WARGAMES: Semi-Finals Part II


Welcome to the second Wargames BattleWargames
Part One: The Draft

Part Two: Nation of Domination vs Team Josh

Here is the Video for the second semi-final, I did make a mistake on this one and swapped Mick Foley over, My Error

You have ONE week to vote!


New Woodford Order VS Strange Breed
The nWo is going to start out with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and this is a man that just will not quit, and no matter who the Strange Breed put out there, Stone Cold has looked across the cage at them and had some major success against them, Austin is also a master of taking an ass whupping and coming back stronger. The longer the match goes, the better he is. Randy Savage is in next, and he’s a crazy man. I’m going to put that insane person in a double cage and lets keep in mind, he’s bigger than anyone else on the other team other than Triple H who is about the same size. Next up is one of the Greats, you have Ric Flair, I have the original Ric Flair, everything Flair is, Rogers created, and at 6’2 220, he’s not exactly a midget running around the cage, and he’s used to bleeding for an hour at a time. The nWo just keep getting bigger as the Big Man hits the cage. Kevin Nash has powerbombed each and every man on the Strange Breed multiple times and he will again, and with the man advantage that the nWo enjoys, he will have plenty of time to drop them flat on their backs.
Now we bring in at 300 pounder who just ups the level of crazy in Bray Wyatt. 6’3 and 300 pounds- and not a slug either. He can move and considering the Strange Breed have all been getting beaten on for almost a half hour, Sister Abigal is going be coming early and often. Then Rodgers can break out the original figure four and get the tapout, since the figure four has been felt by every man on the Breed team. When Nash is the SANE ONE on my team, how are you going to survive with this level of crazy in a steel cage?? Lets also keep in mind no one on the Breed LIKE each other, they might beat each other up while we watch!
Strange Breed consists of five of the most talented stars in the history of professional wrestling. On this team, you have Ric Flair, who calls himself the dirtiest player in the game, and has four War Games under his belt. Experience, and the fact that he has the best figure four leg lock of all time will give this team value. Then you have Mick Foley, who will be competing as Cactus Jack. While he does not have the War Games experience, he is one of the most fierce competitors of all time who can take a beating, and still come back to put a hurtin on his opponents. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels also bring that endurance and toughness that is needed for the WarGames. Then you have the Cerebral Assassain Triple H, who along with the Undertaker has the most victories inside a Hell in a Cell. He can beat you to a bloody pulp. The diverse structure of this team with brains, brawn, submission and attack will lead Strange Breed to victory.

 Order of Entry
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart
Mick Foley
Randy Macho Man Savage
Ric Flair
Nature Boy Buddy Rogers
Triple H
Kevin Nash
Shawn Michaels
Bray Wyatt

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