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NBA Roundtable: Who needs to shut up, Magic or Kobe? Are the Cavs the Best in the East? Warriors: Title Contenders? This and more will be debated by the NBA panel. Making a special appearance this week is Earl, he’s lending a hand to this week’s roundtable.


1. Is Magic Johnson justified in stating publicly that the Lakers should tank the rest of the season, and is Kobe Bryant justified in telling Magic to basically shut up?

David: I’m torn here. Magic knows better about basketball than Kobe ever will (See Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem) but no one is going to sign with the Lakers to hang with Magic. If the Lakers win anything anytime soon, its all about Kobe.

Earl: I have no problem with Magic stating that the Lakers should tank but with Kobe around it won’t happen. The problem the Lakers have is that they aren’t a playoff team but they aren’t one of the worst 5 teams in the NBA. They’ll likely finish in the 8-12 range and end up giving their pick up to Phoenix Suns.

Steve: I am not nor have ever been a fan of Kobe Bryant. However, I think he has some legitimate claim to telling Magic to shut his mouth. I don’t see how Magic Johnson as a long time Laker, probably the most well known Laker of all time, would publicly say the Lakers should tank the season. Despite what I think of him, Kobe is a competitor and if you talk about his team like that, he has every right to retaliate.


2. Riding an 8 game winning streak, Are the Cleveland Cavaliers the best team in the Eastern Conference?

David: No. Not until the defense lines up, they are not the best team. Toronto is a lot more jelled. The Cavs can beat them though, since they have the best player.

Earl: Yeah it’s the Cavs. I know Toronto have gotten off to an excellent start, but the Cavs appear to be jelling now and it’s only a matter of time before head coach David Blatt realizes that he needs to give his bench more of a run, therefore saving his big three for late game heroics.

Steve: While I think LeBron may have take a small step back from his four years in Miami. The Cavs are starting to figure things out with their Big 3 combo. They are in my mind the best team in the East. Toronto is a good young team, and will probably run away with their division, but I can’t see them being too much of a threat. It will come down to the Bulls and Cavs in the East.


3. What will Phil Jackson do with Derek Fisher at the end of this season, if the Knicks fail to win at least 20 games? They are on pace to fall under that total so far this season?

David: I think Fisher is a joke of a coach, and Phil needs to either take this team by the throat or hire someone that can.

Earl: I’ve never seen a coach act the way Derek Fisher does. He looks like he doesn’t even want to be on the sidelines. Personally, I’d fire Fish now if I were Jackson just to put the guy out of his misery. However, I can’t see that happening. Fisher will finish the season as head coach, and he’ll be back to start next season but unless he or Phil realize that the pieces in New York don’t fit, I doubt either one will see the end of next season in New York.

Steve: Let’s be real here, Phil Jackson needs to take over this team in order for them to succeed. What did he expect when he hired a coach fresh out of his playing days to coach a team like this. Fisher was set up to fail, and he will likely have an early retirement as far as coaching goes.


4. With the Golden State Warriors on the hottest streak in franchise history. Will the Warriors continue this pace, and are they to be considered serious title contenders?

David: Not unless Bogut stays 100% and they get lucky in playoff matchups. I have a hard time seeing them beating the Spurs, Grizzlies or Blazers in a 7 game series unless Bogut can do something.

Earl: The Warriors are a great story but I’m inclined to agree with David. The team has to stay healthy, and even then I don’t know if they’re capable of beating the Spurs, Grizzlies, or my personal favorite The Clippers, in a 7 game series. Steve Kerr will likely will Head Coach of the Year but I don’t think I can consider the Warriors as serious contenders.

Steve: Can anyone beat this team? 16 straight going into today. Easily the best team in the NBA. Curry is lights out, and they with Kerr at the helm, he knows how to win in the regular season and post season. Yes the Warriors are absolutely a legit championship contender. I don’t see them slowing down as long as their shooters stay healthy.



5. With his recent comments, Anthony Davis wants to be the Greatest of All Time. Do you think that Davis has that potential to be the Greatest of All Time?

David: I’m not sure that its possible to be a GOAT. Jordan is current GOAT, but lets be frank, he won 6 titles in 20 years. He won a bunch of scoring titles and defensive awards. I’m not sure that if Davis leads the league in Boards, averages 20 pts per game and wins a half-dozen titles even gets him close to the discussion. I don’t think its withing Davis to average 30+ a game to get the people thinking that way.

Earl: I love The Brow. He’s become a far better player than I even expected the NBA but he can’t be The GOAT. To be the GOAT he has to be a winner. If he plans on playing his entire career in New Orleans, he won’t be. To me Michael Jordan will be the Greatest of All Time. Besides the 6 rings, he imposed his will in every game he played. Kobe is just behind him, and I assume LeBron will force his way into a legitimate conversation in a few more seasons. However, for Anthony Davis to get there he’s got to get out of New Orleans and on to a team that can start winning. ASAP.

Steve: He is a BUAT (Best Unibrow of all time) But as good as he is, he will never be the caliber player that Michael Jordan was. He is not going anywhere with New Orleans, he needs to find a team that can compete and win. He is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but not even in the conversation for greatest of all time.

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