Movie Review: Escape From LA

 Escape from LAMovie Review: Escape From LA

I really wasn’t too high on the first movie, but with a bigger budget, and Kurt Russell needing to revive his career, lets see what happens on the West Coast, shall we? Can we make this better than Escape from New York?

Escape BaddiesThis time LA has been nailed by a flood, and Southern California is an island. I’m guessing someone who is supposed to be Pat Robertson or Mike Huckabee is running on a platform of LA being devastated by being a “city of Sin” hard to argue that. Of course with the NY Liberals and the California Liberals all either dead or dispersed, he wins. I’ll let that go, but its kind of funny. The New President uses the Island as a deportation Zone for people who don’t fit his moral code- so goodbye smoking, drinking and sex without marriage. As a father of three girls, I’m ok so far. Now we ban non-Christian religions- starting to lose me there. Now lets toss the guns (hang on- how is he a Republican if he just tossed the second amendment?) and to really get us on the straight and narrow- no more Red Meat! Ok, sign me up for deportation. How is he getting all this through? Texas is now the number one state by a MILE. Maybe its an Executive Order. This is considered plot development here.

escape cuervoSo then the presidents daughter has captured a remote control to a satellite that can fire EMPs from space, or even wipe out the whole planet if the President so wanted. Like that things gonna stay in space more than 5 minutes. She’s been brainwashed by Cuervo Jones, leader of the LA Island people.

Snake is brought in to find and recapture the remote control, and is pretty much told that the Presidential Daughter is not a high priority- I guess the BAD DUDES are gonna come get her later. Snake is infected with a virus that will kill him in 24 hou- hold up. Is this movie a basic retelling of the first one? I’m going to stop this intro and just compare the two.

Major City: Check (NY vs LA)
Natural Disaster: Check (Earthquake vs Flood)Escape from LA Pam
Abandoned city used to hide problem: Check (Crime vs Immigrants)
Presidential Family in Danger: Check (President vs Daughter)
Trap to make sure Snake doesn’t run: Check (Explosives in his blood vs virus)
Ignorant way in that he can’t use later: Check (Glider vs Sub)
Someone from Snakes Past: Check (Brain vs Pam Grier)
Girl who changes sides for no reason: Check (Girl from Swamp Thing vs Presidential Daughter)
Traitor: Check (Borgnine vs Buscemi )
Stupid Manliness check: Check (Ox Baker vs the Basketball Game)Escape Bushemi
Losing all allies: Check (Everyone vs Everyone but the Presidential Daughter)
Winning Against all odds: Check
Getting part of the reward: Check (Both Explosives and Virus taken away)
Getting Shafted by THE MAN: Check
Double Crossing THE MAN: Check

Holy Shit! Its the Same Damn Movie!

Escape LA SurfWell, that makes it easy. I can skip all the rest of this deal The Surfing, by the way, is over the top stupidity.

This movie is SHIT. Absolute 1 here, and that’s only for Steve Buscemi doing Buscemi things.

The “surfing” scene is just lousy. The meeting of Snake’s new partner is just stupid, and how on Earth Snake pulls off the ending is pretty dang obvious.

Not exactly sure how you EMP the whole world, or how it would last forever, but whatever.

All in all, its a lazy redo of the first movie, only not nearly as much fun. Buscemi is the only thing we care about, and even he gets grating after a bit. More Money+Cut and Paste Script+Lesser Cast=Less fun all around. I can’t think of a single scene they did here that would have replaced a part in the original- well, maybe the Doctor part replaces the crazies.

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  1. Oh, c’mon David. You don’t have to be coy with us. You can tell us what you really think of this film.

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