Musings From the Bench 12/1 Edition

musings from the bench-2I’m starting this off with the following statement.

I can at times be an idiotic cow.  There…I said it. I usually say it after I’ve done something stupid, like tear up a winning lottery ticket or opened a can of creamed corn instead of whole kernel corn, but today I’m going to talk about riots. 

Riots come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

There’s the celebration in the hometown of the winning sports team whose fans take to the streets chanting “We’re #1” and the next thing you know cars are being overturned, fires are being set and stores are being looted/trashed.  This type of riot is usually  the result of the consumption of massive amounts of alcohol and can result in bloodlust-rape.

Then we have the peaceful march such as those during the civil rights era.  mlk foolsHere we had massive amounts of racial prejudice and a massive number of racist cops with guns and dogs.  Protestors were shot, protestors were hanged, protestors were beaten and arrested.  But with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr as leader the marches continued and not even the KKK could stop them resulting in desegregation and voting rights. 

kentstate-jpgNext came the protests of the Vietnam War.  The most ‘famous’ of these was at Kent State.  Students  were protesting the Cambodia Campaign that President Nixon announced on April 30 during a televised address to the nation.  On May 1, 1970 around 500 students gathered to demonstrate.  When 1:00 came around students left for class and another demonstration was planned for May 4th.  That’s the one where the National Guard was called in and 4 students were shot and killed.  The Guard tried to disperse the crowd but the crowd would not be moved so tear gas was lobbed. The way the wind blew, the gas had little to no effect on the protestors and some of them actually threw the canisters back at the Guard.  Then some students threw rocks and things got really hairy  with Guardsmen firing their weapons.  By the time it was over, 67 shots had been fired in 13 seconds resulting in the deaths of 4, the wounding of 9 and 1 left permanently  paralyzed.

In my neck of the woods back in the ’70s were protests demanding an end to urban-renewaldiscrimination, poverty, high unemployment, poor schools, poor healthcare, inadequate housing and police brutality.  It would be real easy for the riots caused by the non-indictment of Officer Wilson to turn around and become calls for the same thing as the Urban Renewal Riots of the ’70s, real easy.  Maybe then more of America would get behind the protest.  But the one thing that has got to stop is the looting.  Truly the only ones getting hurt by this are the Mom and Pop small business owners.  McDonald’s may seem like a big conglomerate but each restaurant is owned by a local franchisee, and let’s not forget the employees. How are they going to get a paycheck if the business can’t open for business?  Sometimes you just have to stop and think before you act.  But what do I know….I’m just an idiotic cow.


Fat_Albert_and_the_Cosby_KidsThe quagmire that is Bill Cosby’s life just got deeper. Bill is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where he earned a doctorate in education back in the ’70s. Right around that time his creation Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids premiered on CBS and ran until 1985. It was based on Cosby and his gang of friends when he was a kid and usually centered around a life lesson.  If only he’d been able to see 40 years into the future.

As it stands now more women are coming forward and adding to the number showing a pattern of behavior that Cosby cannot or will not address, and now Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley who failed in her attempt to be elected Governor of Massachusetts has sent a letter to UMASS urging them to cut ties with the comedian because not doing so sends the wrong message at a time when the State is focusing on the prevention of sexual assault on campus.  Cosby and his wife have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the school over the years and Bill is the honorary co-chairman of the university’s $300 million fundraising campaign and now he has agreed to the cutting of ties to his alma mater.

I once questioned why since these alleged assaults happened so long ago and the statute of limitations has expired, why bother coming forward now, and the answer is so clear to me…..ruin his reputation. Bill Cosby looks like a broken doing goodman. Even his PSA for the Stafford Foundation Doing Good Campaign has disappeared. He’s been associated with this faith-based group since 2009 and says in the ad “You see a homeless woman sitting on a park bench and everything she owns is in a shopping cart. You don’t know what to do so you push the thought away, but it keeps coming back. Well now you can join the Stafford Foundation Doing Good Campaign by giving a dollar or volunteering for an hour and make someone’s life…wonderful. I’m Bill Cosby, trust me, it will be done.” 

So many good works, so much money donated and it’s all just melted away because of past actions.  Guess he should have stayed away from the Playboy Mansion back in his “I Spy” days. Nothing good ever comes from the Playboy Mansion….nothing. But what does this idiotic cow know.


disneylandWhat does a mother get when she announces that her 6-year old son has cancer? She gets $22,000 in cash and a trip to Disneyland, that’s what. What does she get when she convinces her 6-year old son he’s dying of cancer? A little boy who doesn’t want to die. What happens when she posts updates about her son’s condition and medical procedures done and care received from Children’s Hospital of Denver on her facebook wall?  She gets a doctor from the Oncology Department at the hospital interested in the case when he doesn’t recognize the child’s name as ever having been a patient at the hospital and upon further investigation her lie gets exposed.

She is now serving three months in jail, five years probation, on one count each of charitable fraud and child abuse.  She still faces a hearing to determine the custody of the 6-year old and two other children. 


Drug mules are nothing new. Whether it be marijuana, heroin or cocaine someone in need of quick cash is going to take the chance to earn the big cocaine-filled capsulebucks. However, forcing your 11-year old daughter to swallow 104 cocaine-filled capsules to smuggle into Europe and then dropping her off at the hospital and running away when one of the capsules bursts in her stomach has everyone in the country turning over every rock looking for her father’s sorry Colombian ass and apparently they found it.

The child is recovering from surgery under the protection of an armed guard because learning of the lost 104 cocaine-filled capsules has made her the target of Columbia drug lords.   Aye, carumba.


The saying goes that dogs are mans best friend but you’ll have a hard time finding another animal that protects children the way a dog does. South Carolina parents Benjamin and Hope Jordan experienced that first hand.

Needing child care for their son Finn they interviewed, ran background checks and hired 21-year old Alexis Khan to babysit while they were at work. They began noticing their dog Killian’s behavior around Khan when she’d come to the house.  A level of aggressive behavior they didn’t see with anyone else that came to the house.  So they secretly put an iPhone under the couch to record what was going on after they left for work.  You guessed it.  Finn would start crying, the babysitter would yell at him to “shut up” and then he’d cry even harder from repeatedly being slapped. 

Khan was arrested a few weeks later and sentenced to 1-3 years in jail for Finnassault and battery with the possibility of parole after one year.  She will never be allowed to work with children again because she was put on a child abuse registry. Finn may never remember what happened to him, and I hope he doesn’t, but I do know his four-legged protector will never forget.  See, all kids need a dog.


Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench 12/1 Edition.  Until next time.

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  1. Jane, I’m surprised you’re familiar with Tower of Power. Good read as usual. I really don’t know what to think of the Cosby situation. Maybe they’re upset he didn’t call the next day; however, if character assassination is the goal, it’s working. Plus, I’m sure People Magazine and Us Weekly are taking good care of the “victims.”

  2. I must confess I was just looking for a picture that showed what the urban renewal looked like when the residents trashed the buildings they were living in. I know what the Tower of Power is now since Googling the name..

    That thing about Cosby….he (allegedly) chose those women who didn’t have any power of celebrity or the money that comes with it. His throwing $$$ at the early victims in an effort to make them go away reminds me of Michael Jackson throwing money at the kid and his parents who claimed he molested their son to make them go away. It just sets the groundwork for others to claim the same thing.

    Thanks for the comment.

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