College Football Playoff Rankings Week 15


College Football Playoff Rankings Week 15

We got 1 week Left!

!— BOILERPLATE—!ncaa14map

Lets be honest folks, the NCAA committee is in an unwinnable position, and did themselves no favors in only picking 4 teams to go to the playoffs- I have been pushing for 8 teams, and I’ve had a plan in place for going on a decade. The biggest problem they have so far is ranking the top 25. Why they just didn’t pick 4 and move on until next week, is just making problems from themselves.

But, as with the BCS, there is a good chance that it will all work itself out.

But if Not . . .

When I’m picking the four teams, I’m looking at who they lost to, and where. I’m not looking for who they beat, since the system is setup where only Power Five Conferences matter. If Wake Forest goes undefeated, then they deserve a top four seed, since they beat everyone in front of them. If LSU beats Michigan State, then thanks LSU for knocking off an opponent, so that’s one less team to worry about. The chances of one team being undefeated in every Power Five Conference is about as much as a person making minimum wage being elected Senator of California. Don’t like it, call the NCAA for an 8-teamer.

So lets look at the One Loss Teams. Sorry, I don’t care who your two losses are to, that just one too many at this point. I’ll also add in games against teams currently ranked in the AP top 15.

! — End Boilerplate —!

More fun as the only undefeated team has dropped to number 4. It stuns me that beating a SEC team actually hurts you now. I do wonder if Florida State barely wins against Ga Tech and Ohio State wins in a laugher, if FSU could miss the playoffs, simply by winning every game they play.

Remember when everyone hated Steve Superior and Uncle Tom Osborne for blowing out teams 187-0? Now a team is getting busted for not winning by enough.

We are down to the Big Five one loss teams

All Rankings are the current ranking in the playoffs, except where noted.

#1 Alabama (Last Week: #1 , #1 in AP, #1 in USA Today)Alabama
Loss is on the road against #11 Ole Miss
Still to face #12 Missouri
They Beat #24 LSU, 10 Miss St, 19 Auburn

#2 Oregon (Last Week: #2, #3 in AP, #3 in USA Today)
Loss is at home vs #7 Arizona
Still to face #7 Arizona
They beat #8 Michigan State, #15 UCLA and #23 Utah

#3 TCU (Last Week: #5, #4 in AP, #4 in USA Today)
Loss is at #5 Baylor
They have unranked Iowa State
They beat #20 Oklahoma and #9 Kansas State.

#4 FSU  (Last week #3, #2 in  AP,#2 USA Today)
NO Losses
Still to face #11 Georgia Tech
Beat 18 Clemson 21 Louisville

#5 Ohio State (Last Week: #6, #6 in AP, #6 in USA Today)
Loss was at home vs Unranked Virginia Tech
Still to face #13 Wisconsin
They have beaten #8 Michigan State

#6 Baylor (Last Week: #7, #5 in AP, #5 in USA Today) Baylor
Loss was on the road against Unranked West Virginia
They have #9 Kansas State left
They beat #3 TCU and #20 Oklahoma.

When the standings first came out, we have FSU and Miss St undefeated.
My original two bonus teams, Auburn and ND lost not long after that.
They were replaced by TCU and Arizona State,
Now to replace Arizona State when they lost, I went with Alabama. I still keept Miss St, since the loss was on the road- and at the time they were 3-1 vs top 10 at the time teams.
So my Foursome was FSU, TCU, Alabama, Miss St.

Now with Miss State out, I’ll put in Oregon, finally.

Here is what I look at.

Who lost to who and where. You have to play who is in front of you. alabama vs fsu

I’ve got 5 teams and 3 spots.

One lost to the #11 Team on the road
One lost at home to the #7 Team
One Lost to the #5 Team on the Road
One lost to an unranked team at Home
One lost to an unranked team on the Road

So I give my three spots to the three teams that lost to ranked teams. You can’t ding a team like Marshall who beat all unranked teams, and “forgive” a team for not beating everyone in front of them.

Dropping Out for getting the Second Loss

#4 Mississippi State Marshall

Loss is on the road to #5 Alabama
Second Loss to Ole Miss, also on the road

# 24 Marshall is now unranked after a loss to Western Kentucky.
Former One-Loss Colorado State also lost for the second time.

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  1. If Bama loses, do you think the committee would vault Mizzou up to number 4? I wouldn’t place Mizzou that high if they beat Alabama but how strange would it be to have a college football playoff that wouldn’t have the SEC in it?

  2. Thats almost the best thing that can happen to those of us that want an 8 game playoff.

    FSU and the other 4 one loss teams all win, there is almost no way to see a 2 loss non champion in a playoff scenario when a team that just beat them is left out, plus 4 other conference champions.

    Thank you for the comment.

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