In the interest of full disclosure, I work at a HUGE communications company working in customer-facing tier 1 tech support. Suicide 1
During the holidays, they are worried about us, for some reason being depressed.
So they did the wise thing and sent us a List of yes or no questions, if we had too many yeses we had an 800 number to call and talk to someone.
So just for fun, lets go though the test, one I am sure a bunch of guys and gals who made more than my entire team did this year putting it together.
Lets go with the understanding of my job, the fact that I have 4 kids, divorced and remarried, and still student loans from 20 years ago. I also just turned 41.
So lets have fun with it, ok?
Oh and before you get all preachy on me, 1 of my 2 best friend growing up; while I was in basic training. I found out when I took my first wife to meet him. He wrote me a letter but the infinite wisdom of the Wilmington Police Department decided I couldn’t see them since they were “evidence.” No Idea what they need to investigate 5 months after a suicide, not like I wouldn’t have given it back. I was 5 states away, I have a pretty good alibi. I have often wondered what was in that letter, and why he did what he did. So don’t come at me. I’m trying to have fun. If you take this test with me, and you feel as if no one loves you. GET HELP ASSHOLE. You never know how or who you will touch.

Q1:Persistent Sad, Anxious or “Empty” feelings

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  1. I am right behind you… should we do a Jim Jones Koolaid acid test type thingy?

    About the knees… I am postponing my op until April for various reasons… a little dilaudid works wonders until then. 😉

  2. I’m younger, no kids, shorter, go through periods I either over eat or under eat so yeah I answered more than a few of these questions affirmatively. Think it’s normal but this was an entertaining read.

  3. It seems to me that in every life there are times when the worth of that life is questioned. In my case it wasn’t physical existence, but whether or not to completely withdraw. I responded to the suicide questions from that perspective and concluded that I was a candidate for the loony bin.

    But each time I emerged from my funk and saw a ray of light, I was glad I was still interacting with the world. I am only 77 1/2, and may be able to contribute more to this discussion when I have grown up.

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