Blade: Series Review and Thoughts.

What to make of Blade.
I’m a comics guy, and I do love the Horror, so Blade should be right in my wheelhouse. The issue is, Blade himself is boring. His whole attitude or trying to be all HARDCORE just grates on me. Yes, we know you are a baddass- we know you are a Kung-Fu master and a master swordsman. But you are also up against HUNDREDS of Vampires, plus all the familiars- at least 1100 of them unless you were lying, plus assorted dumbasses who populate Detroit.
So lets look at who he gets as backup.
You get Kris Kristofferson, who’s older than dirt, and Blade is all kinds of fine with him being there, and its almost a father/son relationship. But still- he’s not exactly a long term solution.
Scud- who you know was a traitor, I couldn’t put up with him for more than a week. He’s not that good a weapon-maker, and again, he was a traitor!Blade II ROn
Then the NightStalkers, whom you blow off as amateurs, right up until they get killed. This is a group of young people, who are tight, who has personality, and oh by the way, have been killing Vampires without any help from Blade at all, and there is a NETWORK of other humans doing the same thing? How can you blow this setup?
How about Blade just do his thing, then when a large coven is discovered, then you call in Blade to take it down, or when a new franchise has opened up? I mean come on Blade, just have him act like Andre the Giant back in the day- he’s based in Detroit, but bounces around the country to keep the places happy and to lop the heads (literally) of the local big baddie when he gets too hard for the locals. How is this a bad thing for Blade?Blade 3 Parker BladeSo why is the storyline so focused on Blade? A hero is only as good as his Villains- and Blade was blessed with some great ones, I love Frost- who might be the best of the series, and then he gets Hellboy, and there is a severe dropoff once he’s killed, and his part isn’t that great to begin with, and then Dracula who is a stinker- yet Parker Posey and Triple HHH make up for it.
I don’t fully blame Snipes for this, it has a lot to do with the way he was written, well, the third one I blame him, but the first two it has to be the script.
The movies are a fun time-wasters, they all move, the plot holes are obvious, and you see them coming, but to be honest, you really don’t care after a while. The main baddies are almost always worth the wait, and even though the CGI l is a bit dated, especially the first one, if you look at the movie as cheapies, you enjoy them more.Blade the Series
All In All, I recommend the Blade series, but spread them out. I’d even watch the TV show, if it was on TV,
If we got a reboot? I’d be all over it, and hopefully we got a good script.
I’d make it Blade with the NightStalkers, and have them looking for a major houses. Have Blade use the Night-Stalkers as shock troops and he can go after the major baddies. I’d also drop the whole Cure/Inhaler bit, since that’s almost a throwaway plot point at this point in time, just have him use it every now and again, or whenever he leaves to go on patrol, and not worry about this whole “cure thing” cause this is just stupid.

So overall, I’d recommend the Series, I do like all three movies, I even like the Series 2-hour movie, to a certain point. All 3 could be better, and the Series is centered around a comically bad acting shitty rapper, or a shitty rapper acting badly, I can’t decide.

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