MMA Roundtable: 12/12 Edition


Welcome to the MMA Roundtable: Supersized edition! Today, Roni, Collin and David talk

1. Rory vs Robbie or Hendricks vs Lawler III?Lawler vs Hendricks

Roni: While I did not like the decision (I’d be fine with 27-28 win for Lawler, but 26-29???), I don’t think this warrants a rematc h right away.
I would actually like to see Rory fight Hendricks!
Lawler wants to fight only in the summer. so why not? The wiinner gets Lawler!

I would like that!

Collin: I believe that MacDonald deserves the fight. Not only was it promised to him, but I don’t see why exactly an immediate rematch makes sense.  I scored that fight 1-4-5 for Robbie, and though I suppose it could be scored for Johny on the ten point must system, Robbie clearly was the better fighter that night.

David: I actually had it 3-2 for Hendricks, but again, I can see a 3-2 Lawler pretty easily. I’m fine with Rory getting a shot, let Hendricks take out another contender, then get a rematch. I think one fight and then we get the trilogy. The problem with doing the automatic rematch, again, is if Hendricks wins, then Lawler might get another one, and tie the title up another year.

2. Pettis is going to be out until the summer, is he too fragile to be a star?

Roni: It sucks! But this is a very demanding sport. And I can’t fault Pettis for getting injured.
But this definitely hurts his legacy and the hype around him.

Collin: The answer is obviously no, because even though he never fights he is still a star. As Sherdog’s Jordan Breen pointed out, Pettis may be the most gifted offensive fighter of all time. Casual fans love cool finishes, martial artists love crisp, beautiful technique and drive to finish. As long as every time he does fight he performs like that, he will always be a star.

David: Star? Of course, someone to build a division around? I am really starting to doubt it. Fighting once a year just isn’t going to catch the imagination. This isn’t boxing where once a year is perfectly fine.

3. Does Rivera deserve a rematch?

Roni: I think so. The eye poke was evident, and the fight was close.
But this happens in MMA, and it is unfortunate.
I am good with just letting it go also. After all, if eye pokes would warrant rematches, Jon Jones would have to rematch every guy he fought! (zing!!)

Collin: Yes, I think Rivera does deserve a rematch. If ever an eyepoke has more clearly affected the outcome of a fight it was that one. It transpired very fast, and I don’t think it was intentional, but it was clearly a finger to the eye that caused the end. I think Rivera loses again, but he deserves another crack at Faber after that.

David: Yes. I’m sure Faber will fight before Rivera is ready to go again, but as soon as Rivera is ready, he should get another shot.

4. Is having the TUF 20 Live Finale days after the taped season finale a mistake?

Roni: If people have not yet seen the show, then it kills the whole suspense of watching.
But if this would happen after the show passes on TV, then I rather they fight sonner while the hype from the show is up.

Collin: Having it so soon after the finale may be a mistake. They really gave themselves no time to sell the fight, and it’s also being overshadowed by the fact that here are fights on big Fox the next day. Especially when one of the most marketable fighters on the season, Thug Rose, is in the finals. She is pretty, a very skilled fighter both staining and on the floor, and I already well known amongst MMA fans because of being Pat Barry’s girlfriend, I think that not selling that fight a all is  mistake.

David: Horrible placement. They barely finish the season, there is no replay of the finale for people like me to see because of my work schedule, and the Fox card right after it is going to dominate the weekend.

5. CM Punk, good signing? Plus or minus 1 actual fight?CM Punk

Roni: I think it is good.
He brings viewers and is also very good (from what I hear).
Anyone that can bring viewers is a good business to the UFC.
If he will do good or not, that is another question.
I just don’t want him to bring his WWE personna to the MMA world (like Lesnar did @ UFC 100).

Collin: Good signing. It has become very fashionable for fans to complain about signing a guy like Punk, but I’m fie with it. This isn’t the NFL, NBA, or any “real sport” that can lose some credibility; you can’t lose what never existed. They basically stole Nog’s belt and gave it to Randy because Brock could beat Randy, so this kind of thing should surprise no one. Punk will make the UFC TONS of money, and that is a good thing for MMA as a whole.

David: Interesting signing, but how come Roy Nelson has to go through TUF, but CM Puck gets to debut in the UFC? I’d like it better if Zuffa still had Strikeforce Challengers. I’ll say Punk goes 0-1 in his Zuffa career.

6. Thoughts on opponent?

Roni: It all depends on what Weight class he is joining.
I would give him a fringe top 10 fighter. That would greatly gauge if he belongs at the elite or if he is just a name that should be used in “fun” fights.

Collin: Not the Green Power Ranger. Someone who isn’t a lifetime martial artist, some 1-0 guy who has only been fighting for a few years. Someone Punk can beat, if he trains correctly, not a can he can easily crush.

David: I get the feeling we are going to end up with some striking coach getting a shot, or some TUF injury makeup battle. I can’t see them giving someone like Quentin Henry a shot at him.

7. Excitement level for TUF 20TUf 20

Roni: An 8 or 9!
This is an amazing card for a free card!

Collin: 7. Rose x Carla is a great fight for the title, and Stephens x Do Bronx is a great fight with 2 top 10 featherweights. Solid card.

David: About a 6, same as the show.

8. Where does this UFC on FOX rank as far as previous cards?

Roni: This is one of the best cards they put on Fox!

Collin: This is a great card. As far as a great mix of fun fights, like Overeem x Struve, relevant fights, like dos Anjos and dos Santos, this is one of the best Fox cards yet.

David: One of the best. The UFC has stacked the heavyweights on this card, and it should be a fun night.

9. How did Bellator let Joe Riggs get back to the UFC?

Roni: It seems this is a new policy from Bellator.
Due to all changes, they are not making issues for anyone who wants to leave.

Collin: Riggs wasn’t a huge star for them anyway. He looked awful in the fight won him fightmaster, and hasn’t been relevant in years. Useless UFC exiles are the kind of guys they should be shedding. The bigger question is why did the UFC want him back?

David: I have no idea why he’s taking a spot here. Bellator was pushing Fightmaster and Riggs being cut loose is a total admission that it was a mistake.

10 Excitement level for UFC on FOX: Dos Santos vs Miocic?UFC on Fox

Roni: I am pumped!
It remains to be seen how will Junior come back from such a brutal beating.
I feel this is a dangerous fight for him, but one that will secure his place as the best HW not named Cain.

David: Oh I am thrilled here. This fight is going to be awesome, and there is a ton of potential here. I’m a monster JDS fan, and this could put him back in the conversation.

11. Is this a # contender to the interim title?

Roni: I don’t know about that.
I hope Junior have some other fights before a rematch with Cain!
I heard he is training grapplin, but we need a lot more time to be effective against Cain!

David: I could see Miocic getting the next title fight, if he wins. If JDS wins, I’m not sure he still get a title shot, but I’d like to see him face Werdum in Brazil.

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