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David’s Top Ten. Did anyone figure out #10? This is the only duo from what I consider only the 4th promotion to be considered “world” – and both men have held that promotions World title. For one man of this duo, its the only singles title he has ever held in his career, and his lost it to his partner in this team.

Who are we? The answer…………………

Beer Money

Here is David’s #9 on the all time Tag Team list:

Half Brothers, and the last remaining men left from a dominating family- dominating only because of this duo, and third member who was the first to try for singles gold. If we counted best team by piles of tag strap reigns, this would be the clear top duo.

Can you guess who this tag team is? Answer on Twitter @StephanHall, @ask7pound, or answer in the comments below. Good Luck!!

Now on to this weeks questions.

Todd from Cleveland, Ohio asks a few questions for me:

 Where has Sheamus been? Is he hurt, taking time off, making a movie?

sheamus On November 20th, Sheamus Tweeted out a photo of him getting ready for surgery. It is reported that he suffered an injury to his arm the night that Mark Henry slammed him through a table on Raw, the week before Survivor Series. He also suffered neck and spinal injuries during that same incident. It is not known how long the Celtic Warrior will be out of action, but with all the injuries the WWE has on their roster. They really cannot afford for another big star to be on the shelf for a long period of time. It is projected, however that Sheamus may return as a heel. I could see him coming back and blaming fans for not wishing him well and what not, and causing him to turn on all of them.

What is the current plan for the Undertaker for Wrestlmania XXXI?

takerwyatt As reported by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the plan is for the Undertaker to face Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania XXXI. This may come to a disappointment to some, as many fans around the world have been wanting to see Undertaker vs Sting. I’m sorry to disappoint, but that would make absolutely zero sense. First off, Sting will likely face off against Triple H at Mania. You cannot have Sting lose in his first, and quite possibly his only Wrestlemania appearance. Triple H would be more than willing to put him over as he has done on so many different occasions. You cannot have The Undertaker lose two Wrestlemania’s in a row. So I could see the set up for one last match between the two in a retirement match at Wrestlemania XXXII. It has been said that the Undertaker is wanting to retire at that particular Wrestlemania and would likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before, in his home state of Texas. Wrestlemania will be at Cowboys stadium next year. Bray Wyatt makes the most sense, as he is over with the fans, and could work well with the Undertaker.


Do you think Sting will make a surprise appearance at Royal Rumble?

sting Let me start off by saying that Sting will not be IN the Royal Rumble match. Why? Because he is not going to WIN the Royal Rumble match. Sting may very well make some sort of appearance at the event, whether it be an interview, or do something to shake up things in the Rumble match. Maybe do something like cost Seth Rollins the victory and give Roman Reigns the win. Remember at Survivor Series, he cost Rollins the match that cost HHH and Steph their jobs. This could be a good set up for a HHH vs Sting match with Rollins sort of being the middle man in the whole ordeal. If I were a betting man though, you wont see Sting again until February.


Andrew asks about title reigns:

Hey Stephan, Could you tell me who holds the record for longest and shortest title reigns ever?

brunoHey Andrew, I’ll start with the longest reign which is pretty easy. It was Bruno Sammartino with a reign that lasted 7 years, 8 months, and 1 day for a total of 2803 days. In January, 1971 he was defeated by Ivan Koloff to end his reign which some say was the biggest championship upset in the history of the WWE. The reason they had Koloff take the title off of Sammartino was because they wanted Pedro Morales to have a run at the title, and they did not want Morales to defeat Sammartino as back then, you rarely saw a face battle a face, or a heel battle a heel. Koloff was a transitional champion at best, alot like when the Sheik beat Backlund for the title, only to drop it to Hogan a month later.

The shortest reign in history is a lot closer, as Andre The Giant officially holds the record at a mere 30 seconds. Andre defeated Hulk Hogan in February, 1988 to win the championship in one of the most controversial matches of all time. He surrendered the championship to The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, who never actually officially held the championship, though because the decision was deemed final by President Jack Tunney, the Andre title reign is in the books.

Triple H held the title for only 2 hours after his victory over Randy Orton at No Mercy 2007, only to drop it back to Orton later that night. However, earlier that night, Orton was awarded the title, only to lose the title to Triple H just 23 minutes later.  Rey Mysterio held it for 1 hour when he beat the Miz on Raw in the Finals of the WWE title tournament, only to lose to Cena later that night.

Then you have to love your Money in the Bank cash ins.

Daniel Bryan held the title for just over 4 minutes after he defeated John Cena at Summerslam 13, Orton cashed in his MITB contract and took the title right from Bryan.

John Cena won the WWE title at Elimination Chamber 2010, and just 3 minutes and 33 seconds laters. Batista cashed in to win the title.

The Big Show defeated Mark Henry to win the title at TLC 2011, and just over a minute later, Daniel Bryan cashed in to win his first title. See Daniel, shit comes back to haunt you doesn’t it?

Finally, Yokozuna won the title at Wrestlemania IX from Bret Hart, before being an idiot and challenging Hulk Hogan for the title the moment he won the belt. 2 minutes and 6 seconds later, Hogan comes out as the champion.

My next question along the same lines is Who was the oldest and youngest champion?

vincechampThe oldest was Vince McMahon at age 54 when he won the title against Triple H on a Smackdown episode in 1999. He surrendered the title on the next Raw and had a six pack championship match to determine a new champion.

The youngest has some debate. Some say Brock Lesnar at 25 years old, others say Randy Orton at 24 years old. However, I did some research and found that neither are correct. In fact, the youngest WWE/WWF Champion ever was Yokozuna in 1993 when he beat Hart at the young age of 23.


Jack asks about wrestlers pay day:

How do wrestlers make their money? Do they get a salary from the company, and do they have an expense account for travel and so forth?

cenaWrestlers are paid by the company they work for, but make the majority of their money on the amount of merchandise they sell, and it is based on their performance. For example, wrestlers who wrestle at Wrestlemania may get a bonus check for wrestling on the biggest event the WWE puts on. They make a certain percentage on merchandise, and sometimes even ticket sales if you are the person in charge of carrying the company. It really depends on how your contract is structured though and what the company is willing to give that certain individual.

As for your second question, for the most part, wrestlers are in charge of their own transportation, hotel stays, car rentals, and so forth. That is why most of the wrestlers will split the cost and room together, ride together..etc. So yes it can get pretty pricy to be a professional wrestler if you are in the big leagues.

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