Why did the Wyatt Family break up? Who is the Bunny?

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On to the questions this week.


Rick from California asks:

What does the WWE need to do to get back on top of the world of wrestling?

Well Rick, I don’t really think that the WWE has really fallen off of the top spot, but if I am not mistaken, you are asking what they need to do to get back to a decent product. So that is how I will answer. The WWE first needs to start having good storylines, that could be done with better writing. Survivor Series showed that they have that potential to put on a program where people get excited to watch. Even I contemplated even purchasing the show on PPV for the 44.99. Once they have a good story, they need to run with it. Find out what the fans want. They tell you every week if they are excited about the stories on TV. So honestly, I think they really need to start listening to the fans. I can tell you one thing; bringing back the anonymous General Manager, is not the answer. They lack serious competition, and they know that they are the only product on TV that is worth a damn to watch, so they can get away with it.  The failures of the WWE Network may have them thinking that they need to do something different, and I really strongly feel you will see that in the next coming months.


Brett from Illinois has a couple questions asks about one of my favorite teams, and wrestlers:

Why were there two Midnight Express tag teams in the old NWA back in the 80’s?

Midnight Express

The Midnight Express formed with Beautiful Bobby Eaton and his partner Loverboy Dennis Condrey as the first Midnight Express. They had some success as a team, but never got a hold of the Tag Team titles. An injury to Condrey forced Eaton to go solo for a brief time period, where at that time he did not have any success, mainly because the individual roster was already loaded with talent. Insert Sweet Stan Lane as he became Eaton’s new tag team partner. The Midnights, Eaton and Lane had much success as United States Tag Team Champions, and even held the NWA World Tag Team titles for a brief time. After Condrey came back from injury, you could say that jealousy was in the cards as his former team is now having so much success in the tag team ranks. So he, along with Paul E. Dangerously drafted Ravishing Randy Rose to form the “Original” Midnight Express. The two teams had a feud for quite some time, and put on some entertaining matches. It all came to and end in a career ending match between Eaton, Lane and Jim Cornette vs Condrey, Rose, and Paul E. at Chi Town Rumble, where the loser of the fall must leave the NWA.  Rose was pinned, thus ending his career in the NWA, and thus ending the Original Midnight Express. Cornette and Dangerously still had a feud that lasted most of the summer of 89. Which still is one of the more entertaining feuds of all time in my opinion.

In your opinion, who is the greatest tag team wrestler of all time? Is it Bobby Eaton?


Bobby Eaton is great, no doubt about it. However, it has to be one of my personal favorites, Arn Anderson. Anderson was a multiple time tag team champion with FOUR different partners. Tully Blanchard with the Four Horsemen, the aforementioned Beautiful Bobby with the Dangerous Alliance, Larry Zbsysko with the Enforcers, and Paul Roma, again with the Horsemen. He nearly won it with Ole Anderson, and Ric Flair as well. So someone with success with so many partners, easily gets my vote, and it is not even close.


Steven from Ohio chimes in:

My friend shows me this last week and I have always wanted to get someone else’s opinion. Who do you think the WWE has failed on? I mean who do you think they could have done better with?


Wow, there are so many that come to mind right off the bat. So I will name a few for you. First person that came to mind is Cody Rhodes. They started off with him as a tag team, then put him in Legacy with Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase. They groomed him to become a big star, giving him a nice run with the Intercontinental championship, and bringing back my favorite version of the belt ever. Then after he lost the belt to the Big Show, his career went downhill, and now they have him dressed up as a fool as Stardust. Complete waste of talent albeit entertaining.

The other one would be Drew McIntyre. After billing him the chosen one, and giving him a run at the IC title, his career went down the toilet, ending his WWE tenure with the worst gimmick in America, 3MB with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. Drew was a major talent, and really could have done something had be been given a better opportunity


Finally and I still think there is potential, is Cesaro. They seem to have no where to put Cesaro, and I think he could be a guy I could see as WWE Champion some day.


Devin from El Paso Illinois asks about the Bunny:


Who is the Bunny? I mean he has to have some wrestling background in him.

There are a few rumors circulating out there that the Bunny has been Sami Zayn or Justin Gabriel. While it is not one hundred percent known if either of the two have been under the costume of the Bunny. PWInsider has reported that the plan is for the WWE to run with the bunny gimmick for a while and finally reveal him to be Darren Young.


Wesley from Pennsylvania asks about the Wyatt family:

Why did the WWE break up the Wyatt family?


I think that the Wyatt family just ran its course and there was really no where else for them to go. They really wanted Bray Wyatt to have a singles career, and also wanted to see what Harper and Rowan could do in the singles ranks. Giving Luke Harper a run so early as Intercontinental Champion is a way for him to see what he can do with it, personally I don’t like him as that champion because I don’t see him doing much for the title. Putting Eric Rowan in a feud with The Big Show is smart because Show is someone he can learn a lot from in the ring as a singles competitor.  Bray Wyatt I think is being groomed for a major push in the singles ranks, and quite possibly a run at the main event level.


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