MMA Roundtable: 12/20 Edition


Welcome to the MMA Roundtable 12/20 edition! Today, Roni and David talk UFC fallout, Nate Diaz and more!

1. Did the UFC on Fox card deliver?UFC on Fox

Roni: I think so.
It had great fights from an overall great card.

David: The only dull parts was the Jones/Cormier “interviews” and Round 3 of the Nate Diaz beatdown. One of the best nights of fights in a long time.

2. If you were Dana, what would you do with Nick Diaz

Roni: First of all, let me start with this: UFC absolutely used all their tools to bash Diaz.
From showing him walking away from the interview (but not what led to this) to his responses on the rebook deal and CM Punk.
I actually agree with his assessment. If Stefan Struve became the HW champ, he would still not get into the NBA just because of his size and for being a famous fighter.
And this rebook deal smells so bad, we are seeing a lawsuit against Zuffa because of it.
So instead of brushing it off as “well, each fighter has a different opinion and we gotta respect that”, they put him down.
Say what you will. Diaz is a popular fighter and has HUGE heart (which he proved last weekend).
If Dana is not happy with Diaz, release him! God knows they did that for higher ranked fighters!
But they don’t.
So while they don’t release him, then treat him well. Don’t make a fuss of what he say, and then work behind doors with him to end this rift.

David: Nothing, he constantly costs himself money, then bitch for not having any money. Let him fight in a few months against some scrub, and work his way back. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dustin Porier get his mitts on him.

3. The TUF finale was the lowest rated of all time, plus the first challenger to the title is coming from outside the show, was crowing a champion on TUF a mistake?Carla Esparza

Roni: I think so.
I don’t see the point of taking a division (which already had a champion) and making them fight for the belt.
Aldo didn’t have to go through it. So why did Carla Esparza?
The maximum I would do, was send everyone BUT the champion and the winner would get a title shot.

David: I don’t think the season numbers were worth what all they did here. The kept Pettis on the shelf, and really didn’t pull any new fans. We’ve seen all the other fighters loose, so you pretty much have to have the first few challengers be non-castmates.

4. Excitement level for Dolloway vs Machida?FN Machida vs Dollaway

Roni: I like it. But I don’t see Dolloway winning.
I just hope Machida rebounds from his loss to Weidman. There are a lot of fun fights for him, and who knows? he might even get another chance at the belt!
As for Dolloway, if he does pull off the win, then the top 5 will become a scrambling mess (but a good mess!) 🙂

David: Not that high actually, CB is a nice guy, and a fun story, but he’s no contender, I’m more hoping we see Barao kill someone more than anything else.

5. Do you think this “lawsuit” is going to come to anything?

Roni: I hope so.
This is the first time fighters speak up against the Bully tactics from the UFC.
My hope is that fighters form a union, to be able to talk back at Zuffa.
This would greatly improve the sport, and set an new era for MMA.

David: No.

Bellator is there, and there are a ton of other ones. Let me ask you this. What happened to all the other promotions that promised big paydays for fighters? You can see their cards on UFC Fight Pass on the Vault section after they went out of business.  I have a hard time thinking Zuffa makes 87 Billion on every card.


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