WWE Roundtable – 01/01/2015


What are the highlights of 2014? What are our predictions for 2015? Surprise Rumble entrants?

Welcome to the first Roundtable of 2015!  Let’s Go ahead and get started!

  • What is your highlight of 2014?


Steve:  For me, the highlight of 2014 was Sting making his long anticipated debut at the Survivor Series. This was something that I, as a wrestling fan have been wanting to see. He did it in dramatic fashion in maybe the most important match in the WWE in the entire year. Now what they are doing after that is kinda driving me nuts as we have not seen him since. I was so excited about this match and the potential of a Sting arrival, that due to my WWE Network not working, I nearly paid the 44.99 to get the PPV.


Josh:   Mine would be Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan pulling double duty to finally win the WWE title and have his run was a truly magical moment. It was a sign of the WWE brass finally giving the fans what they wanted. Daniel Bryan is not the typical WWE superstar as far as mike skills go, and definitely not as far as looks, but he inspires something in the WWE universe. Maybe it is that ultimate underdog feeling, I don’t know. But when he was leading the crowd in the “Yes” chants after his title victory in the main event, you could just feel the energy pulsing, one of the few times you really felt like you were apart of something rare and special.


Eric: Wow 2014 has been a year that’s for sure with many highlights. First there was Roman Regins breaking the record for most eliminations in royal rumble match, then the big six man tag match shield vs Wyatt family, Daniel Bryan win the big one at wrestlemania, the rise of Seth Rollins as the company’s top heel and the NXT growing and becoming more popular.  All these things have one thing in common which leads to my highlight of 2014 which it is the year of the new generation of WWE top stars. As much as we love guys like Randy Orton, Big Show and even John Cena we all know these guys won’t be around forever.  The WWE has to build up the new generation and they have done a great job over the past year in doing that. I think we all the guys they have been building up the future will be something to see.


  • Make a bold prediction for 2015:


Steve:  John Cena will turn heel. I know, I know, we have been saying this almost every year. However, how Raw ended last night with Cena playing the hero once again, this sets him up for a heel turn in my opinion. He will claim that he always does the right thing by protecting the health of fellow wrestlers past and present, then when he has to make a difficult decision, the entire locker room blames him. I think the pressure finally gets to Cena and he turns on the fans, his friends, and makes his much needed heel turn.


Josh:   Rusev will be WWE champion by Summerslam. Rusev, I think is on the ultimate high right now. As a heel, he is more over than just about any other heel, save maybe Seth Rollins. I predecit that he will lose the US title to Ryback. He will then defeat whoever the WWE champion is after Wrestlemania (we will get into that in a minute), be as dominant with the title as he ever has, moving on to defend the WWE title at SummerSlam versus, I predict, Roman Reigns.


Eric: 2015 what is my bold prediction…………. WWE will buy out TNA.  Let’s face TNA is a C plus project at best. Their tv program isn’t good at all. I think I’d rather watch an hour of Al Snow matches than watch TNA. It’s not very good and now that they won’t be on spike tv I don’t see them lasting much longer. The big names in there will either go to one of 3 places WWE, ROH or NEW JAPAN. So you ask make a BOLD  prediction for 2015, we will see the end of TNA.


  • List your top 3 possible surprise entrants into the 2015 Royal Rumble. Also, who do you think will win the Rumble?

Steve:  Chris Jericho (if that is much of a surprise)

Sting (the only reason I see this is to cost someone else the match)

Ken Shamrock (as it is rumored that he may be coming back to the WWE)

roman reigns

I still think Roman Reigns wins, but now that Daniel Bryan is in the match, I could see them pulling a switch-a-roo and having Bryan win the match and go on to face Lesnar for the championship, in a David vs Goliath type match.

hacksaw jim

Josh:   Surprise entrants: 1) Triple H – Major Heel heat and a legitimacy to whoever wins. 2) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan – You have to give the fans a major retro-star to cheer for. 3) Hulk Hogan – They have been saying Hogan wants to wrestle again, the Rumble would give him a relatively safe way to do that, and protect him a bit as he won’t need to be pinned or submit to be eliminated.

