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This year, we didn’t do the standard EOY awards, partially because I just had my fifth kid, and partially because this has been a long year, both professionally and personally.

It just seems kind of odd to see a “team of the year”, when 3 of the 4 major sports are still playing, not to mention all the sports that don’t have off-seasons at all. Today’s news cycle pretty much means that any top news story is going to be dominated by what happened this month, if not this week. True, the Ferguson events could be considered the biggest news story, and rightfully so, but there are a ton of other news events that happened this year that is going to get wiped away.

When I look at my brand new daughter, I wonder what she is going to be looking at when she reaches my age, or even her sister’s age? What event from the year of her birth is going to matter the most for her?

Lets go with Yahoo’s top 10 news searches and see what they say was the most important news of the year.

10. Obamacare
Hard to argue this one. Now Obamacare didn’t affect her birth or the costs involved, but I’m sure eventually it will.

9. Domestic violence.Why_hasn_t_Ray_Rice_been_prosecuted_
This is the whole Ray Rice deal. I don’t see Rice being a big deal in upcoming years, much like other battered women that surround professional sports figures are 6 months after it happened.

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I get the feeling this is going to be one event that is going to continue to be a problem. As the world continues to grow- and get closer, people are going to start to clash, and sad to say, those of us that are more than happy to just get along, are going to get the short end of the stick. Another domestic attack is not a matter of if, but when and where.

7.Jodi Arias
No idea who this is.

6. Ferguson.Brown Gentle Giant
I’ve made my feelings on this known, but I still blame this on the prosecutor. I hate to be the one to say this, but if you had 12 black people on the jury, then you MIGHT have gotten out of this without all the mess. I also blame the media. They have been irresponsible in this matter, and making things worse, and in the name of ratings.

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5. Malaysia Airlinesmalaysia
It’s amazing that in today’s day and age something as big as an airplane can simply vanish. Considering we have satellites that can tell if that coin you dropped is a nickel or a dime before it stops rolling, you would think that they would have satellite transponders by now. This is the same company that had a plane shot down in Russia, not like one influenced the other, but just amazing.

4. Leaked Photos
I don’t think this is going to be a big deal, simply the first deal, this is like catching a celebrity with drugs or the president being divorced, stunning the first time, but after that, no biggie, more of someone being dumb enough to allow it to happen. With Facebook, TMZ, and the cloud- I’ve told my 18 year old daughter if she takes a picture, might as well put it on the bumper of her car. There is no way to hide it.

3. Midterm Elections
This one we saw coming, the difference it how it was going to affect Obama, and its pretty much killed his presidency even more than it already was. We can go back and forth about Obama and his legacy, but this is clear, he had and continues to have problems crossing the aisle or even motivating his own party. Obama, to be honest, has pretty much retired. Oh and incase you feel that is too right wing, take a look at what Bobby Jindal has done the last 4 years and counting, he make Obama look like Winston Churchill.

2. Death of Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
Amazing that he died via suicide, and I feel that that has been swept aside in all the noise surrounding his death. Robin Williams is one of those comics I grew up with, and he left behind a library of movies that will be watched not only by me, but my kids and my grandkids will be watching his movies.

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1. Ebolaebola and us
You do understand that Kim Khardashian has married more people than Ebola has killed right? How much time and money have been invested in this mess? I do think we need to work on it, but I’m sorry, I’m all for the CDC putting your ass on lockdown if you have a deadly bug that can go airborne and you simply don’t care. Read what they did to Typhoid Mary sometime, and if the lawyer doesn’t like it, then the person can stay at THEIR house while the trial is ongoing.

So how was 2014? I really do feel that America has gotten dumber, looking at this list. Ferguson and the issue with cops is only going to get worse, race relations have taken a major step backward, and the media couldn’t be happier to fiddle while Rome burns, as long as they are watching TV or reading the (online) paper while the kindling is being stacked outside the CNN tower.

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