The Blog About Nothing 1/2 Edition

BaN-Brooklyn-292x300Welcome to 2015! It’s your boy Earl and I’m still kicking it out here in Central Florida. My long vacation is starting to come to an end, but I still got time to break out the old laptop and bless the World with a blog. Welcome to another edition, and a new year for The Blog About Nothing.

photo-1When I’m on vacation, I tend to go off the grid. So I haven’t kept up much with sports, the college football bowl season, or the news. Other than my periodical Facebook checks, and my Twitter browsing, I know very little of what goes on in the outside world. My focus on vacation, is to sleep, eat (in moderation), drink (not in moderation), and to take it easy. So far, I was able to. It has been a productive three weeks out here, but soon I’ll return to the hustle and bustle of New York City and all of the work piled up on my desk. Sounds like fun. *sarcastic voice*

A year ago at this time, I was bragging about my win in our NFL Picks Group. We here at 7Poundbag put on our predicting hats and try to predict who’ll win each game of the NFL regular season. Last year, I won running away. This year? Fifth. I didn’t do too well. Well, the difference this year was that everyone did well. No one overthought their picks and that led to my disadvantage. Oh well.

I didn’t have a good fantasy football year either. My teams finished 4th, 5th, and 9th. A far cry from two title winning teams and a 2nd from last season (I also had a 9th place finish but why focus on that?). I wasn’t too invested in it this year. I know that sounds like a loser thing to say, but from the very beginning my whole participation seemed off. I seemed less willing to make the changes, or transactions, my roster really needed. I kept throwing the same losing combinations out there week after week, and instead of watching football, I spent far too many Sundays watching old movies, or reruns of Martin on MTV2. I’m not sure if I want to participate in fantasy sports again, for frankly it’s getting old, but if I do, I hope I take it more seriously.

Room For ImprovementAs I sit here listening to one of Drake’s earliest mixtapes, Room For Improvement, I can’t help but think that in a New Year, I can’t make some improvement of my own. I’m not one for resolutions, for I hardly keep them, but I can’t help but look at my life and think “I can make some changes”. It’s that bullshit a New Year brings. That New Year, New Me bullshit that is so prevalent on social media. I can definitely drop some pounds, I can look for a new job, maybe even look to relocating out to Florida, but I damn sure won’t make resolutions out of that.

Why? Last thing I want to be is the same guy a year from now saying the same shit. So, what will Earl do? Earl will do what he has been doing for the last 33 years now. He will take each day at a time, and as it comes. He’ll cherish every win, he’ll deal with every loss. The so-so days? That’ll be embraced with a smile. I resolute nothing. I promise nothing, and I damn sure declare nothing. New Year, New Me? Old year, same me. Makes no difference.

Happy 2015 to all. Thank you for supporting The Blog About Nothing and and I wish you nothing but Peace and Love.


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