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Its Roundtable time. The Guru’s of professional wrestling are back at it for another round of this weeks questions. Who is the future of the WWE? Does the WWE roster feel threatened by NXT? All this will be debated and much more.

On to the questions this week.


  1. It is said that the main roster in WWE feels threatened by NXT and the up and coming stars, especially after Vince McMahon’s rants on the Steve Austin podcast. Should they feel threatened, and do you believe that they really do feel threatened?

Steve- Being involved with the WWE roster you should always be worried for younger talent to eventually take your spot. There are always going to be guys younger, and hungrier to take your spot on the main roster. You have to think that at least a good majority of the roster at least on the mid-card level, should be at the very least looking over their shoulder. With Vince saying how impressed he is and happy with the NXT roster as a whole, they should really be concerned with all the young ones that are coming up. So yes I do believe that some of them do feel threatened, and they should be.

 Eric- Yes, I do the main roster should be threatened. NXT is a great show. Lots of action and few stories. I personally feel it’s much better.  Those guys are putting everything on the line because they don’t know when they will catch their big break, where as guys on the main roster already have their spot and don’t have to impress so much. I think it is possible that the main roster mite feel threatened because the guys in NXT can put on a great and the more people that notice it it could push them up to the main roster and other guys could lose their spots . So yes I could see a rivalry between the 2 divisions.



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  1. Which would you rather have on your resume. A long title reign, or multiple short title reigns?

 Steve- Has to be the length of a title reign. I remember reigns like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and how dominant they were in their era. I could not tell you without looking it up how many title reigns that Edge has had, or Cena has had. If you are a former 15 time champion, that means you would have lost it 15 times as well, that basically offsets the resume in that perspective. Not to take anything away from multiple reigns, I just think that it is more meaningful to have one long reign compared to multiple short reigns.

 Eric-  I would rather a long title reign than multiple short reigns. I think it makes your time as champion much more worthy than having the title and keep losing it. The longer you are champion,  the more relivent it makes your time as champion.  People may not remember you losing a title multiple times but they would remember a long time for you as champion.



  1. Will Ryback be the biggest challenge to Rusev, and do you see Ryback getting a United States title run?

 Steve- I actually like this matchup. You have Ryback who if I could quote Gorilla Monsoon, the irresistible force against the immovable object. Rusev is unbeaten, and Ryback has been on a warpath since his return to the WWE. I am really looking forward to this rivalry and really hope that the WWE does not screw this up. Ryback may just be the guy that can match up well against Rusev. I do see the WWE pulling the trigger and giving Ryback a shot at the United States championship. This could be a chance to take the title off of Rusev and may even propel him to greater horizons in the main event picture.

 Eric- This is a toss up to me. In all honesty I don’t know if Ryback would be a good contender to Rusev.  Both men are monsters and both me are trying to get their build up as unbeatable. Whichever loses it will make the other lose momentum and push the other one back down. I would like to see Ryback get a single title run but I’m not sure if him beating Rusev would be best for business.




  1. Are you looking forward to Brock vs Cena at the Royal Rumble? Who are your early favorites to win the Royal Rumble match?

 Steve- Honestly, not really. I really could care less of anyone who faces Brock Lesnar at this point. I am a traditionalist and absolutely hate the way he is carrying that championship. He did not even have the audacity to bring the title belt with him on his return to Raw last week. What kind of champion is this guy? I really hope they put the title back on Cena and instead of having Lesnar vs Reigns at Wrestlemania, they do Cena vs Reigns for the championship. It will allow them to build that match a lot better than the Lesnar/Reigns match.

My pick for the Royal Rumble? Well it is kind of obvious with that response. Roman Reigns will win the Royal Rumble, eliminating Seth Rollins in the end.

 Eric-  I am kinda looking forward to Brock and Cena at the rumble as they are building this as their final incounter. I am ready for this feud to be over and done with. For both of these guys to move on to different feuds. My prediction there is Cena. Now for the rumble match my two picks would either be Roman Regins or Dolph Ziggler.  I think those are the two biggest names that could win the match and go on to headline Wrestlemania with Cena.



  1. In your opinion, Who on the WWE roster, is the real “future of the WWE”?

 Steve- Gosh there are so many to choose from, first thank you to Greg from Texas who thought of this question. It is a good one to debate as there are so many choices. I have to go with Roman Reigns. He is so over with the fans, almost appearing to be Triple H like with his crowd reaction (meaning the Triple H of the 90’s) I think Reigns could be a dominant face, or even a heel. I think as over as he is, he can carry the WWE for the next decade. He needs to work on his mic skills and the rest will fall in to place. I hear many people say that he does not possess the in ring skill to be the best, but then again they said the same thing about Hogan, and for Cena and look what they became.

 Eric- That is a tough one. Lots of potential from the main roster also from guys in NXT. To pick just one I’m not sure but I have picked a top 5 from both the main roster and NXT. They are as followed in no particular order,  from the main roster: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Regins, Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler.  All 5 of these guys have potential of becoming big names in the WWE and can do it. Now for my top 5 in NXT in no particular order: Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor,  and Adrian Neville.  All 5 of these guys I think could be brought up to the main roster at any time and have potential for greatness. So I think any one of those 10 guys could be the next face of the WWE.


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