As far as who wins – Daniel Bryan, hands down, no question. IF WWE is serious about pushing Roman Reigns as a face, he absolutely MUST NOT win the Royal Rumble. As soon as DB made his announcement that he was in, that sealed it. If you thought the crowd reaction at last year’s rumble when Rey Mysterio came out at No. 30 (no Daniel Bryan), and then Batista winning was bad, you taunt the crowd with Bryan and have someone else win. Book it, if Reigns wins, he is a heel by Wrestlemania. Reigns isn’t truly ready for that slot anyways. He needs just a bit of polishing. Here is how it goes: Bryan wins rumble, moves on to face Lesnar at ‘Mania and wins the title. Rollins cashes in MITB, starting a feud for a couple months to see Bryan end as the winner and champion. The next PPV, Rusev beats Bryan for the title, to defend against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. SummerSlam would be the best place for Regins to finally take a spot at the top of the card.


Eric: Who do I think would surprise us and appear in the Royal Rumble match?  First I think we will see the return of Randy Orton,  also since the Royal Rumble is Philly the home of ECW, I’ll predict we mite see some ECW legends appear. I would say Tommy Dreamer and Mr. PPV RVD Rob Van Dam. Who do I think will win the Royal Rumble match? Well after last night’s Monday night RAW, my prediction is the man I had hope would have been in it last year and win it Daniel Bryan. His run as champion was cut short due to injury and never got the full run he deserves. So I’d like to see the WWE pick up where he left off and him win the 2015 royal rumble.


  • If you could bring any superstar, from any era (in their prime) into today’s WWE, who would it be and how would you book them?


Steve:  Wrestling has changed so much from the 80’s it would be hard to really choose one person from that era and work them in to the storylines. But I think I would pick a tag team, one of my favorites, the Midnight Express. You need a dominant tag team in the WWE so you book them to have a significant run with the tag team titles. You set it up this way. Paul Heyman creates a dominant tag team, maybe a team like the Ascension. And claim that no one can beat them. You bring out the Midnight Express, and with the history that Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette have, you create an instant feud between the two once again, and bring back some interesting storylines to the tag team division.


Josh:   For me, it would be one guy: “Superstar” Billy Graham. Most young wrestling fans won’t know who he is. If you don’t, look him up. This guy is one of the all-time greatest heels….EVER. He had an amazing physique (the true WWE look), and his heel promos set the standard for all wrestlers afterwards.   I would book him against John Cena, have him win the WWE title, and go on a long title run, rivaling CM Punk’s. He would defend against all of the faces in the WWE, to finally get beaten at Wrestlemania by a face Bray Wyatt. I would completely love to see the promos those two would put together….


Eric: Who would I bring back in the prime and book today? This answer maybe controversial,  and people may think different of me but I would bring back Chris Benoit. That’s right I said the name that we do not talk about, he who shall remain nameless. I would pick Chris Benoit. I would book him on NXT to start out, I would book him in a feud with Sami Zayn. I think the two of them could have an amazing matches together. Then I would bring him up to the main roster and start feuding with Dolph Ziggler. Both men are hard working and wouldn’t require any gimmick matches to put on a classic wrestling match.


  • The Authority is back. Good? Bad? Meh? Where do they go from here?


Steve:  I personally don’t like the fact that they brought them back so soon after they were removed from power. It takes away that “oh shit” factor, as we have only been rid of the Authority for just over a month. They really should have waited at least until after the Royal Rumble to make this happen.

Where they go from here? They will probably try and get even with all the people that made fun of them, and will probably go back to making Ziggler’s life a living hell, and now that D-Bryan is back, will do everything they can to prevent him from winning the Royal Rumble. 

Josh:   This is WAY too early to bring the Authority back to power. On top of that, they way they did it was wayyy too weak. They made Edge and Cena look far weaker than their characters would ever have been. The Authority has only been gone a little over a month. This makes the entire stipulation at Survivor Series completely meaningless. What should have happened, is the Authority should have been out of power, and someone worse should have taken their spot, let’s say a “John Laurenitis” type. Things should have gotten bad enough that Cena comes out to shoot a promo, saying that he has been made a desperate man, and a desperate man will resort to desperate measures, at that time the Authority’s music hits….That would have been fantastic. But no, we have Cena bring them back to prevent something he ended up preventing anyways. But anyways, where they go from here – I suspect they will do everything they can to prevent Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler from winning the rumble, only to have Sting foil them again, allowing Daniel Bryan to win, to set up Sting vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Eric: The authority is back, yay!!!! ( #sarcasm ) so you can tell I’m very excited that they are back. To me it doesn’t make a difference that they are back in power. I think it is nice to have a permanent power figure in the WWE, because let’s face it the requiring theme of a guest gm every week has run its course and it’s better to have something permanent and steady on TV every week. I don’t care too much that they are back because anyone in power isn’t going to make everyone happy,  so we mite as well go with the devil we know other than the devil we don’t know.


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