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This week we change things up again and have a little fun in the Roundtable. Which wrestler would be President of the United States? We discuss the Slammy Awards, and we debate who our top five wrestlers to never win the World Title.

David joins the Roundtable this week

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Here we go!!!!

President                                                                  Dibiase

  1. Using past and present wrestlers from any era. Pick a Presidential cabinet. At least select a President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense. You can name as many others as you would like.

Steve– President: Bob Backlund, Vice President: Ric Flair, Secretary of State: John Cena, Department of Defense: Jesse Ventura, Department of Education: David Otunga, Department of Transportation: Bob Spark Plugg Holly, Secretary of Treasury: Irwin R Schyster, Department of Finance: Ted Dibiase


Eric– My choices seem oblivious but make sense. For president I would have the evil genius himself Mr. Vince McMahon. For Vice President I would pick Eric Bischoff because let’s face it, if Vince ain’t in charge we mite as we’ll have the 2nd best person for the job. Secretary of State I would have to go with Paul Heyman. The man knows what to do. And for secretary of defense I would pick Stone cold Steve Austin because who else could do that job perfectly.


David– President- Vince McMahon, Vice President- Linda McMahon, Secretary of State- Ric Flair, cause I need a jet-flying son of a gun, Secretary of Defense- Jesse Ventura, Homeland Security- Andre the Giant, Treasury- IRS, Finance- Ted Dibiase, Drug Czar- Sunny


Josh-President: JBL; Vice President: Damien Mizdow; Secretary of State: Lex Luger; Secretary of Defense: Kane; Secretary of Homeland Security: Sgt. Slaughter; Secretary of the Treasury: I.R.S.; Secretary of the Interior: Stephanie McMahon – A true leader in JBL, the perfect side-kick in Mizdow, Lex can spread American Pride around the world, Kane and Sgt. Slaughter will make sure no one messes with the U.S. of A.  And I.R.S. will keep the taxes rolling in.  Stephanie has proven she can run a business on the road, since Sec of the Int. is responsible for roads and setting up speaking engagements, she is perfect for the job.


Snake                                                                     Piper

  1. Pick your Top 5 wrestlers on main rosters, to never win a major World Championship from any of the major organizations.


Steve- 1. Rowdy Roddy Piper, 2. Rick Martel, 3. Jake Roberts, 4. Arn Anderson, 5. Junkyard Dog. I would consider Andre the Giant but he actually held the title for like 2 minutes.


Eric- My top 5 here we go, 5: Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, 4: Goldust. 3. Ted Dibiase, 2. Jake the Snake Roberts. 1. Rowdy Roddy Pipper.


 David-  Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, and I’ll slap anyone that doesn’t have that foursome. My 5th Pick is Rick Rude- since I don’t count that International Bullshit.


Josh-1) Rowdy Roddy Piper  2) Goldust  3) William Regal  4) Owen Hart  5) Million Dollar Man  Ted DiBiase


  1. The last time that Raw had an anonymous General Manager, it was an epic fail. Who, if anyone, would make this gimmick a success this time around?


Steve– It is no secret that I absolutely despise the Anonymous General Manager gimmick. If it turns out to be someone like Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, even if they make it someone on the current roster like Jerry Lawler. It just has to be something. It cannot go on as long as it did last time, only to have it revealed to be Hornswoggle. So help be god, if the WWE does something like that again, I will turn off Raw forever, turn over the reigns to this RT, because I will simply no longer care about the World Wrestling Entertainment. This has to mean something this time around, or most, myself included will go insane.


Eric- Oh the anonymous RAW General Manager. Yes this gimmick failed last time the WWE ran it that’s for sure, In order to make it more successful this time around you can’t leave this gimmick around too long and you have to end it with a shock value, put someone in charge we haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in awhile and please do not let it be Hornswoggle again!

 David- Jim Ross. Paul Heyman. Jim Cornette. Kevin Sullivan. Doc Hendricks Someone with actual booking authority.


Josh– No one.  It is an insult to the WWE Universe that they just pretend like they didn’t reveal it to be Hornswaggle 2 years ago.  It is the worst gimmick ever, and whoever is “revealed”  will forever have their legacy tainted by the black mark of being the worst thing WWE has ever done (and yes, I am including the hand and the Gobbledeygooker).


  1. The Slammy Awards: Should the WWE continue the Slammy’s? Is it something you look forward to?


Steve– Love the Slammy’s, even when it debuted back in 1987 when it had its own late night slot for two hours. I actually still have the VHS tape of the Slammy’s when I taped it on NBC. I am sort of looking forward to the show, but I would rather see it with its own show, not on a RAW. Since Raw is a three hour show, you can devote half the show to the Slammy’s and could even build something for the show on Raw after the Slammy’s.


Eric-  I do enjoy watching the Slammy awards, I remember as a child watching them but I remember they used to have their own program and didn’t have to be on raw. I think they should give them back like an hour and half time slot and let them have just an award show, because honestly there really isn’t any other award show out there I really care about more than the Slammys. Plus I think it would make it more relevant again.


David- I always liked then back in the day, and could be a good diversion in a slow period.


Josh- I always enjoy the Slammy’s.  They never fail to bring us a great moment, like when the Miz stole the Slammy for best fan reaction from the “Miz Girl”  Man, that was priceless.  It gives the fans a chance to reward their favorite stars for their work and is a great way for us to connect with the superstars.  I really do like the Slammy Awards and hope that they continue.


  1. With Sting so far only making one appearance on a WWE program, What do you envision the WWE is going to do with Sting in the future, and do you think that not having him appear since Survivor Series ultimately hurts his WWE tenure right off the bat?


Steve– Im torn with this, they seemed to bring Sting out to make a huge impact on the main event at Survivor Series, then….nothing. While I don’t think it takes that much away from Sting in the WWE, I think they missed a golden opportunity to really make a splash with Sting’s debut. Hmmm…maybe he will be the General Manager. Personally, I would not mind seeing him get a shot at the WWE World Championship. I know he is old, and probably won’t be doing much in a wrestling capacity, but giving him the title, even for a day, would be a huge honor for Sting. Obviously, they are going to set up a match with Sting and Triple H at Wrestlemania.


Eric- I do see Sting having an on air role in the WWE however I don’t think he will be a full time wrestler. Sting is in good shape but his best days in the ring are behind him. We all know that good tho go don’t last forever. 10 years ago, yes I’d say he would have been a full time in ring performer but nowadays no. I look for him to  possibly be GM or some kinda on air role just not as a wrestler. I don’t think his appearance at Survivor Series hurt him tho. It got him over with the fans, which we all knew he would be anyways, his appearance did exactly what it was set out to do. Also that was history being made there. The last part left of WCW had appeared on WWE tv. I think when Sting walked out at Survivor Series, it officially marked the end of WCW.


David- Sting is a ratings grabber, and not really a consistant performer. He’s here to sell WWE14, and have a wrestlemania match. I’d be fine to not see him until Royal Rumble to build to his match with Triple HHH


Josh– They won’t do much.  He will only have maybe one or two matches total, possibly with HHH, possibly with Taker.  I don’t think having him off TV hurts HIS tenure, but it hurts the storyline that they built at Survivor Series.  You can stick Sting with anyone and people will come to see it…Sting vs HHH, YES!…. Sting vs. Santino…Sign me up!  Just for the chance to see Sting in action in WWE will be worth it.  However, building the story line and answering the questions about WHY Sting interfered are critical to continuing the momentum that Survivor Series gave us.
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