WARGAMES: Semi-Final Fight #1

Welcome to the first Team Battles of our WarGames Tournament pitting Team Josh vs the Nation of Domination! Next week, we will have the other battle, and voting is now open!


Order of Entry:

The Ultimate Warrior
– Sting
Hulk Hogan
– Kurt Angle
– The Rock
The Undertaker
– Brock Lesnar
John Cena
– Andre the Giant


Team Josh Vs Nation of Domination
Ok, my team is all about guys who say “Good luck pinning me or forcing me to submit”….None of these guys, in their prime are known for tapping out, or getting pinned very easily.  It took a tazer to take down Goldberg. The Undertaker is a supernatural being who could sit up from a Bonzai Drop from Yokozuna, Hogan can Hulk out and beat just about anyone.  Good luck matching the intensity of the Ultimate Warrior (no one can).  And the reigning superman himself, John Cena.  The Undertaker is the king of Hell in a Cell, giving my team yet another advantage inside the War Games Cages.  Regardless of your personal feelings toward the wrestlers on my team, you have to admit, there isn’t any other team involved in the war games who would be able to pin/submit any of my guys. My team is built on 2 major concepts. Endurance and Submission skills. Sting might be the best competitor in War Games history, and being a target, is used to having his head on a swivel in a caged enviroment. He also has a monster submission skill. The Rock also has a similar submission, but not as good, but he is also used to a Hell in the Cell enviroment, and is one of the more under-rated powerhouses in WWE history. Kurt Angle won the 6-Way Armageddon HitC, plus has a submission set all his own, and since I’m taking his Smackdown Six era Angle, I don’t have neck problems. Brock Lesnar is going to be more powerful than anyone on the other team, has a legit submission skill, and stamina to burn. My Final Pick, Andre the Giant is a wildcard, with few cage matches, and since I’m taking early 70s Andre, He’s not nearly as massive as you would think, but has amazing mobilty- even able to throw a dropkick. I also have a bearhug submission- and stunning power.

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  1. Nation of domination wins this match. thats my vote. Andre cleaning up at the end is what does it. there are too many egos in Joshs team. Warrior and Hogan cant coexist together.

  2. Are you serious? No way. Team Josh wins hands down. Warrior and Hogan will take Sting out. Then Taker will tombstone Angle and break his neck. He would have to submit.

  3. After thinking long and hard about this, this is a very tough choice. It is all about order of entry in the Wargames. I would have personally put Brock in second for the Nation to give them some power. The fact that Sting will be in with Hogan and Warrior to start this thing, then have Angle backing him up would give Team No-Sell (Josh’s team) a slight advantage. Then you have Goldberg who will continue the onslaught. By the time Brock and Andre make it in the Wargames it may be too late for the Nation to overcome. Then again, you have Brock and Andre anchoring the Nation which I would not want to be anywhere near Brock Lesnar in a cage. And Andre in his prime? The man was unbeatable. Even as I write this, I am trying to convince myself who to vote for because both teams are solid. The Nation has the best participant in Brock for Wargames, but also the weak link with Angle in my opinion. The one to submit would be Angle due to his neck problems, and I think the Nation can power down the Warrior and even Hogan.

    I vote……….Team Nation…barely. Brock making Hogan tap. Nation is just too strong at the end.

  4. Team Josh wins… aka Team No-Sell….There is no reason that they wouldn’t. Even if it ended 5-1 on John Cena…there is no way he loses a match of this magnitude. And really, an AA on Andre would be magnificent.

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