Ray Rice is eligible to play this season

Ray RiceOn Friday, Ray Rice had reason to give thankful during this Holiday weekend.

He won his appeal on his suspension from the National Football League and is eligible to sign with a team and play football immediately. In case you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave for the last five to six months any football fan knows that Roger Goodell suspended him for an indefinite amount of time after initially giving him a two game suspension. It came about after a video of Rice dragging his unconscious fiancée (now his wife) out of an elevator as released when they were in Atlantic City, New Jersey in February.

The incident became a major controversy after TMZ released a video of the encounter and (if you’re a believer in looking for silver linings) it led to an NFL policy change regarding how it handles domestic violence cases.

In the blink of an eye your life can be turned upside down and have everything taken away from you. Now Rice gets to try and rebuild what’s left of his life and career in the public spotlight that the attention a professional athlete receives. Yes, he made a mistake and should be allowed to make a living at his chosen profession.

Rice never fit the mold or profile of a domestic violence abuser in the first place, he was never in trouble and was almost a perfect role model as far as athletes go. He was never caught driving under the influence, doing drugs or any other such shenanigans. In other words he wasn’t one of the constant NFL problems drawing attention to the league and causing a black eye or negative light on the most popular sport in the USA, he wasn’t say Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Domestic violence is never acceptable, but if his wife was able to forgive him it’s none of the public’s business. And Goodell should have never suspended him indefinitely.

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  1. “Rice never fit the mold or profile of a domestic violence abuser in the first place” and how would you know? That’s a pretty loaded statement, especially if this guy has hit his wife in the past.

    Personally, whatever he does is his and his wife’s business but to say “never fit the mold” is an asinine statement. There’s plenty of upstanding men in this World who beat their wives and you would never know it by looking at them.

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