How the NYPD spends 160 Million Bucks

nypd 2Every City, State and Federal Law-Enforcement agency is screaming for money, constantly, right? Well, the NYPD must not be one of them, since they are spending 160 MILLION bucks buying Smartphones for the city’s 35,000 cops. Now before you grab tha calculator, there is also going to be 6,000 tablets installed in cop cars, so they have access to the city network, and real-time 911 information. I wonder why the Horses are not getting Google Glass out of this deal.
Now grab your calculator.
41,000 devices for 160M
Thats 3,902.44 cents per device.
Are they getting the new iPhone 8 and paying to get it this early? Do Cops in NY just not have Smart phones? I understand I’m in Louisiana, and we just started getting color TV down here this year, but every car I’ve seen (and rode in the back of) already has a laptop in it. Wouldn’t it be smarter to let the Cops use their phones and just pay for the services? I’m sure the NYPD is paying a good chunk of it anyway- and goodness knows the Cell service might be just as good (and hackable) as the policebands.
But is all that worth almost FOUR GRAND per Cop? Say  all those come with two year’s service, thats still 1502.44 cents per cop.nypd
How much is that Tablet?
Oh, and the best part? They are running Windows 8 on the devices. So next year when Windows 9 is rushed to the market to replace WindowsME 2.0, they are going to be using outdated operating systems on the four thousand dollar devices.
Gotta love Government Waste

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  1. I read about this a few days ago and had a similar reaction. We elected a new mayor a year ago, and although he campaigned on change from the previous administration, it’s been the same old same. Here’s what’s going to happen: in a year or two the mayor is going to cry that the NYPD, the MTA, etc.. is going to need money and everything in what’s already a costly city to live in is going to go up.

    I love my hometown, but the writing is on the wall for natives like me: shit like this is what’s going to force us out.

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