NFL Week 17 Picks


Well, Bill and David’s road to the top have ended with a burning dual 9-7 record, allowing Archie to move back into a tie for first, a game ahead of David, and two games ahead of Joe, Last season’s champ, Earl is only 2 behind that. The unanimous picks went 6-2, with the Miami, Lions, Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks all doing well, and the Eagles, Ravens not helping

I’ve also come up with an idea, I’m gonna let the combined winner (regular season/Playoffs) pick if we continue straight-up or we go against the spread.
Note, I did mismark DJ’s record for week 15, that’s been corrected.


 Bill  Archie David  Joe  Earl   DJ  Jim
 SUN, DEC 28
Cleveland at Baltimore
 Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens
 Dallas at Washington  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys Cowboys
 Indianapolis at Tennessee  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts
 Jacksonville at Houston  Texans  Texans  Texans   Texans   Texans   Texans  Jaguars
 San Diego at Kansas City Chargers Chargers  Chiefs Chargers


Chargers Chargers
NY Jets at Miami  Dolphins  Dolphins  Dolphins  Jets  Dolphins  Dolphins  Dolphins
 Chicago at Minnesota  Vikings  Vikings  Vikings  Vikings Vikings  Bears Vikings
 Buffalo at New England  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots Patriots  Patriots
 Philadelphia at NY Giants  Eagles  Giants  Eagles  Giants  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles
 New Orleans at Tampa Bay Saints  Saints  Saints  Saints  Saints  Saints  Saints
 Carolina at Atlanta  Falcons  Panthers  Panthers  Panthers  Falcons  Panthers  Falcons
 Detroit at Green Bay Packers Packers  Packers Lions Lions Lions Lions
 Oakland at Denver  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Raiders  Broncos
 Arizona at San Francisco  Niners  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Niners  Niners Niners
St. Louis at Seattle  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Rams  Seahawks
 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh  Steelers  Steelers  Steelers  Bengals  Steelers  Steelers  Bengals
        9-7  11-5  9-7  11-5  10-6   9-7  10-6
 Overall  158-79-1  158-79-1  157-80-1 156-81-1 153-84-1 145-92-1 138-83-1

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  1. There is pick-off conflict here for three games: Panthers @ Falcons, Cardinals @ 49ers, and Lions @ Packers. Only one of these would be a “traditional upset” if the combined call is valid. It is true that the Lions beat the Packers in week 3, but both teams were very different then. The Lions have struggled, winning with a lot of good luck (and I am mindful of former Packer HC Lombardi saying, “Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity”), but Green Bay has been invincible at home. Are we sure that the four who picked the Lions were free of mind-altering ingestion?

    Now that I have castigated the pick-offs, as a woeful fan of the silver and Honolulu blue, I hope against reason that your call is correct.

  2. Starting out 11 and 21 in the 1st two weeks just too hard to overcome, I guess. But, I gave it a valium try. Congrats to the winner(s).

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