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What is your take on Indy shows and Tribute to the Troops? Find out this and more on this weeks edition of the Wrestling Roundtable.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is a Christmas video from the WWE.





1. What is your take on independent shows, are they worth the price for admission?

Steve: It really just depends on the show, and if they have anyone worth the price of admission. I have been to my fair share of independent shows, as well as I have performed on some independent shows. Dreamwave wrestling sticks out as one of the best independent promotions that I have been to. You have decent story lines, and you have past and present stars from the WWE, WCW, ECW, that will make special guest appearances at times. This is only $10 for the price of admission. It is worth every penny. I have been to shows where I left after the first match because it was so bad. I will leave that promotion nameless to be kind. So I guess my answer is, they can be. Some of them even beat the WWE house shows.

Eric: Oh the Indys. First of all I’d like to say I am a big supporter for the independent scene in professional wrestling.  The town I grew up in the big leagues would only come around every so often and they say nothing beats seeing a show live. So I started going to independent shows. It was so amazing, here are guys going out and busting their butts every chance they get because they never know when their big break will come. The put it all on the line as if they are main eventing wrestlemania when there mite be 20 people crowd. They have heart and soul for the business.  Also as a fan, you feel more of a connection with these guys and they make you feel like you are part of the show. So my answer,  Yes the independent show are definitely worth it.

Josh: I will defer to better experts on this.  I have seen very few indy shows.  However, what I have seen has been pretty good, and the tickets are usually cheap.  Depending on your local promotion, it could be a great way to spend a family evening for very little.


2. With WWE networking for the business model to be more network driven instead of ppv model, is it time to drop the minor ppvs and just build 4 or 5 major ones?

Steve: I have said it for the longest time. I think the WWE has way too many Pay-Per-Views. You need to keep the Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series. Then throw in a mid summer event like King of the Ring. You have a three hour program every week that just gets too predictable, and now is the the best time than ever since there is little to no competition for the WWE. You can build your storylines, have PPV calibar matches on Raw. A pay-per-view a month is just getting out of control, and they obviously can’t even sell it on the Network with the buyrates the way they are.

Eric: I think this would be something that needs to be done soon. having a ppv every month you don’t get to time to build every match up to where eventually the card looks like it was thrown together at the last minute. I say they keep the big 4: Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and Wrestlemania. Then they could add one more like bring back King of the Ring. Then they could spend the months with no ppvs building up the bigger shows and make them more relivent.  Also we get Raw for 3 hours every week, and some of the lesser big ppvs seem like they are nothing but a glorified episode of Raw. This could be something that the WWE may wanna look into.

Josh: I have long been a proponent of dropping to 6 PPV’s per year, one every other month.  You would have your four staples, and then 2 others thrown in, such as Money in the Bank and Night of Champions, or possibly return of King of the Ring.  With Raw running at 3 hours now, the minor PPV’s feel more like a glorified episode of Raw, rather than a special event that is a must see.  Dropping the excess PPV’s could save the WWE loads of production costs and free up space on the network for more original programming.


3. What is your take on tribute to the troops, is it a good thing or has it run its course?

Steve: I like the idea that the WWE goes overseas for the troops. It really gives them a little taste of home when they do that. So as long as they are over there, I think the WWE should continue to do this for them. Now, I this brings me to my next point. This should not be televised. I think this should be something for the troops only to see. Unless you want to put it on the Network, that would be okay I guess. These guys overseas risk there lives for us. They deserve to get a good product that only they can see. That is my opinion. I could personally care less about seeing the show. I think the last one I actually watched was 2004. But it is good for the soldiers. Thank you to all the men and women who serve our country.

Eric: Tribute to the Troops is a good thing the WWE does for our soldiers every year. I did like it a lot when they would go over seas and do the show on military bases. I think they should continue to do this show every year.  Those guys and gals in military are out there and defending our country everyday and deserve to have something that reminds them of home they get to see. This is always something special. 

