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A dominating performance in the All-Pro game earns Godzilla a starting spot

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Today we have David and Steven talking about the NFL thoughts on removing the extra point! Naaaaah, Lets make a Football Team using Horror Movie Characters!

Lets take our favorite Horror Movie Characters, and make a football team!


RB – Pinhead
WR – The Deadites
WR – The Alien
TE – The Thing
OT – King Kong
OG- Jason
C – Leatherface
OG – Mike Myers
OT- The Predator

Mr B:

A dominating performance in the All-Pro game earns Godzilla a starting spot
A dominating performance in the All-Pro game earns Godzilla a starting spot

QB-Reagan (Exorcist not the president)
RB-The Invisible Man
FB- Raw Head Rex
OT-The Blob
OG- Leviathan
OG- Frankenstein
WR- Wolf Man
WR- Eric Draven (The Crow)


I will be going with a 4-3

DE – Audrey II
DT – Big Daddy
DT – Frankenstein
DE – Godzilla
LB – Freddy
MLB – Dracula
LB – Mr Hyde

CB – Wolfman

The Hoodie has nothing on this coach!
The Hoodie has nothing on this coach!

CB – Chucky
FS – Invisible man
SS- Darryl Revok

and my Head Coach?

Vincent Price

Mr B: 

4-3 as well

DE-Cloverfield Monster
DT-Killer Tomato
DE-King Kong
CB-Early transformation Jeff Goldblum (The Fly)
CB-Hollow Man
SS-Freddy Kruegar


You have NO idea how much I wanted to put the Killer tomato on my list – But All I had left was a LB spot- and didn’t think it had the speed.

OK Lets talk Offense

Go ahead- sack my QB,

knock him down

P*** him off.

and watch Ash have a 4th Q like Roger Staubach on ADD medication- and you think ELWAY was fearless? Wait till you see this guy stiff-arm with a CHAIN SAW- and of course I will be running the SHOTGUN formation.

RB- Gotta love Pinhead-Ash

— you do kind of have an issue with the Invisible man at RB- WE CAN SEE THE BALL– thats why I have him at DB

WR- the speed of the Deadites is nice- and ESPN loves the camera angle, and who is going to beat the Alien on a Fade route?

TE- Want a blocker? Done, Runner? Done- 3rd WR? DONE- the THING can be it ALL

OL- I have stiffs at G and huge things at T- but I do have a fairly mobile C- my problem with your line is your have NO PASSING LANES- unless the Blob makes a Hole in itself


Audrey II can go sideline to sideline- and even go UNDER the Line to get at the QB – and still stay home vs the run

Chucky- talkabout a ankle biting CB

and Piss my SS off- and you are gonna EXPLODE over the field- and he knows the play as soon as you do.

Mr B:

Reagan scans the field for an open target
Reagan scans the field for an open target

Reagan at QB-commentators always talk about having your head on a swivel, well. She can levitate, so seeing over the line is no big deal. And, with the powers of the prince of darkness, the long ball isn’t a problem. And, with psychic abilities she would know where the Invisible Man was for HB screens and downfeild passing plays.

The Blob would be the X-factor on the line because anything that engaged it would be eaten.

Eric Draven has speed and agility. Just look at how fluid he was running over the rooftops.

Pumpkinhead would knock down balls with his long arms across the middle. Jason and Leatherface are big dudes with killer instinct and would absolutely punish the QB and running backs.

Pan would be a good target because of his size and could also hold his own in blocking schemes.

Hollow Man is a good choice for corner because he’s invisible. And, Sylar is able to absorb abilities, so I could move him to different positions during the game. Early JG would be a fast, nimble corner with bone crushing ability and the acidic vomit would work well. Freddy could stick a hand up and make a pick although ball replacement would become a chore.


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