MMA RT: 11/21 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where we talk down the Big 3’s night of fights, the Brooks/Chandler stoppage, and if Kelvin is a top 10 Welterweight. If you have questions, you can tweet as us @7poundbagdotcom or use the tag #Ask7pound
1. Better Show: UFC or Bellator or WSOFUFC or Bellator or WSOF

Roni: I watched the UFC first. The others I recorded and watched later.
But the reason is that I am a Werdum (and Hunt) fan , and to me that spoke louder.
My preference order was: UFC, WSOF then Bellator. Nothing against Bellator card, mind you. But watching fighters fight for relevance is different than watching fighters climbing up the mountain and reaching the top.

David: I’ll be honest with you, I have never watched a Bellator show start to finish, and I was very impressed with the presentation, yes, I did watch to see the Tito/Bonner fight and to a certain extent the Will Brooks/ Chandler fight, since I missed the first one, and have never seen Brooks fight and only the second Chandler/Eddie fight.

2. Was the Chandler/Brooks stoppage the right call?Chandler Brooks

Roni: I need to re-watch this fight. But it seems to me he was KO’d on his feet and had no clue what was going on. it was just a very odd reaction… but good call IMO.

David: One of the better reffing nights, I’ve seen. Reffing is a tough job, and this was great in taking the fighters safety to consideration. Chandler can complain if he wants, but he was just going to get hit more often, and in this sport, head trauma can be a tricky thing.

3. Good win for Tito?Bonner vs Tito

Roni: I think so. Say what you want, but Stephan Bonnar is a very durable fighter that could very well have won that fight.
With Tito’s on the way down; and with the history of injuries and surgeries, I didn’t think he’d be able to keep up against Bonnar if it went the distance.
I don’t think it propels him much higher, but it keeps him very much relevant for Bellator. And that is great news for Bellator, if we are to judge by how many fans watched this event.

David: I’m just glad he wasn’t hurt walking to the cage. Lets be honest, this was an actual washed-up Hall of Famer vs a past washed up not real Hall of Famer who was lucky to get in the right fight at the right time. I’m not sure if this is a better win than beating a blown up Middleweight champion who should be fighting at Welterweight anyway, but at least Shemmy has been relevant- ever.

4. Is Werdum a threat to Cain?Werdum

Roni: He definitely is.
Style make fights. And what is Cain’s style? Pressure and takedowns.
If you take Werdum down (or he takes you down), you are in his world.
Besides, he is a very cerebral fighter. He does a lot of tricks to bait people, and this can catch Cain off-guard.
Cain is the obvious favorite. But don’t sleep on Werdum!

David: I don’t think so, Werdum is a slow starter, and is more than willing to take a chance to get into a better position. That’s a problem with Cain. Cain is slow, deliberate, and that’s a hard shell to try and get through.

5. Is Kelvin a credible top 10 talent?

Roni: Not yet.
I mean, he was already a hot prospect. And by beating a veteran like Jake Ellenberger, he should be almost there, but IMO you need to beat a top 10 to get into it.

David: Well, Jake was #9 when they fought, The issue is if he’s credible, so do we look at how many guys are top 10 at 170? Once you get past Lombard at around 6-ish, its kind of wide open. Mike Brown, Maia, then is Kelvin not around there? The Problem is who to match him up with next, you don’t really want to throw him in there with Carlos Condit, do you?

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