NFL Week 9 Picks!

The Panel did not have the best week when it comes to the agreed picks, going .500 with the Broncos,  Texans and Dolphins making us look bad, and like the rest of the world- missed on the Colts, Packers , Cowboys. Earl is still in the lead, as he has been since seemingly the 1960s, but Archie has made up another game, and is only one behind him. Our 6th and 7th place competitors, Joe and Jim, won the week, with both going 10-4, and Joe has moved into a tie for 4th with some solid recent weeks.

Lets get to the NFL Week 9 Picks! Just a word of warning, there are 7 agreed picks, so be careful with those. (Unless Bill makes his move)


Saw JackEarl ChuckyArchie  pinheadDavid  Michael Myers Bill    Zombex 2Joe BladeDJ  Blade II reaperJim
  THU, OCT 30
New Orleans at Carolina
 Saints  Saints  Panthers  Saints  Saints  Panthers  Saints
Tampa Bay at Cleveland
 Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns
 Arizona at Dallas  Cardinals  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cowboys  Cowboys
 Philadelphia at Houston  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles  Eagles
 NY Jets at Kansas City  Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs  Jets  Chiefs
Jacksonville at Cincinnati


 Bengals  Bengals  Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
 San Diego at Miami  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers
 Washington at Minnesota  Redskins  Vikings  Vikings  Vikings  Redskins  Redskins  Vikings
 St. Louis at San Francisco  49ers  49ers  49ers  49ers  49ers  49ers  49ers
 Denver at New England  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Patriots  Broncos  Broncos  Patriots
 Oakland at Seattle  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
 Baltimore at Pittsburgh  Ravens  Steelers  Steelers  Ravens  Steelers  Steelers  Steelers
Indianapolis at NY Giants
 Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts
 ·Bye: Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Tennessee
  Last Week 8-6 9-5 8-6 9-5  10-4 7-7 10-4
 Season 79-39-1 78-40-1 72-46-1 71-47-1 71-47-1 68-50-1 67-51-1




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  1. You could end up tied for third Joe depending on how things play out.

    I thought about taking the Pats because Brady does have a considerable edge against Peyton in their series, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on it. The Broncos are playing pretty good football.

    Archie keeps gaining on me. Think he going to pass me soon. Might be this weekend.

  2. I almost took the Pats for 2 reasons… they are at home and the Broncos are due to lose.

    But, I didn’t, and, essentially for the same reasons you didn’t either…. the Broncos are just clicking right now. But, if the Pats win I won’t be shocked at all.

  3. I had my finger on the trigger for Brady and the Pats for many many minutes but just could not pull it. I KNEW better but could not pull it….LOL….

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