Musings From the Bench 12/8 Edition

musings from the bench-2If anyone wants to drive a vehicle in any state of the union that person needs to take lessons and pass a test to get a license to drive.  If that person wants to get married they’ll need to apply for a marriage license and probably attend a few classes at their place of worship.  If a person wants to buy a gun for hunting (or other) purposes they’ll have to apply for a license and attend some gun safety classes.  These are all important milestones in life but the one that is the most important doesn’t require classes or a license  That milestone is having a baby.  Some people are just not ready and others will never be.

In the movie “28 Days” about a drug and alcohol addiction rehab, the director of the rehab tells the clients when they are ready to leave to get a plant. If you can keep the plant alive for (I forget how long) then you can get a pet.  If you can keep the pet alive for 2 years then you can enter into a relationship. I wish there were some time guidelines for people having children. There are too many stories of kids being injured or killed by the ones that are supposed to protect them.

Maricopa County Hospital in Arizona called police when they were treating a sarah nguyen47-day old boy (just one week past one month) who presented with second and third degree burns. In the first interview with the police the 18-year old mother told them she was giving the infant a bath in the bathroom sink. As time went on her story changed until she told them the truth.  In her frustration and anger with the boy she slapped him in the face and threw him down on the bed. She then placed him in the bathroom sink, turned on the hot water just ‘to see how he would respond to it’.

My guess is he screamed and cried louder. She then turned on the cold water when his skin turned red but the damage had already been done. She tried treating the blisters that had formed but decided to get him some professional care.

The arresting officer stated in his report that ‘she knew what she was doing was wrong’. Too bad she didn’t stop to think about just how wrong it was and not done it at all. Now she’s in jail with a $50,000 bond. Should she be able to post that bond, she’ll be under house arrest and electronic monitoring. No word on the condition of her tiny, little baby.


Maybe there’s something in the air in Arizona that makes parents lose their jesus gastelumminds. This time it’s a dad. A little before 2am the day after Thanksgiving, Jesus Gastelum confronted his ex-girlfriend who’s the mother of his child, at her home and punched her in the face. He also grabbed her arm and pulled out some of her hair extensions. All the while she was holding their daughter in her arms and big bad dad punched the 10-month old in the mouth causing a small cut to her upper lip. He has since been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, child abuse and criminal damage. He has a $20,000 bond and I hope he can’t pay it.  Parenthood is just too stressful for some folks.


Now for some other stupidity that is only harmful if you facepalm too hard.

Most of my time at facebook is spent on the news feed. It’s where I get some of the articles I use in Monday’s Musings. Some of them have convinced me that America is getting dumber by the second.  Take a look.

First up is the girl who got her first credit card and posted the picture of it on the internet…..without covering up the credit card numbers and then was at a loss why she was getting so many requests for the three numbers on the back of the card. Yes, she posted those numbers as well. sample card                                             Sample Card Purposes Only

Then we have the genius who thinks Alaska is an island because the map shows it as an island. The fact that it’s so cold there yet is shown near Hawaii never made an impression…that is until someone had to actually show her Alaska on a Globe. Her response? “Maps lie.”Map-of-United-States-of-America-Ranks-US-States-by-Peacefulness

Sometimes raw emotion can cause its own brand of stupidity and one can only hope once that person gets the emotion back under control, the stupidity doesn’t spread.

It’s been announced as of this writing that Michael Brown’s stepdad is being investigated for inciting others to riot when he said what he said in the heat of the moment when the decision came down from the Grand Jury not to indict Officer Wilson for the shooting death of his stepson. According to video of stepdadreactions to the verdict Louis Head made some angry comments (who wouldn’t?) and then said, “Burn this bitch down.”  During the Urban Renewal Riots of the ’70s the call to riot was ‘burn, baby, burn’ so i get the reaction to his words. BUT, why extend the stupidity by investigating and looking for someone to blame for the destruction and looting that took place? Can’t we all just smarten up and let it go? They lost their son, the cop isn’t being indicted, yet Head could be put in jail if found guilty of inciting a riot. Stop the madness already. Let’s all move on.MLK1


Just remember…..if you can’t make things better at least don’t make them worse.


Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench 12/8 Edition.  Until next time.



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