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What happened to the mystery WWF Championship belt for Andre? Where is Brock Lesar, and is the title meaningful? Find out that and more on #ask7pound.

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Brock from the Sunshine State asks about Andre the Giant:

 Why did the WWF have a belt made for Andre the Giant during Wrestlemania 3, when he did not win the match? Was he actually supposed to win the title that night against Hogan?

andrevshogan                                                       wwftitle

 Andre told many of his friends that he wanted a title run and assumed that he had every opportunity to do so during his long tenure in the WWF. When he turned heel, and challenged Hogan, it was shortly considered to give Andre the championship. They had plans to develop a new championship belt anyway, and so they ordered a custom made belt specifically for Andre. While I cannot tell you if it was actually scripted at any point in time for Andre to beat Hogan at Wrestlemania III, the belt in fact was made, but never was actually used in ring. It was said during that match by Gorilla Monsoon that this would be the last time, win, lose, or draw that Hogan would wear that particular title belt to the ring. That turned out not to be the case, as Hogan won the match, and the new belt was not debuted until February of 88, when Andre defeated Hogan for the title. Ironically, it was not the same belt they developed for him. Andre also had some back issues and the WWF was scared to put the title on him as they were not sure how he would respond with the title, and really could not go full time. Savage ended up with the vacant title as his character was peaking at the right time.


 Royce from Lousiana chimes in about the Barber:

 Hi. I was watching some old wcw shows and realized that Brutus Beefcake had several gimmicks. How many gimmicks did he actually have?


 Well the total amount is 16 different characters. Some before he really made it big. So I’ll start with the main ones.

Brutus Beefcake

Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake

Brother Bruti

The Butcher

The Zodiac

The Zodiac Man

The Man without a Name

The Disciplebrutus

The Booty Man

Big Brother Booty

Brute Force

The Clipmaster

Dizzy Hogan

Ed Boulder

Eddie Hogan

The Mariner

Obviously many of those you have never heard from before, but those were all of his gimmicks from the independent circuit all the way to the WWE and WCW.


 Charlie from Ohio takes us back to 1991:

 I was watching the Great American Bash 1991 the other day and I have two questions out of that. First. What in the world was with that ugly WCW title belt in the main event, and what ever happened to it? Also, why did Ric Flair not compete in that match against Lex Luger?

wcwbelt2 God that was a hideous belt. The card was originally to be highlighted by a Steel cage match between Ric Flair and Lex Luger for the WCW World Championship, and this match was heavily promoted on WCW TV. However, two weeks before the show, then-WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd fired Flair over a contract dispute, stripping him of the title in the process. At the time, champions left a $25,000 security deposit that would be refunded to them (along with any accumulated interest on the deposit) once they lost the title and Flair was expecting to get his back as he was no longer employed by WCW. The company did not give Flair back his deposit, and he took possession of the belt and later brought it to the World Wrestling Federation with him and appeared with it on television.

Meanwhile, WCW had to commission a new World Championship belt. However, the new belt could not be readied in time for the event, so the company was forced to improvise. A Florida Championship Wrestling title belt that was in the possession of Dusty Rhodes was used and a metal plate with “WCW World Heavyweight Champion” was attached to the front.


 Rocco from California asks:

 Hey man on Halloween Havoc, I think it was 1991 or 92. They had the finals for the light heavyweight championship. Didn’t they have a ref cam or something like that?

refcam The match you are thinking about was Flyin Brian vs Ricky Morton for the newly invented Light Heavyweight Championship. The refereye cam was introduced at the event for a way the fans can go inside the ring and get a new look at the action in the ring from the referees perspective. It was also used in a few other matches on the card that Referee Nick Patrick was involved in, including the Chamber of Horror match. It was said by Patrick that he hated the device and that he could not move very well with the helmet on his head, and it really did look stupid as hell.


Leader of the C-Nation asks about Brock Lesnar:

 Why has Brock Lesnar not been on TV? Does the WWE not care about the WWE title anymore? Thanks!

brockBrock has a contract with WWE that he only has to appear in so many events. The WWE is taking advantage of that and trying to keep him relevant in the WWE up to Wrestlemania. Anything above his quota of appearances, the WWE will have to pay him a huge premium.

As for the title being relevant, you can go back to the Austin/McMahon podcast where McMahon even states that he does not think the WWE Championship is meaningful anymore. So I guess that would answer that question. No they don’t care about the title anymore.

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