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Roundtable time. Are we looking forward to TLC? What are our predictions for the last pay per view of 2014? Will Sting vs Undertaker really happen at Wrestlemania? Find out this and more on this weeks Roundtable discussion.

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Here we go!


  1. Will CM Punk be successful in MMA? And does this mean we have seen the end of Punk in the WWE?


Steve– I never got the vibe from CM Punk that he was really the toughest competitor in the WWE. While he had great charisma, and phenomenal mic skills, he never really showed that brawling, toughness that people like Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, or any other wrestler turned UFC/MMA. Not saying he will not be successful, but I cannot see him having an extreme amount of success in the Octagon. Especially if he loses to the Green Power Ranger.  Will he be back in the WWE? I will never be one to say that he never will, but after hearing his podcast, I don’t see any way he comes back to the WWE unless they guarantee him a Wrestlemania main event. That would be the ONLY way he comes back to the WWE.


Eric– I think yes CM Punk could successful in UFC. He is a hard working dedicated individual who can do anything he puts his mind to. I look for big things from him. As far as have we seen the last of him in the WWE, never say never. One thing I’ve learned as a wrestling fan is anything is possible.


Josh- Will he win?  Probably not very much.  Will he make lots of money and possibly break ticket sales records? Very likely.  The most intriguing matchup I have seen so far has been Jason David Frank (yes, the original Green Power Ranger and Legitimate Bad@$$) has challenged Punk for his debut match.  That is something I would love to see.



  1. It has been reported that the writers of the WWE have been told to work the Undertaker into Wrestlemania 31, there is some serious talk that Sting will be his opponent. Would you still like to see this match, or would Sting vs HHH be the best match for him?


Steve– Triple H would be the best opponent for Sting and I will tell you why. Triple H still has something left in the tank, and can still put on a good match, even if it is with a 54 year old Sting. I know that the Undertaker vs Sting match is what everyone wants to see, and I will not be disappointed if we get that match. My question is; How would that play out? You cannot have Sting in quite possibly his only Wrestlemania appearance lose the match. Triple H will put him over, and give him his Wrestlemania moment. I can’t see the Undertaker losing two straight Wrestlemania matches. Plus, this is not like seeing he and Sting in their prime, which would be amazing to see. These are two guys over 50 that I don’t think could have that great of a match. Triple H makes sense on so many levels.


Eric– That is a match every wrestling fan has wanted to see for years. Undertaker vs Sting is one of those matches that we used to only dream about happen. Let’s face it tho, both men are past their prime and won’t be around forever.  This maybe their last chance for the dream match to happen.  I hope the WWE goes with Undertaker vs,Sting. That would sell more than HHH vs Sting.


Josh-  Honestly, I am over the Undertaker.  He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest of all time.  But you have to admit that he has lost so many steps over the last few years.  A match between Taker and Sting in 2015 would not live up to the expectations of a match in 2005.  Taker needs to retire, accept his first ballot HoF induction and let it go.  Sting vs. HHH would be a much better, more methodical, and even more exciting match as HHH is able to do more than the Undertaker can at this point.



  1. Damien Mizdow is currently getting the biggest pop on crowds all over the country. What should the WWE do with this character? Do you keep him with Miz? Or is he holding him back?


Steve– Damien Sandow: Hated the character, hated the gimmick, did not think he was worth a damn in the WWE. Damien Mizdow? This guy is freaking hilarious. I love watching what he is going to do next. His character is by far the most entertaining in the WWE right now. But where does he go after he drops off from the Miz? Mizdow has proven that he cannot run by himself, but I think they really need to go somewhere with Mizdow, and at least give him an IC or US title run.


Eric– I love the Mizdow character. He is hilarious, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a character in a long time. He is definitely over right now. I think tho the WWE needs to keep him with the miz tho. That’s part of the reason he is so over is because he is a stunt double and the things he does. I think if they break him away too early he will lose all his momentum. The WWE needs to continue to build him up and continue his run with the Miz.


Josh- You keep him with the Miz.  The reason the character of Mizdow works is BECAUSE Miz is holding him back.  You see a guy be funny and very charismatic, and then the Miz comes in and completely steals his thunder.  That is the dynamic that has built Mizdow, and it is that dynamic that will keep Mizdow over.  Breaking him away too early, without developing and getting over some originality to his character (not just copying Miz) would be a mistake.  Damien will have to have more of a character evolution if he is to break away from the Miz or he will fizzle as fast as Alex Riley.



  1. With Charlotte appearing on Raw on Monday night. Does this get you excited about the Divas division moving forward?


Steve– I felt like I was watching the female version of Ric Flair. She resembles Flair in so many different ways. I think that Charlotte will bring some much needed excitement to the Divas division. She and AJ could have a great feud with each other for the Divas title. So yes, I am excited about what they do with the Diva’s division, but I am also optimistic as the WWE usually does not give them much to work with.


Eric–  I was excited to Charlotte appear on RAW I think she is a great talent and could bring lots to the divas division.  There are many great young divas in NXT and I believe the divas division will continue to grow with the younger talent coming up and will make the divas division better and better.


Josh- If they had given Charlotte more time, and let her display more of what she can do, I might be very excited.  However, the match was too short, and had Nattie win by roll-up…not a great way to debut your next big Diva star.



  1. Are you looking forward to TLC? What are your thoughts, and predictions for the PPV event this Sunday?


Steve– After an amazing Survivor Series, I have a bad feeling that this event is going to disappoint. I could see the Cena/Rollins match ending two ways, Cena wins outright, and goes on to face BerrrROCK Lesnar at the Royal Rumble as planned. Or Rollins wins and somehow manipulates Cena into getting his title shot back if the Authority gets reinstated. I am going with Cena winning outright, but anything can happen. I like Ziggler to regain the IC title in the ladder match, Miz and Mizdow to retain the titles. Nikki to retain the Diva’s title (but AJ will get it back before Rumble to set up AJ vs Charlotte at Mania) Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt could be the talk of the show. I like Ambrose winning a great match. I really could care less about the Big Show vs Eric Rowan. I’ll pick Big Show just because. So this event is typically where feuds begin and end. So moving forward, I am looking to see what comes out of the TLC event. But the event in itself does not get me excited.


Eric– This Sunday is WWE TLC (and stairs) which can been seen on the WWE network for only $9.99 (cheap pop)I think it should be a decent show. This is the last ppv before we start to kick off wrestlemania season. It the last chance to close certain feuds and for the guys to impress the big wigs to show them they can have great matches and should be written into Wrestlemania.  So look for the guys to give it their all on Sunday. The match I’m most excited to see Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt in a TLC match. I think those 2 will steal the show this Sunday. Both of them have a bright future ahead of them. I look for great things from both of them.


Josh- Honestly, I could take it or leave it.  Nothing of great importance is going to happen at TLC, and no truly great stories are going to be furthered.  Cena-Rollins, doesn’t matter, because whoever goes against Lesnar at Royal Rumble will lose.  People might disagree with me, but Ambrose / Wyatt Rd. 2 has been underwhelming, and the Diva’s title holds no interest to me at all.  Ryback has to win, if he doesn’t then he is done for.  There will be no coming back from a loss to Kane.  The PPV has not had any real build up.  There is no investment at all.  All in all, in my honest and humble opinion, WWE needs to drop down to 6 PPV’s per year, cut out the ones, like TLC, which are completely unnecessary and feel like a glorified episode of RAW (even more so since RAW went to 3 hours long).

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