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When was Andre the Giant the WWF Champion? Why was the Iron Sheik WWF champion for such a short time? When is Daniel Bryan coming back? These will be answered and much more on this weeks edition of ask7pound.

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On to the questions.

Alexander from Switzerland asks a couple questions:

Why did the wwe give Marty Jannetty the Intercontinental title over HBK in 1993?

JannettyWell Alexander, if you remember when the Rockers split up in January, 1992, Shawn Michaels threw Jannetty into the Barber Shop window causing injuries to his former tag team partner. Shawn went on to open Wrestlemania 8 with a victory over El Matador (Tito Santana), and we really had not heard from Marty Jannetty. Later on that year, Shawn won his first singles championship against the British Bulldog, and fought Bret Hart at the Survivor Series for the WWF Championship. When Raw debuted in 1993, Shawn was facing all comers for the Intercontinental Championship, and claimed that he has defended against everyone and no one could beat him. Insert Marty Jannetty who after a year came back to the WWF much to the surprise of Shawn Michaels. Marty upset Shawn in the first title change in Raw’s history. This was mosty a ratings booster for the program to show that anything can happen in the WWF, which is a phrase that was made famous by Vince McMahon for years to come. Marty’s reign did not last too long however, as he lost to Michaels on a Superstars show just a few weeks later.


When did the WWE start giving the winner of the Royal Rumble a title shot at Wrestlemania?

yokoUnofficially it was 1991 when Hulk Hogan became the first winner of the Royal Rumble to go on to challenge for the championship when he faced off against Sgt. Slaughter at Wrestlemania 7. However, that was not the actual stipulation for that match. The stipulation began in 1993, when Yokozuna burst onto the scene to win the Royal Rumble and eventually went on to defeat Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 9.


Pedro from Southern California goes old school:

This is kind of old school so I hope you can answer it. The Iron Sheik won the WWF title over Bob Backlund in 1985 I think. Why did he only hold it for a month before dropping it to Hulk Hogan? And the second part of this question is, Did Verne Gagne actually pay the Sheik to break Hulks leg in the match?

sheikvsbacklundFeel free to ask anything, Pedro. I will do my very best to answer your questions. This question is pretty much simple. Backlund’s time was up as champion as he was nearing retirement, and Vince Jr. wanted a new star to be born. Sorry for him, it was not the Iron Sheik. The Sheik was a transitional champion so they could have Hulk Hogan become the champion. Now the Sheik would make it very apparent that he was a former World Champion many times during his introduction, though he only held the title for a few short weeks. As for him beating Backlund, they could not let Hogan be the one to beat Backlund and keep both a face as Backlund wanted to go out like that. Hogan was their star, their babyface, that was about to carry the title. Who better to take the title off a man from Iran, not too long after the United States was in battle with Iran. It was the perfect set up. As for the incident with Verne Gagne, Gagne will deny this until he is blue in the face. The Sheik will claim that Gagne asked him to take out Hogan because Hogan abruptly left Gagne’s AWA organization. Hogan was set to become the champion in the AWA before he left for greener pastures. Sheik states that he was loyal to Vince and the WWF and refused. Whether it ever happened? We can only speculate.


The Real Mizdow from Old Milwaukee

Watching Raw the other day, Is Daniel Bryan going to start appearing back on Raw? Do you know what the status of his injury is, and is he going to make it back to the ring soon?

bryanDaniel Bryan is saying that he is doing everything in his power to return to the ring by Wrestlemania. However, WWE Creative has no plans to write him into any storylines in the foreseeable future and have been told by WWE Management not to include him in anything. You could see him appear on RAW every so often as a special guest, but as far as a wrestling capacity, it could be some time. In fact, the WWE has actually dropped the prices on all Daniel Bryan merchandise by 60%. Daniel Bryan is still featured on the promotional advertisements for Wrestlemania 31, but there is no internal timetable for his return.


Rick from Rochester NY goes TNA on me: So thanks to David for helping me with this answer.

I know you said before that you don’t watch much TNA so if you can’t answer this its okay. What made Bobby Lashley leave MMA to come to TNA. I mean I really liked him back in the day in WWE, but it seemed like he was doing really well in MMA.

lashleyLashley was in Strikeforce, but Dana balked at his contract demands, age and what was considered a limited skillset, so  Lashley was considered more trouble than he was worth and was cut loose without ever fighting for Zuffa. He signed a Viacom contract, where he could be used to crosspromote both Bellator and TNA.

Lashley knew the numbers difference between Brock pre and post UFC, and considering his mic skills killed his WWE push, knew he needed something like a legit badass background to make big money.
TNA was tied to the Viacom contract, so they had no choice but to let Lashley do what Viacom wanted him to do.

Now Lashley keeps getting hurt, and worse, keeps getting older, and now Viacom needed to get some kind of return on its investment, so MMA was put on the back burner, and he was forced to concentrate on TNA.

Now that TNA  is off Spike, look who is on the major Bellator card coming up.


Small Daddy Cool makes me do some research:

How many wrestlers have won championships in their first matches ever?

giantThe Giant (The Big Show) in WCW won the WCW Championship in his first match in WCW at Halloween Havoc in 1995. While it was not confirmed that he was champion until later, there was a stipulation that if Hogan was disqualified, he would lose the title. There was much controversy, but he was actually the champion.

Christian won the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship over Taka Michinoku in his first match.

Carlito won the United States championship from John Cena in his debut match on Smackdown.

Gail Kim won the WWF Women’s title in her first match in a battle royal.

Ted Dibiase Jr. won the WWF tag team titles with Cody Rhodes in his first match. Rhodes came in to the match as a co-champion with Hardcore Holly, Dibiase had a mystery parter which turned out to be Cody Rhodes.

The Rock-N-Roll Express won the NWA tag team titles in their first match against the Russians.


Michael from my neck of the woods, Illinois, asks about Andre winning the World Championship.

I saw your roundtable post. I don’t ever remember Andre the Giant winning the World Heavyweight title, you said it was only for two minutes, what is up with that?

andreIt was February, 1988 on the very first episode of “The Main Event.” A few weeks prior Ted Dibiase had tried to buy the WWF title from Hogan. When Hogan refused, he enlisted Andre the Giant to be the man to take the title from Hogan, and would then sell the championship to Dibiase. Hogan and Andre faced off in the Main Event, and Andre, with the help of a Dibiase purchased referee, won the match, and was declared the WWF Champion. Moments later, he surrendered the championship to Dibiase, and it was presumed that Dibiase was actually the WWF Champion. That is…until WWF President Jack Tunney intervened after Hogan protested the decision. Tunney deemed that the decision of the referee was final, and Hogan was not the champion. He also determined that the title cannot be bought, so that Dibiase was not the champion either. Finally, after Andre in fact “surrendered” the title, he determined that Andre the Giant was not the champion either. He declared the title vacant, and set up the huge WWF Championship tournament at Wrestlemania IV, which was ultimately won by Randy Savage.

 When Bret Hart lost the IC title to the Mountie, was that planned then have the Mountie go on to lose the title to Piper at the Rumble, only to have Piper vs Hart at Wrestlemania?

mountieIt was sort of planned, but mostly spur of the moment. Bret was supposed to drop the title to the Mountie the night of the Royal Rumble 1992, and Piper was going to challenge him very soon after then would set up the Piper vs Hart match at Wrestlemania 8. So that part of the story was planned. Bret came down with a very serious flu and actually wrestled the match with a high fever. They changed plans and had Bret drop the title three days before the Rumble, and have Piper win the title at the Royal Rumble.

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