Josh: Tribute to the Troops is awesome and needs to continue.  Even when we are not in active engagement, our troops are out there, sacrificing for us.  There are men and women away from their families every holiday, and I am proud that WWE honors them with special shows for them.  I have great respect for our men and women in uniform, and for the WWE superstars who travel to honor them as well.

longest yard


4. With wrestlers make more and more apperences in movies nowadays, what is the best movie staring a wrestler? 

Steve: The Marine was good, with Cena. I cracked up during Knucklehead with the Big Show. But the best movie starring a Wrestler, and I will leave the Rock out of this because he is considered to be an actor now. I like Legendary with John Cena. It is an excellent movie that for some can really hit close to home. A young aspiring wrestler trying to go in the footsteps of his older brother, and wants him to teach him how to wrestle. Just a great show, I may just watch it now.

Eric: There have been many movies to feature wrestlers in them. Some are good and some are just terrible.  Also some guys show how good they can act and others well they should stick to wrestling.  Hulk Hogan and The Rock are the 2 biggest names I can think of that can do multiple movies but started in wrestling.  I have 2 movies I picked for best movie staring a wrestler.  The first one is The Longest Yard. There is a whole mess of wrestlers in that such Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Khali. It’s so funny, I definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t already.  My 2nd pick is Ready to Rumble.  As a wrestling fan,  this is a classic.  This has things that wrestling fans dream to do. I laugh so hard at this movie everytime. It’s definitely a must watch for and true wrestling fan.

Josh: Hands down, Guardians of the Galaxy….It is by far the best put together movie to feature a wrestler as the main character.  Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place in my heart for early ’90’s gems like “Suburban Commando”  However if we are looking at the overall quality of film, Guardians has it.  Comedy, acting, direction, everything about that movie is fantastic.  And Dave Bautista is perfect at delivering the straight, dry, and often hilarious lines of Drax the Destroyter.  That being said, of the WWE produced movies, I really, really enjoyed “Legendary” and “The Marine” series.  I thought those were pretty good for an in house production.


5. Does the WWE have potential to push Dean Ambrose to a main event player or will he always be a high mid card talent?

Steve: Let me just say this before giving my opinion. The WWE has the potential to push anyone they want at any given time. Now, Ambrose has all the potential in the world to be a big star in this business. He has mic skills and in ring talent. He has charisma and the drive to be successful. He can be a leader. You can put him in any kind of match and he will make his opponent look good. Put him in a hardcore match, or a wrestling match, and you will be entertained. Lastly, Ambrose is very over with the fans, and that is what you need to push a star to the next level. I think, and will predict, that Dean Ambrose will one day be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric: Dean Ambrose is an amazing talent. He has in ring skills,  his promos are amazing, and has a great character. I think one day he will be world heavyweight champion. The man is over right now with the fans also. He has also been in main event matches this. I think the WWE maybe getting him ready for a main event. I believe one day we will be sitting back and talking about some of the amazing things Dean Ambrose has done. I look for big things from him in the future.

Josh: There is always potential.  I can see Dean being a main event player, however I don’t ever see him being “The Man”: a la Cena, Hogan, or Austin.  I see him being very Jericho – like career wise.  He will likely spend a lot of time in the upper-mid card, winning the IC title multiple times, to eventually get his push to the main event and have several World Title runs.  However I don’t think his runs will be particularly long, or numerous.  But he will be the guy to help push the stories, to build the younger wrestlers.  There is no one on the roster quite like Ambrose on the Mike, and those skills will carry him far.  In the end, it is impossible to predict the future….Austin wasn’t scheduled to win KotR until there was a backstage issue with Triple H.  Had that not happened, the entire Austin 3:16 movement may never have happened.  All it takes is one good turn to force him into that picture.  And it will be up to Ambrose what he does with his opportunities.  I am a firm believer that the cream always rises to the top.  Even if Austin had not won KotR, I believe he would have still made it as a mega-star.  Ambrose is no dif

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  1. I’m all about Tribute to the troops. I think they should do it more, might not be a bad idea to have some indy/local wrestlers on the card too to scout out, might be good to do it in Japan.

    Best Movie?

    They Live.

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