Its a new year for #ask7pound. This week we answer questions about wrestlers jumping to the NFL, Cesaro, and the greatest jobber of all time, Steve Lombardi.

As I am writing this today, I have found a brand new reason to watch Total Divas on E.

paige Thank you Total Divas!!!!!!!


Now it is time for David’s Top Ten Greatest Tag Teams. Do you remember last weeks question?

Half Brothers, and the last remaining men left from a dominating family. Dominating only because of duo. The third member who was the first to try for singles gold. If we counted best team by piles of tag strap reigns, this would be the clear top duo.

We are…….The Dudley Boys


So how did you do this week

This week is team #8

This tag team is on many peoples greatest of all time list, and the breakout star of this team was held back by the singles greatest of all time when he wasnt ready yet. In singles, the younger brother has been tortured by a crappy WWE run, while the other brother was harrased by a doll.

Now on to the questions.

Randy from Vancouver B.C. takes us back to the greatest jobber in wrestling.

How many different types of gimmicks did Steve Lombardi have, and what do you think was his most successful gimmick?


Steve Lombardi had his most successful gimmick as you are probably aware of as the Brooklyn Brawler when he was under the tutelage of Bobby the Brain Heenan. He even made an appearance at Wrestlemania V when he accompanied Heenan to the ring against the Red Rooster. While he did not have the greatest win/loss record as the Brawler, he at least got some victories. I cannot recall a time where Lombardi as himself or any other character won a match.


Some of his other gimmicks were Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz and MVP during the 1994 Baseball strike. He mainly made some TV appearances on RAW in the crowd stating that he was on strike. He also made a few appearances as Doink the Clown when Matt Osbourne was not available, He was the one under the mask as Kim Chee who was the handler of Kamala. He also was the Red Knight in the Survivor Series match in 1993 with Shawn Michaels and the Knights. And he was also known for a short time as The Boston Brawler.

Currenly, Lombardi serves as a road agent for the WWE.


Anthony from all the way in Switzerland asks about one of his natives.

I have a quick question about Cesaro. He looks older than I think he is, and I want to know where he started out.


Well to start off, you are correct. Cesaro is 34 years old. So yes he is one of the older wrestlers that began his WWE career late. He started his career in the year 2000 in Europe, then moved on to the Chikara organization in for a company called “Kings of Wrestling.” He was primarily used as a tag team wrestler, and enjoyed a lot of success in that role.

Cesaro Cesaro as A Very Mysterious Ice Cream

He went solo in 2007, and wrestled under a mask under the name, and I’m not kidding here, “A Very Mysterious Ice Cream.” Yes, that was the name of his character.

He also competed briefly for Ring of Honor, and competed for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

Then in 2011 he signed a developmental contract with the WWE and began wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling. He made his debut in April, 2012 under his now name, Antonio Cesaro with Aksana and the rest is still to be determined. He is, in my opinion so close just to break out and be ready for a monster push in the WWE, he just needs the right type of gimmick.


Sammi from Atlanta Georgia asks about the Macho Man, and his World title push.

Was it and when was in planned to put the title on Randy Savage for his first run with the title in 1988.


I think the plan was to give Savage a push, when he won the King of the Ring tournament (pre Pay Per View) in 1987. Savage was beginning to get over with the fans after his epic match with Steamboat at Wrestlemania III, and soon began a feud with the Honky Tonk Man after Honky claimed to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. Savage took offense to this as at that point, he was the longest reigning IC Champion. After a good solid feud with Honky, he aligned himself with Hulk Hogan and also started feuding with Ted Dibiase. It was the plan to have Dibiase “buy” the championship and Jack Tunney made the title vacant, then have the title defended in a 14 man tournament. Everyone assumed that Hogan would get the title back, but when he was disqualified with his match against Andre in the second round, the door was open for Savage to take the title. So the original plan, as it typically did back in those days, worked out exactly how it was written.

So to answer your question, when did Vince decide to put the title on Savage? Late 1987.


Joey from Baton Rouge Louisiana asks:

What ever happened to Doug Furnas? I remember he was in a tag team in the 90’s in the WWE competing for the tag team titles, but then he just kind of fell off the map.


Doug Furnas did compete for a short time in the WWE with his long time partner Philip LaFon in late 1996, and early 97. He and LaFon battled for a good part of 1997 against Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. He retired from wrestling soon after.

Sadly, Doug Furnas passed away in early 2012. He had previously been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and his body was found on March 3rd, 2012. The cause of death of Furnas was Hypertensive Heart Disease.


Blake from Dallas Texas asks about wrestlers to the NFL.

I know there have been several NFL players that have jumped ship and became professional wrestlers. Has the role ever been reversed, and a Wrestler ever gone to the NFL?

Good question Blake. I was really interested in doing the research on this. Actually what I found may surprise you a bit. The only wrestler turned NFL player was Brock Lesnar. After Wrestlemania XX, Lesnar left the WWE to attempt a career in the National Football League.


Lesnar had a great showing at the NFL Combine and made the practice team for the Minnesota Vikings. On April 19, 2004, a minivan collided with his motorbike; he suffered a broken jaw and left hand, a bruised pelvis, and a pulled groin. He made a full recovery and attended the eight-week training camp for the Vikings in the summer, but ended up being cut at the end of the pre-season. He received an invitation to play as a representative of the Vikings in NFL Europa, but declined because he wanted to be closer to home with his family.

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