Movie Review: Sea of Love

For some reason, the wife was a little a little tired of watching Law and Order, and threw this on from the Sundance Channel.
Sea of Love
Sea of Love

Al Pacino
Ellen Barkin
John Goodman.

There are a ton of Oooh! that guy in here as well, so we have to love the 80s.
We start off with Al Pacino, playing Al Pacino. He’s a bit muted in this role, almost like he’s back having Scarface flashbacks. He’s a drunken cop in NY, of course, since all movie cops in NY are either drunks or crooks- so we know Al is a good one.
We start off with him at a Yankees brunch- invitation-only, and I’ve heard of this happening in real life, the invites are just for people with outstanding warrants. time for the paddy wagon. By way, if you are a fan of Samuel Jackson, he’s in here. You can’t miss him- he’s the guy swearing.

Gotta love it.

As Al is leaving, a late man runs up with his son, saying he can’t meet Dave Winfield without his boy. Al gives him the sad eye- and tells him that he missed it. Sad-Eye Al lets the guy see his badge, and tells him that he missed it, the guy catches the hint and takes off. Yaay! Al’s a good guy- and better than 90% of the cops out there. Most cops now would have popped the guy in front of his son, called Social Services, and done this on a Friday on a 4 day weekend.
Yeah, I’ve got issues with cops- the pricks.

Ahhh the movies, the only place where a cop lets a criminal go and we have a white guy as Heavyweight champion.
So AL just hit 20 years, and is being urged to retire, but he doesn’t want to, since his wife left him, and oh yeah- he’s a drunk and an ass to her new husband. Lets keep in mind that if Pacino just hit 20 years, and he’s a cop, he has to be at LEAST 42 at this point. So Pacino is a good decade over Ellen Barkin at this point, right? Ellen is 35 in this movie by the way-Sea of Love Al and John

Our Hero’s backstory good an established, we get to the crime- A naked dude face down on a bed- shot in the back of the head.
We got prints, and cigarette butts, with lipstick on them, but that’s all.  Gary Sinise will have this movie done in under 22 minutes.
Oh, wait. No.
We move to a new detective swearing in, and John Goodman being – uh John Goodman. He gets to sing the “Sea of Love” song, to a drunken mob of cops. Yaay!
Goodman mentions that he’s working on the same case as Al, and they have other pieces of the puzzle and maybe they should work together. Al agrees, and then finds out that both men were using the personals in these things called newspapers. Kids, go ask your parents what those were.

They find out that 3 men used rhyming personal ads-2 of them are dead the third one swears on his kids eyes that he never goes through with any of it- and yes, he turns up dead days later, naked and face down on a bed. That’s just not a good way to be found.

Sea of Love EllenSo Al and John get the idea to also do a personal ad, and take turns on blind dates, ready the unintentional Comedy scale. The idea is to take the glasses from the dinner and test them for fingerprints. Ellen Barkin finally shows up, and she blows off Al Pacino! She never touches the glass, so now Al has to chases after her to get her prints. They start having a relationship you don’t believe in, and Al and Ellen finally get the hooking up. Al doesn’t turn in her prints, the next morning, and finds a gun in her purse and freaks out. She then takes her turn at being pissed when she finds out he’s a cop and it was a setup. They reconcile. Al then finds out that Ellen has gone out with all three of the murdered men- Ellen won’t admit that she’s a ho, and Al freaks out again.

Holy Sheepdip! Ellen Barkin’s ex-husband shows up because we gotta end this movie somehow, and crazy ex-husband guy and Al Pacino get into a fight, and if you don’t know who is gonna win this one- then I made a mint betting on the 50 year old hard-smoking old dude over the young guy who is 15 years younger and has the advantage of a weapon. By the way, Crazy Ex-Husband just played YONDU in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, and he just got tossed out the window.

Ellen and Al reconcile, and John Goodman is forgotten about completely  . . .as credits roll.

So how is the movie?

Its not bad. Its a quick movie thriller, and I almost think had it better casting, and the ex-husband not thrown in pretty much at the last minute. John Goodman is good when he’s here, and he’s earning that paycheck. Maybe if Pacino was the bitter ex-husband and Yondu and Ellen Barkin was the couple we were after, it would be a better movie.

I’ll go a solid 7 here, its worth the space on your DVR until you have time to sit down and watch it.

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  1. I remember seeing this movie on VHS back when VHS meant you had a VCR and rented movies from the Video Store. Remember those? Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good movie and then forgot all about it until the day I read a list of movie titles Samuel L. Jackson was in and saw Sea of Love. Couldn’t remember seeing him in it so I ordered the DVD from Netflix. And there he was in the doorway of the storefront the cops used for the ‘breakfast with the Yankees’ sting. Got billed as “Black Man.”

    I think it’s difficult sometimes watching a movie from back then without cringing a little at some of the dialogue vis a vie uncomfortable language that was accepted back then. Still, it earns the 7. Got tired of the song, though.

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  1. Movie name with police fake sports match sting at beginning?

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