Agents of Shield. Just one of at most 2 series, with about 3 open threads for season 2, if the ratings look good.

Ok, so Peggy Carter is still having flashbacks to Captain America, I, as witnessed by the radio program Captain America’s adventure hour, or some hokey thing, that apparently is carried by the radio version of HBO, cause they play this thing like 15 times a day, its also sponsored by Roxxon Oil, just to make the comic book fans creamy.
Carter SSRShe also worked for Bell Telephone- that’s a front for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, and where is is pretty much a glorified secretary and put upon by her boss and – holy crap! Its Nucky’s Brother from Boardwalk Empire! I guess he kept all the suits and hats from that show- and the other male co-workers. We set a theme quick-like when one of the other males turns A-Hole and another man takes up for Peggy, and the A-Hole jumps on the man, and look, he lost a foot in the war. Peggy just stands there, then when the A-Holes leave, SHE jumps on the nice guy and makes him feel even worse.
Come to find out that Howard  Stark is missing after being hauled before Congress to find out how “the enemies of America” are getting it. Stark going underground, and Peggy is the only one who remembers the WORLD WAR THAT JUST ENDED.
Side note: I wonder if Howard Stark was in New Mexico, you would think between Howard Stark and Einstein they would have whipped up the A-Bomb over a Gyro. Carter, for some reason is forgotten about that- you know, worked with him- and she is able to find Stark and Jarvis 1.0 in one night, and is drafted by Stark to help clear his name.

Jarvis 1.0 (and yes, I have this comic)
Jarvis 1.0 (and yes, I have this comic)

So is it any good? Sure. I do love the look of the show, unlike some movies I could mention, Agent Carter does a good job of keeping the realism on the screen, and the colors pop almost like a colorized black and white. I love how they keep Peggy in Red White or Blue. I do love the hints from Marvel universe. (Hint Whiplash) and the supporting cast is fun. Nucky’s brother is awesome, and his carrot or the stick scene was one of my favorite parts, the waitress is also a lot of fun.
it has a lot going for it, the problem is, can it keep it going? Agents of Shield also had problems, but it was allowed to smooth things out. Peggy Carter only has 8 episodes, and 2 are gone already.

Problems? Sure. The radio show gets overused. The A-Holes at SSR are over the top, and Peggy pretty much is Rhonda Rousey crossed with Bruce Lee. Hard to see what will happen if she ever makes a mistake, or heaven forbid takes maternity leave, since everyone else at SSR is an idiot. Even Jarvis isn’t that quick on the draw, compared to his comic source. If we were going for the Batman Camp, then at least give us the BAMM POW BOOF windows. I don’t think the whole downtrodden women aspect is gonna be much fun long term, since its almost the only serious part of the show. I’m not a huge fan of Peggy playing dumb either. In the scene about Joe DiMaggio, I would have been much happier had she walked off and started talking about how she knew it wasn’t him since he’s 6’1 and Joe was X and the guy was left handed and Joe was a right handed, and since Joe hit 3 for 4 and only drank scotch after a good game and the guy in the picture was drinking Gin, etc etc,  that would have been more inline with her Beauty and Brains aspect.

WaitressI do recommend the show, the problems are glaring but not DVR stopping. The effects are good and its got a lot going for it. Peggy Carter herself is a magnet onscreen and just pulls in the eye, as does the waitress.

I’m not going to do any spoilers on the show this week, I’ll try and have some thoughts on it next week. Again, I think its a risky show, and one worth trying out.

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