UFC 8 Review

UFC 8UFC 8: David vs Goliath

Fun little gimmick on this one, can a good little man beat a good big man? We are in full McCain mode here, as this card got shipped to Puerto Rico last minute from New York, and its HOT here. Don Frye

Beck keeps calling it Jew-Jitsu. I thought I was being borderline offensive when I call it Ju-Ju.

WHOA! Quadros is a JUDGE! This one could get interesting. He still looks like he use as the Jerry Jones Starter Kit.
The David vs Goliath thing is a gimmick from Hell for people wanting to get regulated- all we need is some some 600 pound Yokozuna to s do a foot stomp on a guy going 100 pounds and pop an eye out.. I hope the Ref is active and paying attention.

Quarter Final: Don Frye v Thomas RamirezThomas Ramirez

Frye is managed by Dan Severn – who looks SMALL compared to Frye.
Ramirez is the biggest guy He’s a local guy from Puerto Rico, so he’s loved.
Ramirez is 400-0. I guess he’s a Gracie? Ramirez is a master of Pakua-Chan, I think that’s a pork dish. They also claim he has “questionable endurance” uh, he’s 400 pounds and its 100 degrees out there.
Frye is labeled as a Judo guy. That’s just funny there. I’m not sure his Judo skill is in his top 3 martial arts. Maybe they named it Judo to stop people going to the restroom before the match starts.
Just noticed the announcer keeps repeating the last name over  – I’m sure that won’t get annoying.
How about this mis-match. Frye is 206 and Ramirez is 410. Good Lawd that’s a lot of mass in there.
Frye comes out and Ramirez cannot absorb a blow to the chin and falls into the cage- If this was the WWE the cage would have collapsed.
Frye with a STUNNING debut!
While Ramirez is laying there, the commentary team question the undefeated record, that sound you hear is dirt being thrown on King Hippo.

Quarter Final: Joe Moreira v Paul Varelans

Moreira is hailed as the next Brazillian champion. Supposed to be the third great one, after Royce and Ruas. One of these things is not like the other.
Varelans is undefeated outside of the cage, and he’s 3-3 inside of it. Gotta love how these guys have amazingly great records- then step into the cage.
Varelans with a Legit Karate Chop! Varelans has about 95 pounds to give him Goliath standards. Varelans keeps trying to check leg kicks and its slowing him down and costing him striking points.
-Commentators keeps trying to sell Moreira as a world beater, I’m not impressed as he started to get caught more and more often. If Moreira was a bit of a faster starter, he wins this going away.

Quarter Final: Jerry Bohlander v Scott FerrozzoJerry Bohlander v Scott Ferrozzo

Bohlander is out with Frank Shamrock. Ferrozzo is a huge guy, but he has to be thinking about Ramirez getting knocked out by the smaller guy.
Ferrozzo has 130 pounds on Bohlander
Ferrozzo gets cut open and they keep checking on it. I’m not sure the point, since if Ferrozzo wins, he’s not going to come back and fight.
Fun bit where Bohlander is trying to choke Ferrozzo out with his own singlet. How is that legal? Bohlander finally gets in a guillotine chokeout in a better fight than most of this era.

Quarter Final: Paul Herrera v Gary GoodridgePaul Herrera v Gary Goodridge

Herrera is from Tank Abbott’s camp. Make of that what you will.
Goodridge claims to have beaten 1000 men in a row, in two hours. Who sets that up? Would only beating 992 guys in a row make him suck?
Goodridge is in FULL GI- FULL BLACK GI. He must be insane.
Herrera has a good gameplan, put the fat guy on his back. The problem is, its stuffed and he ends up on the bottom and Goodridge just beats the hell out of him. McCarthy with a VERY late stoppage.

This is a visual that the UFC Fans had to love that horrified the UFC Brass

Semi Final: Don Frye v Sam Adkins

Sam Adkins replaces Paul Varelans who had a change of heart after seeing Frye up close, no wait, a broken bone in his foot. Or so we are told.Fear Me

Frye with a cape that says “Fear Me”
Remember when that used to be a thing? We are waiting a long time for Adkins to get taped up.
Adkins has 60 pounds on Frye, who has been in the cage for a good 10 minutes.
Atkins gets squished and comes up PISSED.
Frye was beating the shit out of him, but its an early stoppage.
The fight has been stopped due to a cut. Not exactly a horrible cut- Almost a Fedor-Tye stoppage there. McCarthy has apparently been told to stop a little earlier than before, I’m guessing.

Frye has fought a grand total of 58 seconds so far.

Semi Final: Jerry Bohlander v Gary Goodridge

Gary Goodridge is out, he is shown as wanting to be a pro-wrestler.
Gary has some good ground skills but shows some serious power by just shoving Jerry off him with pure power. Goodridge gets two MONSTER right hands on top of Jerry and that’s it. Another good matchup.
Gary Pimps his after Party. Gotta love this dude.

Now its time for the SuperFight.

Superfight: Ken Shamrock v KimoKen Shamrock

Dan Severn gets the winner
He very early on talks about how early fighters were one-dimensional. Sometimes you could almost think he is making an excuse, sometimes he sounds like they just didn’t know any better. I wonder if that fight with Royce keeps him up nights.
MASA Funoki gets some love, and his Pancrase background is talked up. Don’t you miss the times when the UFC cared about other sports that they would take over in importance.
Kimo is getting credit for putting Royce out of UFC 3. He’s not exactly being billed as beating him- but its highly hinted at he’s the reason Royce pulled  could not continue. Not quite burning  Royce, but dancing that line to make Kimo look good. Shamrock vs Royce is not exactly brought up. He isn’t training anymore with the “infamous Joe Son” whatever that means.

Shamrock with a takedown, and gets the mount, but no punches as he is trying for a choke, Kimo with a sweep, and he tries to punch, but Shamrock rolls for a kneebar and gets a tapout. Makes Royce look weaker, you know, if Royce hadn’t beaten Ken head to head.
Ken says that he didn’t want to throw any punches, just to get the submission clean.

Tank Abbott is out in the crowd making fans, no wait, he’s getting into a fight with fans, that can’t be good, considering it made it to the DVD release.

Final: Don Frye v Gary GoodridgeDon Frye v Gary Goodridge

Goodridge has quit wearing the gi, and is in shorts.

Frye gets pushed up to the cage, and Goodridge throws Frye to the ground, and almost lands a soccer kick. Goodridge on top, but Frye with a nice sweep, and starts just hammering on Gary. Goodridge’s cornerman throws in the towel.

Frye raises Goodridge’s hand.
Goodridge blames his lack of wind for the loss- he does bring up the excuse that he had harder fighters.

There is a UFC VI banner hanging on the wall??

Final Thoughts: UFC VIII is one of the better events, and is almost a highlight reel for Don Frye. Pretty much everyone came to fight, and Frye and to a lesser extent Goodridge just crushed the field. I do think that this how a tournament can be done right. I bet Dana would give up Blackjack to have a talent like Frye walk into his life. Goodridge is just a beast at this point for a debuting fighter. I kinda think Pride ruined him, as the power punchers at heavyweight over there compared to the UFC might have saved him some trauma.

Thank you for reading.

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