Alabama vs Florida State: Who should be #1?

Florida State SeminolesAs some of you may know, I am an unashamed ACC homer, and I have seen all season people slamming Florida State for doing the unthinkable and barely winning every single game they play, and loving any SEC team that can slap together a winning streak, and Oregon of course, and pushing down Florida State every chance they get. I even heard on a national radio show that Florida State only deserved to get into the top 4 playoff seedings thanks to the results of the Egg Bowl.

So with all the fun, I did find two comments on a sports site that make an excellent post-Iron Bowl statement on a situation that I am ever so glad we will see on the field:

FSU = 2 wins against teams with at least 9 wins
Alabama= 1 win against a team with at least 9 wins

FSU = Undefeated
Alabama= Not undefeated

FSU = from ACC, 4-0 against SEC yesterday
Alabama= from SEC, 0-4 against ACC yesterday (SC, Florida, Georgia all LOST)

FSU = scheduled OK State, Notre Dame, Citadel and Florida as OOC opponents
Alabama- scheduled WVU, Florida Atl., S. Miss and W. Carolina as OOC opponents

Lets look at the SEC West “Dominance”Alabama

Alabama (11-1)beat UF (6-5) and Tenn (6-6) – Florida State also beat UF
Auburn (8-4) beat South Carolina (6-6) and lost to UGA (9 -3) Clemson split with those teams but GT beat UGA
Arkansas (6-6) lost to both UGA (9-3) and Missouri (10-2) GT beat UGA
LSU (8-4) beat Florida (6-5) and Kentucky (5-7) but FSU beat UF and UL beat Kentucky
Mississippi (9-3) beat Vandy (3-9) and Tennessee (6-6) no ACC team played either
Mississippi State (10-2) beat Vandy (3-9) and Kentucky (5-7) Louisville beat Kentucky too
Texas A&M (7-5) beat South Carolina (6-6) and lost to Missouri (10-2) Clemson beat South Carolina.

Note that no SEC West team actually beat an SEC East team that had more than 6 wins.

Also note that Arkansas who shut out both LSU and Ole Miss from the West, lost to UGA and Missouri. Just maybe, the dominant SEC West over the East is also another myth.

FSU has better wins, less losses, better conference, and tougher OOC opponents


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  1. But they BEAT BAMA, though, right?

    I did get that part correct?

    So if they BEAT BAMA by 1,2 or 50, its still ahead.
    Thank you for the comment.

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