NFL Black Monday Predictions

Note: Sent Sunday Morning before the games

1. Over Under on fired Head NFL Coaches by Tuesday: NFL

Steve: 3+

Jim: 2.  San Fran guaranteed.  At least one more.

David: Well, Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano are gone, Harbaugh almost has to be. I would give Mike Smith the boot even if he did make the playoffs, since none of his major players seem to be going to bat for him. I think Tommy Boy retires. So 4? Thats a bit of a low number, but unless Jeff Fisher is fired, and he could be, that’s what I’m going with. I do think a TON of OCs are going to be gone, starting with Mike Shula . . .PLEASE.

2. Is Marc Tresman Out?

Jane: This was Trestman’s first year with the Bears. I say he stays.

Steve: No question about it.

Jim: Chicago has terrible ownership, so that means he gets another year.

David: One and Done coaches is pretty much stupid. The OC has to be gone, no way do you throw the QB under the bus like that in the NFL. That will just kill the lockerroom.

3. Do the Jets fire both GM and Coach?jets-last-super-bowl-party1

Jane: Rex Ryan is already gone. He expected it and had his desk cleared out before the game against Miami.

Steve: Yes, they fire both

Jim: No. Jets have even worse management, so they’ll suck again next year.

David: Yes. No reason to keep either. I’d rather keep Ryan and fire the GM, since he’s the one that keeps failing.

4. Does Mike Smith Survive?Falcons Beatdown

Jane: If Smith is let go and Rex Ryan takes his place will that be considered an upgrade?

Steve: If they make the playoffs, he will be in next season.
Jim: No. It’ll take a few weeks, but Atlanta will figure out he’s a terrible head coach.

David: If I owned the Falcons, yes. But as I said, no one is knocking on the door saying they want to keep him? No.

5. Is Tom Coughlin gone?tom coughlin

Jane: Tom Coughlin should just retire. His arthritis can’t take much more cold weather.

Steve: No, the Giants can not do any better with another coach.

Jim: Coughlin is one of the best coaches in the modern era, and he should stay.

David: The Giants are in a serious rebulding mode, weather they like it or not, and I’m not sure if you want Tommy Boy around for all of it. Heck, I’m not sure if you keep Eli around. Toss him over to Tampa or Rams for a pair of seconds.

6. Where does Jim Harbaugh go?Michigan

Jane: I heard Jim Harbaugh is all set to go to Michigan.

Steve:    Harbaugh will go back to school and join the University of Michigan

Jim: He’s already in Michigan. We’re just waiting for the announcement.

David: To Notre Dame’s Bitch.

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  1. Black Monday is past. No one suggested that Sparano would be gone–and he isn’t (even though there were unconfirmed reports that the Raiders outbid the Wolverines for Harbaugh and that Harbaugh rejected both, settling at UMich for a smaller salary than reported). Who woulda thought Jim H would take a hometown discount that way?

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