NFL Playoff Picks + Season Winner!


nflWelcome to the playoff picks for the Wildcard round, and also the reveal of our regular season champion! The unanamous picks went 4-1, with the  Ravens, Cowboys, Colts and Saints doing us good, and no one seeing the Pats JV losing to the Bills. David made a hard charge to the top posting a weekly best of 13-3, but has to settle for a tie with Bill who held him off with a 12-4 record. Archie slipped to third with an 11-5 record. Last year’s runaway champ, EJ slipped to 5th on the season.

And now, the Playoff Picks!

Bill David Archie Joe Earl DJ Jim
12-4 13-3 11-5 10-6 11-5 9-7 9-7
170-83-1 170-83-1 169-84-1 166-87-1 164-89-1 154-99-1 147-90-1

Playoff Picks!

David Jim Archie DJ Jane Steve Joe Bill
No. 6 Baltimore Ravens at
No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Ravens Steelers Steelers
No. 5 Arizona Cardinals at
No. 4 Carolina Panthers
Panthers Cardinals Panthers Panthers Cardinals Panthers Cardinals Panthers
SUNDAY, JAN. 4No. 5 Cincinnati Bengals at
No. 4 Indianapolis Colts
Colts Bengals Colts Bengals Colts Colts Colts Colts
No. 6 Detroit Lions at
No. 3 Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Lions Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys

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  1. For a summary: Steelers> Ravens 6-1, Panthers > Cardinals 4-3, Colts > Bengals 5-2, and Cowboys > Lions 6-1. So the Panthers/Cardinals game is the only one worth watching? But thanks to Steve and Jane and {DJ and Jim} for trying to make the others interesting.

  2. Well, with two of the four games in the book, the Panthers did eke out a sizable win over the Cardinals. So four of the seven got it right there. And the Ravens took the Steelers despite the 7poundbag team voting 6-1 against this happening. With two games to go, the team has 5 right and 9 wrong. Oops!

  3. The last two games of “playoff weekend” are over, and the team got them both right (by an 11-3 score). The overall score for the 7poundbag team for the weekend is thus 16-12 (not great but not bad either). I hope you can do better next week.

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