NFL Divisional Picks!


Welcome to the NFL Divisional Picks!! There were two games that made the difference in the panel, the Ravens beating the Steelers fooling almost everyone (notice who went 4-0) and the haters picking against the Carolina F’N Panthers! This week, we have our 8 member team almost unanimously loving the 4 home teams.

NOTE: David was going to take Carolina, until Star went down with a broken ankle. He will however, gladly take any bets with the 12.5 spread.

Playoff Picks!

Steve David Bill Archie DJ Joe Jane Jim
Indianapolis Colts VS
Denver Broncos 
Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Colts Broncos
Carolina Panthers VS
Seattle Seahawks
 Seahawks Seahawks  Seahawks Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys VS
Green Bay Packers
 Packers  Packers Packers Cowboys  Packers   Packers  Packers
Baltimore Ravens VS
New England Patriots
 Ravens  Patriots  Patriots  Ravens  Ravens  Patriots  Patriots
Playoffs 4-0 3-1 3-1 3-1 2-2 2-2 1-3 1-3


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  1. Close to unanimity. That’s a bad sign. Thanks to Jane for contributing at least a smidgeon of credibility.

  2. Seattle > Carolina 7 – 0 Check
    New England > Baltimore 4 – 3 Check

    Record from Sat, Jan 10 is 11 – 3 . . . Not bad.

  3. On Sunday, Jan 11
    Green Bay > Dallas 6 – 1
    Indianapolis > Denver 1 – 6

    Today’s record: 7 – 7 . . . meh

    This weekend’s record: 18 – 10 Okay, I guess.

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