MMA Roundtable: 1/2 Edition


Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where we finally get the Cormier vs Jones showdown! This week, its David, Brian and Roni talking about the big event!

1. What does the UFC do with Machida now?Lyoto Machida

Roni: Pair him with Luke! Both want it and the winner should fight next for the title (after Jacare, if he beats Yoel).

Brian: Unfortunately Machida is in the position where he can beat just about anyone in the middleweight division except for the champion.  The only thing that he can do is get a photo finish against the number one contender whoever that ends up being in order to make a case for another title shot.  If Vitor Belfort can’t get past Weidman, I would love to see Machida vs Belfort and of course everyone would love to see Machida vs Anderson Silva, but since they are friends and training partners I don’t see that happening.

David: Machida has a problem, he’s good enough to knock off 80% of the top contenders, but when he looks bad, HE LOOKS BAD. The problem is, unlike GSP, you don’t get a mastery of wrestling for a long time of utter shutdown. What does the UFC do with him? Put him against other top non-bankable contenders to find out who can solve his puzzle, and wait for his inevitable loss.

2. Is Barao back at the number 1 contender spot?barao

Roni: Well, I don’t think his victory over Gagnon would propel him to the #1 spot. he should remain behind TJ, Cruz and Raphael Assuncao.
But both guys ahead of him for the title shot are hurt, so I’d say he will probably get the next title shot (even though IMHO he did not do enough to deserve it).
Maybe a fight against Faber would be good (though Faber would have to accept he’d fight TJ for the belt which it seems they are open to – if it is for the belt).
But obviously you can’t complain of him getting a rematch. If they gave to Silva, they should give him one also.

Brian: Since Dominick Cruz is back out again with an injury I would say yes, but that is the only reason.  He did not look like a man who was considered by many the number one fighter in the world in his most recent bout, however, due to  a lack of contenders and his only loss in the UFC being to the champion, it looks like he’s next in line for Dillashaw.

David: Yes, I would think the UFC is regretting not putting Cruz vs Barao when they had a chance.

3. Excitement level for UFC 182?UFC 182

Roni: The card is good, but not great.
I give it a 9 though. Mostly for the main event.
Even though I have a strange feeling this fight will not be as memorable as people expect.

Brian: Aside from the Jones/Cormier fight, let’s be honest, this is a pretty weak card.  Donald Cerrone is always fun to watch and Myles Jury is an up and coming prospect, but I don’t see him hanging with a caliber of an opponent as Cerrone.  However, the main event has so much excitement behind it, that you don’t have to stack the card so much to get people to tune in.  Overall I’m at an 9 out of 10 as far as excitement.

David: 10.
I love Evan Dunham, and Damm could be a solid test to see if he’s back on the horse.
Shawn Jordan is a personal favorite from USAMMA, so hopefully we will see something.
Lombard is still trying to show what all the fuss was about, and now we get to see how Josh Burkman looks back in the big leagues. Add in Cerrone vs the Undefeated guy not named Khabib. Yeah, I’m all over this card.

4. Let’s get it over with, who you got DC or Jones?Jon Jones vs DC

Roni: I truly can’t say.
I do think this will be a domination fight. I just don’t know by whom.
If Jon can maintain the distance, this will be a lack luster decision win (much like it was against Glover).
If DC can take the distance away from Jon, he will probably dominate Jon.

If you put a gun to my head, I would say DC. Just because I think it is harder to maintain the distance for 5 rounds against a guy like DC than it is to outbox him.
But come on now. We are talking about one of the most versatile fighter out there (in Jon).

Brian: As much as I want to see DC put a beating on Jones due to my intense dislike of the champion, I don’t see Cormier coming away with the win.  He undoubtedly will be able to take Jones down in this fight, but I don’t see Jones staying on his back for too long, and his incredible reach will be a huge obstacle for Cormier.  I’m not saying Jones will absolutely destroy Cormier, but I don’t see any scenario aside from a puncher’s chance where Jones doesn’t walk out with his belt.

David: There is one thing most are missing.

Greg Jackson.

How many times do you think he’s watched DC? A hundred hours, a thousand? DC had his chance to beat Jones, when he first came over. Now there is more tape on him, and if you think Jackson isn’t breaking down CAIN already- and getting tips on DC, then you don’t know the Yoda of MMA.

Jones is faster, longer, and has seen 25 minutes more than DC. He’s also fought better competition than Cormier, who can get lazy in the standup.

5. What is the deepest division in the UFC?ufc

Roni: I think it is FW.
I know, Aldo is king, but just think about it.
Frankie Edgar is outstanding!
Chad just had a memorable battle with Aldo.
then you have Lamas, Cub, Bermudez…
… and then you have a guy like Connor McGregor to steer up the pot.
Plus we have TJ willing to go up and Pettis down!

then you get MW
The Chris
The Spider
The Dragon
The Phenom
The Alligator
and the… Luke? 🙂

Both divisions are stacked and with enough contenders throughout 2015 and beyond!!!

Brian: At this point I would say the deepest division is the light heavyweight division.  You have two contenders that very well could beat the champion in Alexander Gustaffson and Daniel Cormier and behind them you have Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson and Ryan Bader, all dangerous guys who also could be potential contenders.

David: Still lightweight.

What other division can you have a guy on a 6 fight UFC winning streak and STILL not be in the top 5. Think on this, if he beats Cerrone 30-27, he won’t even be close to a title shot. Eddie Alvarez was the Bellator Kingpin, but look at him now. Ranked number 10. Khabib Nurmagomedov is on a 6 fight streak, and he’s a fight way as well. Heck dos Anjos crushed the former kingpin Benson Henderson and STILL got stuck with a bottom 10 fighter.

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